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'Real Housewives of Bev Hills'

Keep Quiet

8/16/2011 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Silence is golden for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- TMZ has learned, Bravo just instructed the entire cast ... NO talking to the media about Russell Armstrong's suicide ... whatsoever.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, each cast member received both a phone call and an email from Bravo just hours after news broke about Russell's death -- ordering them to keep their mouths shut.

But the new directive isn't holding up production -- we're told, shooting is set to resume tomorrow as scheduled.

Right now, it's unclear if Taylor will also be returning to work at the same time.

3:58 PM: We're told Bravo just canceled the shooting schedule for tomorrow and called a meeting for the entire cast -- it's unclear about what, but we can take a wild guess. A rep for Bravo denies they are having a meeting with the cast tomorrow.


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Lose lips sink ships!!

1130 days ago


Jus*****ched the video from this guys lawyer.... he seems so happy about it all.. sooo sick how many people will make money from this guy hanging himself....welcome to america... the land of opportunity...too get rich then hang yourself..

1130 days ago


Andy Cohen and Bravo Network are sick. This reality crap is so over. Real people get hurt. Andy Cohen is a disgusting piece of crap.

1130 days ago


Does Taylor have more teeth than the normal person? I'll bet she's got 100 teeth in that mouth. It's kind of shark-like.

1130 days ago


They don't want it aired publicly before they get to air it all themselves.... plain and simple.....

1130 days ago


I feel so sorry for the little girl because she is now stuck with that self centered mother. Taylor needs to get a job, leave the show and gain some weight.

1130 days ago


Probably because they want this to be a huge plot on the show for ratings. I can only imagine that's how low these networks are willing to go.

1130 days ago


WTH!!! Thought this was a "reality" series??? The cast is going to have a meeting? This show is as fake as the people they follow on camera!

1130 days ago


Andy is repulsive and so are these "reality" shows. Bethenny's show wasn't sooooooo over the top but the rest are just full of stupidity.

1130 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Jesus, is Bravo going to continue with these stupid shows? Hell why not get a camera in there when the body was hanging from the ceiling so they could put it on the show.

1130 days ago


Wow, some really harsh comments against Taylor and the show. While Taylor isn't exactly my fav on the show, I feel people have been way harsh on her. Russell had pleaded guilty in the 90s for hitting his then ex-wife. His ex-wife and ex-girlfriend both had restraining orders against him (one can easily google this online). Therefore I have to conclude that most likely he did physically abused Taylor. In addition, Taylor actually married Russell the year he declared bankruptcy in the mid 90s. I don't think gold diggers go around and marry people who declared bankruptcy right? While I'm not saying Taylor isn't materialistic and loves money, but I have to think she must love Russell to certain extend that even though he declared bankruptcy, she still married him.

I do agree that had she not being on the show, I would have to think Russell most likely would not have taken his own life. He's probably too embarrassed and proud to be declaring bankruptcy again especially doing it in public. His lawyer said that his credit cards do not even work anymore. That tells you how much money he has left.... On top of that, they just got sued last month for fraudulent business practice. I speculate that they made a family decision to do the housewives thinking perhaps Taylor can parlay her fame into something money making to save the sinking boat. He may be able to ride her coat tail and get more investors to invest in his businesses. If he didn't want to do the show, there is no way they can film him, their underage kid, and their home. So to solely blame the decision to do the show (hence leading to Russell's demise) on Taylor is terribly unfair. Ok. I'm gonna get off on my soapbox now.

1130 days ago


Of course production will stop and a meeting will take place. They need to see how far they can expoit this....who will pump up the drama etc...and how this can be spun for ratings. if you think for one second these folks are doing this out of are so oblivious.

1130 days ago


No one cares about this guy. None of the "real housewives" are famous, and neither are their husbands. This guy is a coward. He took the easy way out when times got tough, and now a 5 year old kid no longer has a dad. I'm glad this is the only time I'll hear about this jackass.

1130 days ago

B Newman    

I am done with Housewives. There are just some things that people say and do that should not be aired on a nationally aired reality tv show. Things like divorces and hurtful, devastating spousal comments should never be included.

1130 days ago

andrea heverly    

well jeana must have reading comprehension problems...she tweeted about it today

1130 days ago
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