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Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Should Pay $500k

For Traumatizing My Son

8/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made it clear to the family law judge Friday -- she wants a bundle from Mel Gibson, including a half a million bucks for the alleged trauma she claims Mel caused her 14-year-old son, fathered by actor Timothy Dalton.

TMZ broke the story ... Mel and Oksana met separately with the judge and a mediator Friday, trying to hammer out a settlement in the custody war that is laced with financial overtones. We're told Oksana asked for a huge amount of money for various reasons, and one involves her son Alexander (aka Sasha)

Oksana claims Mel traumatized the boy during the January 6, 2009 explosive fight, which ended with physical violence .... Oksana has alleged Mel knocked two of her teeth out, while Mel says he merely slapped her because she was out of control and endangering the baby.

Oksana claims Mel was abusive to Sasha during the argument, calling him names and scaring him so much he allegedly hid under the bed.

Oksana also claimed on another occasion Mel threw her son onto a table, but Mel's camp has denied it.

We're told Oksana and Mel are still far apart in settling the claims -- both financial and custody of Lucia -- and the mediation continues next week.


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azindn: 56 minutes agoIf she cared so much about her son, Sasha, she never would have had a baby with Mel Gibson. This woman already has Timothy Dalton as a sugar daddy

11:29 that's right but TIm is no sugar daddy he has no money to cover her expenses, the fact is she does care for her son that's why she got pregnant AGAIN and has this new baby she has NO money to support her son Tim Dalton is a financial RACK, he is not capable to support his son, nor he is getting any younger... Gibson is RICH he can make it up for both of Orsana's children.... in the Russian media she shared her attitude which is "why would I have a child / children with poor men if I can have them with rich men" this was her ultimate goal - living out off rich men by having children with the... Tim is no rich but Mel is, and he fell a victim of his own inequity which is LUST and it's IN THE FRIGGIN BIBLE that he has not been reading for YEARS.

1128 days ago


This gold digging, money grubbing slut has managed to make a drunken washed up racist loser look like the good guy in this mess or at least the lesser of two evils. This woman got pregnant with that poor little baby girl on purpose just like she got pregnant with her son on purpose. It is women like this who make a very good case for putting a stop to child support payments. Ask any decent man if he is willing to help support his children and he will tell you "yes" but the courts allow women (and sometimes men) to use children as a means of getting revenge. Too bad there isn't more research put into effective birth control for men to protect them from cows like this one.

1128 days ago


@ Sincerity --

My stray thought is that maybe the piano player is counting on the fact that Mr. Gibson would not want to put an adolescent through the kind of testimony that would be required if she persists.

If the piano player keeps going with the Gloria Allred scenario of lawsuits on behalf of the children there is no stopping the damage done to the piano player's kids. Bad enough now, but I just can not imagine what that kid would have to go through to continue.


1128 days ago


This woman is something else. Sascha has nothing to do with the custody and support issues concerning Lucia. Besides the fact that Sascha already has received and will receive benefits exceeding that amount simply because of his sibling. He lives in a multi million dollar home and surely the judge can not be stupid enough to believe that none of Lucia's support money is spent on him.

Mel should just tell her to sue him and prove that this event even happened.

Why or why are we allowing this woman to stay in this country and abuse our justice system simply because she has decided to make child bearing her career. The fact that she isn't even a citizen and is allowed to stay when she adds nothing to society and wastes our tax dollars in her perverted use of the justice system disgusts me.

1128 days ago


To janeny:
Charlie Sheen is even much more crazier like Mel and Oksana together. And his wife is nut,too.I dont think that there is a big chance for change of them and there is not very big chance for full custody for Mel or Oksana. They definitely will end with joint physical and will bound to each other forever. Hope that at least Lucia´s nanny is ok. Oksana really needs stop demand money and do her crazy smear campain and fame-whoring which is only harmful to her and to her children. She needs to start to work again. After all she worked before- she played the piano in some restaurants.She could cooperate with her first sugar daddy Dalton for years without obvious problems ,so i hope that she can with Mel,too but she must let her obssesion with his money go. For the sake of her children and herself.

1128 days ago


Diane: Why or why are we allowing this woman to stay in this country and abuse our justice system simply because she has decided to make child bearing her career.

Then change the law. She is legally allowed to stay in the country. You can introduce a new bill thou that would not allow old farts **** younger women on the side. I don't think you gonna succeed or have any support considering than most congressmen are MEN. Especially considering that family institution is getting deteriorated and consciously destroyed by all kind of stuff like allowing a gay marriage or animals inherited your riches. Sorry I am a traditional values person. They keep my mind SANE.

1128 days ago


To Diane:|en&u=
According to this article Oksana has a american citizenship. Very interesting reading

1128 days ago



Sorry for the delay in replying; I got sidetracked.

Wouldn't you love to know what really went on that night? I think of my own son and his friends and I can't imagine any of them cowering under the bed in a similar situation. I can't help thinking it didn't happen, or if it did, wondering what happened to that poor kid to make him react in such an age inappropriate fashion.

Poor kids. She'll never stop using them for what they can get her. It's why they were born, after all.


1128 days ago


to my prevoius post. It doesn´t want to show this article where Oksana´s american citizenship is mentioned. But you can find it on this page there.The article is called t's All About Money 44. Oksana Grigorieva and "X-Men

1128 days ago


Alex should just divorce his parents or go to court and have the judge declare him emancipated by “judicial declaration”. He could then go live with a relative or family friend. In order to get a judge to grant an emancipation judicial declaration, you must prove the following:

* You are at least 14 years old (emancipation age varies by state) Alex qualifies!
You don’t want to live with your parents and your parents will consent. (Believe me Ox would consent because that would be more money for her that she doesn't have to share with an extra child.
You can financially and legally support yourself. ( He should have a ton of money saved up after 14 years. That is if Ox hasn't spent all the money Timothy sent each month meant for Alex on herself!
You must show that emancipation would be in your best interests.(Are you kidding me? Just tell the Judge that Ox is his mother, enough said!

Divorce or emancipation granted! Case closed! NEXT

1128 days ago



I have no doubt Team Gibson would do whatever is necessary to prepare for the possibility of Alexander's testimony in open court. Keep in mind, from all accounts, Mel Gibson never had a "close" relationship per se with this child and thought via Ole Greedy's altered recordings, she hadn't done a very good job raising him. Mel Gibson has six GROWN children and his observations may be somewhat embarrassing to both her and Timothy Dalton. Frankly, MAC, if Team Gibson had any intentions of paying this "ludicrous" allegation, we wouldn't be reading and commenting on this thread. IMO, both sides are gearing up for a court battle and Ole Greedy has played all of her "trump" cards. Alexander is all she has left and he's not even an "ACE"!!! She grasping at straws because she's screwed, if she attempts to sue Mel Gibson in civil court. Hopefully, Judge Gordon won't allow her alleged "monetary" claims with Alexander to be considered as part of Lucia custody dispute. If this happens, she probably won't file at all because she would have to "pick up the entire tab" herself.

1128 days ago


She hasn't saved a dime for alexander over the years and now the boy is old enough to want a car , insurance ect. and he has nothing. But Mel Gibson your gonna pay boy your gonna pay

1128 days ago



This is old news, but here is a link for an article published in Great Britain indicating Ms Grigorieva obtained a British passport shortly after her very brief marriage to her second husband, an Englishman named Nicholas Rowland. As passports are issued to citizens of the issuing country, it appears Ms Grigorieva is a naturalized citizen of Great Britain who came to the U.S. with her one time lover and first time baby daddy, Timothy Dalton. Although I've searched, I've been unable to find anything indicating Ms Grigorieva renounced her British citzenship, after first renouncing her Russian citizenship, to obtain American citizenship. Although it wouldn't surprise me to learn she'd tried. :o)


1128 days ago


I like Mel thou. I like Irish. I like their straightforwardness. I like their sincerity and even their drunkenness. They are no hypocrites, bad or good they are what they are. And I like it! Mel would u like to be my friend?

1128 days ago


Dancingcat: 20 minutes ago

To Diane:|en&u=
According to this article Oksana has a american citizenship. Very interesting reading
_____________________ Who cares what she is. She is in the country LEGALLY, and one can't screw the whole country's way of life and everything just because you do not like this particular person. It's not her fault that Mel fell for her. He had an option NOT to. He had an OPTION NOT to to make her pregnant but he opted in. She turned to be a bitch, what's the big deal, most women who hunt the rich men ARE. He should' ve known better. It just proves how competent and experienced she is. And how STUPID and LUSTFUL he is. Congratulation, Mel! You gonna pay for the rest of your life because this woman would not leave you alone. She is bitter and she has been driven in the corner, she has nothing to lose. And her legal team is GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY. It's an American way. Deal with it.

1128 days ago
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