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Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Should Pay $500k

For Traumatizing My Son

8/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made it clear to the family law judge Friday -- she wants a bundle from Mel Gibson, including a half a million bucks for the alleged trauma she claims Mel caused her 14-year-old son, fathered by actor Timothy Dalton.

TMZ broke the story ... Mel and Oksana met separately with the judge and a mediator Friday, trying to hammer out a settlement in the custody war that is laced with financial overtones. We're told Oksana asked for a huge amount of money for various reasons, and one involves her son Alexander (aka Sasha)

Oksana claims Mel traumatized the boy during the January 6, 2009 explosive fight, which ended with physical violence .... Oksana has alleged Mel knocked two of her teeth out, while Mel says he merely slapped her because she was out of control and endangering the baby.

Oksana claims Mel was abusive to Sasha during the argument, calling him names and scaring him so much he allegedly hid under the bed.

Oksana also claimed on another occasion Mel threw her son onto a table, but Mel's camp has denied it.

We're told Oksana and Mel are still far apart in settling the claims -- both financial and custody of Lucia -- and the mediation continues next week.


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"emerald: about an hour
..."Unfortunately the Cops can only investigate, they can't prosecute that's down to the DA (who was previously linked to corruption in office)! The LASD announced their own displeasure and disappointment when the DA refused to act!"

I'd like to also point out to Parker that beyond Eric George's campaign donations (wasn't a campaign party for the DA offered at EG's house?) there's also the fact that OG hired 40+ lawyers to her case, which could all be hypothetically involved if she were prosecuted. That's a huge amount of political clout that she had. That IMO offsets any kind of "celebrity justice" as Parker calls it. Thinking that someone is innocent because a corrupt legal system failed to prosecute is very naive, IMO.

Also, Parker, regarding MG sounding much more out-of-control in the tapes than he alleges her to have been:
Once a poster here made quite the same argument as you. Then another poster made the point that it all depends on context, and to demonstrate it to the first poster, who seemed reticent about it, the latter poster "cut and pasted" several snippets of the first poster's post in one message as to make it sound awful. The first poster wasn't very happy about it, but it drove the point through. Anyway, I'm not going through that effort, but I would like to bring this up as a reminder of how mistaken one can be to press judgement on those statements in the tapes without this most important CONTEXT. OG put those recordings together with the INTENT of causing people to think exactly that - that MG had lost it and thus drive people to believe her DV accusations. But without knowing what drove him to say those things, or knowing all the parts that were removed by her to her convenience, it is impossible to use them to conclude anything.

BTW, the emails where he apologizes doesn't say to what he is apologizing, could have been to anything. She releases it in such a way as to drive one to believe what she wants them to.

And yes, I agree we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg on all this mess. And IMO I tend to think it is a futile, but entertaining, exercise to attempt to make heads or tails of what really happened. However, a word of caution when pointing fingers, if one points a finger to say something positive and they turn out to be wrong, in worse case they make themselves look like an a.s.s, no biggie, but on the other hand, if they point a finger to accuse of something negative, and they turn out to be wrong, now one is committing injustice, which is serious.

Anyway, goodnight y'all.

1143 days ago


Parker, I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce, and I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public by your inaccurate stupid dredging up of past Oxy lies. My mother told me not to talk to strange people, but in your case I'll make an exception. You are one of those sickening defenders of the Ox indefensible exploits. How bout a brake for Mel Gibson and his family. He has been attacked and extorted and lied about and smeared by a thing that is indescribably evil - Ox. It's enough to make us all want to scream at those controlling the (in)justice system that WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE! THROW THIS LYING BITCH OUT OF THE COUNTRY! PROSECUTE HER FOR HER CRIMES! She is paving the way for other criminals by setting such outrageous precedence without any consequence!

There is no reason to believe anything that comes out of her mouth Parker. Yours either. And the next time any of us needs any unsolicited and uninformed information, we'll seek you out.

How much more of her lies and torture of this man are we going to have to witness! WTF?

He has been set up by her and punished enough! Enough already. He is not guilty of her slanderous charges. Whatever he did, whether it was saving his kid from a woman who screams and runs with a baby in her arms, putting said baby at risk, by shaking and screaming. BTW, We just saw her do that again not too long ago. How could anyone ever blame him for having a breakdown on the phone, and being unknowingly recorded and manipulated by her. Who doesn't have an uncharacteristic gut wrenching reaction to this woman, after you get to know the real her. Blah!

Parker, don't let the facts get in the way of your ridiculous opinions.

1143 days ago


Cujeaux: about a minute ago

Realist: I obviously don't follow this as closely as you guys do, so I don't know what the original offer was. If it was a lump sum of 13 million, that should have been enough for 10 lifetimes, even if she took some battering from him and had to put her child into therapy for a lifetime.

I think what's getting in her craw is the basic truths are being denied by him and it's making her into a liar. She will punish him until doomsday for it now. All she needs is a reason in her mind to justify it, and he's giving her one.

I understand what Parker is saying about the big picture. Those tapes contained enough uninterrupted barrages of insults and threats that they should be taken into account. Most of what he said was not a reaction to anything she said, and when she did speak, he reacted to her statements. If she cut stuff out it was probably sections involving something other than their personal battle. My money is still on it being something drug related that they both participated in. Anything else she would have used to hang him with. I find it hard to believe she would care about protecting anyone else involved. Too bad those juicy tidbits will never come to light.

Cujo, Here's the thing . . Mel never denied anything! He never said a word about any of the things Oxy accused him of. So, if Oxy is now perceived as a liar, maybe it's because she has told so many stories and so many different versions of events. So, to say that his denials are giving her reasons to ratchet up everything, is really not the case.

The tapes - - read some of the transcripts, didn't listen to most of them. Bottom line? He told her exactly what he thought of her, and events have borne out his opinion.

Mel is no knight in shining armor, he's made mistakes, and he's paying for them. When does Oxy pay for hers?

1143 days ago


"So true, Mad Mel created one selfish, big headed monster. He probably assumed that because she's a bit dim he could always control her. He never imagined she would or could flip the switch on him the way she has."


I disagree with your assessment of Ole Greedy. Deprivation DOESN'T bring out the BEST in ALL people. Considering her impoverished beginnings in Mother Russia and the way she's charmed and disposed of men while working her way up the food chain, she was already a FULL BLOWN "HOT MESS" when Mel Gibson hooked up with her. In all honesty, being a "farted-out", "hand-me-down" woman who was quickly aging out of the mistress/consort game, she was past "desperate" and looked upon Mel Gibson as her "last chance" to achieve some of her most cherished dreams. When his blinders finally came off, she knew her days were numbered and resorted to "EXTORTION" to score a Elin Woods styled payday. Unfortunately, she underestimated Team Gibson's resolve to weather her public smear campaign and now those who have assisted her will "DISCARD" her like the Plague. Ah, but the WORST is yet to come!!! When her children become o****e, THEY'LL DO THE SAME because she refused to take the "HIGH ROAD" and spare them such needless public embarrassment. When she's OLD and ALONE, that's when it will REALLY HURT!!! Children have LONG MEMORIES and DON'T ALWAYS FORGIVE!!!

1143 days ago


"Mel is no knight in shining armor, he's made mistakes, and he's paying for them. When does Oxy pay for hers?"_ by realist

Worth repeating.

BTW, when I first heard the tapes I was quite shocked. When I first entered this discussion board, more than a year ago, I tried to remain neutral. But OG's actions herself, "converted" me not there much after. Why? Read Petrova Boclov or whatever that poster name is, her post back there said it all. OG's endless streams of lies is just one way in which she made clear that she was guilty of extortion.

And, most interestingly, now, after knowing what I know, when I hear his tapes again, it doesn't shock me anymore, in fact, it makes a lot of sense what he says! Yes, he was angry, and IMO had very good reason for being so!

1143 days ago


Since everybody is repeating things, I'd like to repeat this:

"Children begin by loving their parents. Later they judge them. Sometimes they forgive them." Oscar Wilde

Seems fitting here.

1143 days ago


Oksana’s ‘special ability’ to attract high profile men reminds of that movie ‘ The Muse’ with Sharon Stone.

Anyone remember that movie?

That character had a whole lot of high powered Hollywood people fooled into thinking she was something mystical and magical. She managed to get into the lives of these Hollywood elite and even got expensive presents from them. The bigger the gift, the more she ‘mused’ them. Some started talking about her and then everyone thought that they she was great and wanted her. At the end of the movie turns out she was a nutcase that escaped from the looney bin.

Now I don’t mean no disrespect to neither that movie or Sharon Stone.

But I think Oksana sees herself as sort mystical and magical. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she has a favourite ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ she talks to. ( I wonder if the mirror talks back to her ). She also expects great gifts, just because she is there. Each new high profile man thinks she is ok because of all the other past high profile names on her resumé. None of them realize until it’s too late that the reason that these past relationships lasted so long was because she is a nutcase that’s hard to get rid of. She does have or had the power of persuasion though. Sadly for our little ‘sorceress’, her powers wear off and her victims all try hard to get as far away from her as quickly as possible. Most got away with only minor repercussions, but she has managed to trap two of those victims permanently in her web, one who is too afraid of her to do anything and one who actually stood up to her and told her what she really is.

The big problem here with Oksana is she is dragging two children along in her hallucinations of grandeur. Seems that she only sees them as her minions to get her more gold.

1142 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Repeat performance:

Petrova Boklov : 7 minutes ago

I*****red for Ox misplaced or unreasonable? Absolutely not! This is only scratching the surface, but here are a few reasons why so many people hate her.

First and foremost, because she's a liar! Because she's greedy beyond imagination! Because she had it all and it was not enough. Because she is an extortionist no matter what the DA says. Because she is a sociopath with no conscience. Because she has screwed her lawyers and those who try to help her. Because she tries to pillage all she can from those that she seeks to destroy. Because she doesn't pay her bills. Because she treats her people like garbage and involves them in her lies. Because she has complained bitterly to many people that TD abused and beat her. Because she leaches off of men. Because she doesn't work!! Because she is a predator. Because she transfers the hatred she feels for her abusive father on to other men. Because she doesn't like children. They are only the means by which she manipulates the ones who truly love them. Time spent with her kids would mean time away from her self. Because of the sick people who stick up for her. Because all past poles taken have confirmed that she is the most hated and disrespected woman in history. Because she thinks she is beautiful and is obsessed with it. Because she's ugly, on the inside and out. Because she's always on the prowl for another rich man to leach off of. Because she prefers looking for another victim to getting a job. Because she thinks she's talented. Because she manipulates. Because she never did anything for the Children of Chernobyl, what a joke. Because she threatens people. Because she uses people. Because she is delusional and works from that point at all times. Because she has no respect for anyone!! Because she has gotten away with crimes in this country and people know it and hate it. Because she was smiling and posing for cameras even when her son had slashed his hand/arm/wrist? Whatever it was he slashed. There were at least 4 different stories on that one.

She loves the limelight. She loves the attention. She has no shame.

She laughs and taunts those who are shocked and horrified that this sort of behavior is tolerated here in our legal system and country.

Ox has gotten away with everything. Not only that, the authorities seem to continue to look the other way even though it looks very much to us that she is now indulging in more extortion. The last person who got away with this much without being touched was Al Capone!

Think of what it must be like to live with this woman, based on the behavior she exhibits publicly. Those poor kids.

Petrova Boklov

1142 days ago


Mel looks a little old and drunk, but after putting up with that skank, I would drink too

1142 days ago


Howdy Folks :)
Knew it! Out of town for a few days and whammo, news.
Anyone besides me also LMAO-ing at Miss Oksana's new and improved version of the truth? I see she's back to Alexander being under the bed rather than "cowering" besides it.

And it wasn't just Mr. Mel's camp that denied the table incident - so did everyone at the yacht party who saw what happened.

It certainly proves how much she loves her son - that she would continue to subject him to the man she claims physically, emotionally and verbally abused him just so she could collect on the cash.

The woman sickens me.

1142 days ago


Truma my azz! If having a mother like her isn't messing the little guy up, nothing will. Having a mother that screws men for their money, and spends most of their time in court trying to get even more money isn't messing this kid up, nothing will. She is the one that started this whole mess, and all because she loves money more than her own kids, this is what is wrong with her son. His mother and what she does and how she acts and does people, and the little guy hearing people calling his mother names, and not every nice names, but good or bad, people call it as it is.
Oksana needs to get it together and BEFORE she messes her little daughter's life up too. This is so sad for the kids and I feel very sorry for them. These didn't ask to be born and they sure in the hell don't deserve this crap.

1136 days ago
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