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Arnold's Love Child


8/16/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_joseph_baena_beach_launch_EXArnold Schwarzenegger's love child Joseph Baena hit the Malibu surf for some boogie boarding ... less than a month after Arnold's other 13-year-old son Christopher seriously injured himself doing the same thing.

Interesting fact: these pics were snapped over the weekend ... less than a mile away from Christopher's crash. Joseph's day at the beach was injury-free.


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Seems like some peds here don't like the kid being a little heavy. I understand the need for you freaks to get off on little boys but keep your sickness at the NAMBLA meeting.

1142 days ago


Well given that he's in Malibu, maybe he's getting in contact with his actual father????????

1142 days ago


Stop posting pictures of him! It's not right.

1142 days ago


I agree with everyone else, this kid and any other child of a celebrity should be off limits unless they are in show biz themselves like the Smith kids.
He seems to be handling the attention well, but it's negative attention that a 13 yr old does not yet understand. When he does, it could turn really ugly for him. Back off Harvey!!!

1142 days ago


I hope Maria&her lawler gets all the $ she can out of Arnold,since she gave up her job for him when he won to be gov of california.So she should get all the money she possibly can cause of his lying/cheating.The media should leave the kid alone and stop taking photos of him since it isn't his fault, to be in the middle of this. They should be hounding Arnold & the kid's mom. I'm surprised this wasn't found out earlier since the media/gossip shows/magazines sometimes find this stuff out on celeb right away, and if they had found this out eariler around the time it happenend then Maria &him would have split up over a decade ago and he probley would not have been gov california either when the recall election thing happenend if this was found out right away.

1142 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Joseph and Christopher should hang out together. This is something they both have in common, maybe they both could become best friends?

1142 days ago

Fat Mike    

I thought you'd got rid of all the paedophiles working at TMZ? This is something I would have expected 18 months ago when all you were doing was running stories on children, but you seemed to clean it up for a while. Obviously whoever makes the decision to run these stories is back out on probation after their time in the Sex Offenders unit at the local prison.

1142 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

And what is it with the negative comments about his weight? Geez, he's not even that big. And remember, he's still very young. So what if he has some of that baby weight that he still has to lose? He's gonna hit a growth spurt and grow some inches and then it will even out. And also, he's doing a's not like he's not doing outside activities. Leave the kid alone about his weight..GEEZ!

1142 days ago

Fat Mike    

hah, just read all the other comments. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Harvey is a paedo.

1142 days ago

summer Carlyle    

What a beautiful boy with such a great smile!

1142 days ago


Funny that all but ONE of Arnie's kids are FAT.

1142 days ago

Christina G.    

It's unethical and distasteful for TMZ to 1) post photographs of this child, and 2) call him a love child. Period.

1142 days ago


Why are you guys bugging this kid? He can't help what his parents did. Leave him be.

1142 days ago


That is one ugly child.

1142 days ago


TMZ shouldn't be following this kid.. OH WAIT.. All of the reporters at TMZ ARE KIDS... That's why they feel so comfortable following him. they should really leave him alone. Harvey should keep him off limits but hey.. It's a paycheck right?? Money hungry ****heads!!! He had nothing to do with this. Arnold is a pric@ and the mom is a media Whor@!! Go after them... NOT THE KID....

1142 days ago
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