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"To Catch A Predator"

Judge Dismisses Sex Case

Says Dateline Entrapped Sailor

8/16/2011 5:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A sailor caught in the web of Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" was just acquitted of all charges, after the judge ruled NBC engaged in entrapment.

Joseph Roisman was prosecuted for lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor, after allegedly arranging a meeting with someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Judge Arthur Wick in Sonoma County, California, threw the case out after the prosecution presented its case, ruling prosecutors failed to prove Roisman had an intent to have sex with the decoy.

Roisman's lawyer, L. Stephen Turer, lashed out at the tactics of the people responsible for "To Catch a Predator," saying "They took everything away from this kid just to make a TV show."

Turer added, "This case is the poster child for the abuse in this program."

There were 29 arrests as a result of the Dateline sting.  28 of the defendants pled guilty without going to trial.  This is the only case of the 29 that went to trial, and Dateline's tactics were squarely repudiated.

NBC could not be reached for comment.


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Good for the judge. These types of shows are beyond the ridiculous. Parents should be monitoring their own kids,not some TV producer/network out to make a buck.

1161 days ago

Dirk Diggler    

I don't care if they couldn't PROVE the man wanted to have sex with her, a grown man has no business going to the home of a 13-year-old girl he met on the Internet. Did he go to watch Twilight with her? No judge, shame on you.

1161 days ago


Throw that moron judge in jail now. Entrapment? These pigs knew full and well how old these girls were and they went to the houses anyway. Some with condoms and alcohol. I'm sick of idiot judges letting criminals off. Disgusting!

1161 days ago


Hey Barb, what about the kids with loser parents who don't care what they do??? Who is protecting them? You?

1161 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Yeah these shows always seemed weird to me so I could sort of see people claiming entrapment. Just seemed like Dateline was in it to get ratings and didn't give two s***s about the lives they were ruining. Having said that.. still, the people tried to hook up with people they thought were young teenagers on the internet. That's definitely sick and wrong.
They should really just stop making these dumb shows though and grown adults that feel the need to talk to teenagers online should just assume they're really talking to Stone Phillips and try hooking up with somebody their own age. Idiots.

1161 days ago

Law Offices of L Stephen Turer    

Our office represented the defendant in this story. While the story is correct in that the case was dismissed due to entrapment and lack of evidence as to intent. The quotes in this article are the words the the defense attorney L Stephen Turer, not Judge Arthur Wick.

1161 days ago


Another criminal walks the street due to a technicality. God Bless our court systems.

1161 days ago


hell yeah now i can get laid more often

1161 days ago


the guy had no right trying to hook up with a kid..but i see where the judge is coming from..showing your penis and talking sexually to an adult saying they are a kid isnt illegal.the person behind the computer posing as the kid was o**** he did no lewd act with a was an adult looking at the pics and talking sexually with is entrapment.

1161 days ago


It is law enforcement's job to deal with these situations. Police departments have officers and technology to handle this. These networks just want to pander to the public. If they gave a crap, the would just turn these guys into to the police and not try take advantage of the situation to make a buck. Some parents are not responsible and should suffer the consequences. The judge was right. The issue here is entrapment, and that is what this show did.

1161 days ago


California is so f__ked up. Nevermind that this pervert was trying to bang a 13 year old girl, NBC is the bad guy because they taped what tis pedophile was going to do anyway. Unfu__ing believable. No, nevermind, very f__king beliebable being that it came from California and its bull_h_t judges.

1161 days ago


So you guys think it's better for little kids to talk to the disgusting perverts instead of catching these freaks before they get to children?

1161 days ago


Good! It WAS entrapment.

1161 days ago


If this guy goes back and molests a child, this judge is 100% responsible and should be held accountable. If he kills the child, this judge should be charged as an accessory to murder for letting an obvious child molester go free. Kick this judge to the curb, fire him and prosecute him for misconduct now.

1161 days ago

some guy    

I'm a little stunned. Never thought this show would stoop to questionable methods.

1161 days ago
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