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'Real Housewives of Bev Hills'

Keep Quiet

8/16/2011 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Silence is golden for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- TMZ has learned, Bravo just instructed the entire cast ... NO talking to the media about Russell Armstrong's suicide ... whatsoever.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, each cast member received both a phone call and an email from Bravo just hours after news broke about Russell's death -- ordering them to keep their mouths shut.

But the new directive isn't holding up production -- we're told, shooting is set to resume tomorrow as scheduled.

Right now, it's unclear if Taylor will also be returning to work at the same time.

3:58 PM: We're told Bravo just canceled the shooting schedule for tomorrow and called a meeting for the entire cast -- it's unclear about what, but we can take a wild guess. A rep for Bravo denies they are having a meeting with the cast tomorrow.


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1173 days ago

Mary Ann McQueen    

Finally, they show some respect.....Silence is golden.

1173 days ago

Home Skillet    

Uh ... overreact much, Chris. Bravo is conducting business, and they're in the business of making tv shows. They're in the middle of filming. That doesn't change the fact that "the show must go on."

1173 days ago


He's d **** for doing that to a 5 year old kid.

1173 days ago


Filming tomorrow????!!!!

Bravo/NBC are sick to catch these peoples reactions on film, just SICK!

1173 days ago


Art imitates life/death/reality TV.

1173 days ago


I have to agree with chris, its a reality show that in the scheme of things is really fake. The death al be it a tragic one is still reality and it happened. If its not part of the show then were no*****ching reality tv. We are watching semi scripted, only talk about what we approve of tv. Its sad that he did what he did to his family and children but it happened. The cast should be aloud to greave and mourn the loss of a friend and cast mate. I think that there reactions and feelings should be put on tv because its reality not fake or is that not the business there in.

1173 days ago


Nah- they smell a potential lawsuit coming their way and they don't want to make it easier. "Oh the pressure of the show pushed him to do it...yadda yadda yadda."

1173 days ago


Better ratings if they discuss it on the show instead of news organization or TMZ. The whole busines is sordid.

1173 days ago


tell them that speech is a freedom here...the guy was married to a serious goldigging bitch...can tell you right off.....its all that fake bitches fault...she drove him to it! I love it when the bitch files for divorce the guy kills himself and now the skanky bitch is acting like a widow, when again she is at fault!

1173 days ago


She needs to leave the show! If she weren't on in the first place, this probably wouldn't have happened. This is very sad, and I hope his suicide is not shown in a distasteful way...the show has been known to do things like that.

1173 days ago

an honest liberal    

Un f@ckin believable. Dont say a word. Our ratings might slip. Oh and we want to get your reaction on tape.

1173 days ago


Stay classy, Bravo...

1173 days ago


Maybe not right away but I am sure she has got to go back filming as the couple were already in financial trouble and she has got to support her daughter. Silenced or not I felt the celebrities who spoke up directly to her on TWITTER were extremly non personal. If you know her well enough to offer support, contact her yourself not through a public forum!

1173 days ago



Someone just apparently killed himself, but production just keep rolling along.


1173 days ago
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