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Russell Armstrong

Distraught Over Divorce and

'Tremendous Financial Problems'

8/16/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Russell Armstrong was at his wits end over his impending divorce from Taylor in the days leading to his death -- and he was inundated with debt.

Russell's lawyer Ronald Richards tells TMZ, Russell had been staying at a friend's house on Mulholland Drive in L.A. -- the same house where authorities found his body hanging last night.

0816-russell-house-water-subRichards tells us, "I feel bad because his credit cards weren't working ... He had tremendous financial problems."

Richards adds, "He was also extremely bummed out about the divorce with Taylor. As far as a will, even if he does have a will, they don't have any assets, so I'm not sure what there would be left to leave. I am extremely saddened ... I had no idea he was depressed."

As we previously reported, Russell -- an investor who made his money in the 90s during the dot com boom -- filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2005, claiming he had less than $50,000 in assets ... and debt somewhere between $1 and $10 million.


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Look at his eyes in the picture with her.He doesn't want to be there. His smile is forced and she's making faces.

1129 days ago


Well good luck to her. Women like her and Camille Grammer forever remain on the singles market once their true colors have been seen.

1129 days ago

Delaware D    

man, what a crazy story. I guess I'm glad that I'm not rich.

1129 days ago

Booger McGee    

His friend said: "I am extremely saddened ... I had no idea he was depressed."

Not to nitpick or diminish the cir****tances of any person's death but just because he took his own life doesn't mean he was depressed.

He may have been stressed and scared about his situation and felt like he had no way to get back above water again.

1129 days ago


So so sad! Why is she so suddenly worried about their little girl now? She publicly came out slamming him for abusing her. Did she think her daughter would never read or hear about it one day? The first time he laid hands on you, you leave..period! Gold digger decided that the money was more important though and put up with it's true at all.

1129 days ago

two cents    

Good for him!! Now the greedy b@tch gets nothing! Maybe she'll have to go out and get herself a job and stop mooching.
He showed her. He who laughs last, laughs best. We're all gonna end up six foot under, at least he was in charge. RIP Russell

1129 days ago

will the thrill    

Unfortunately way too many wealthy,insecure guys get romantically involved with a decent looking fame whore who knows how to SPEND all their money.The truly wise ones find a broad who also knows how to MAKE money!

1129 days ago


If they were broke in 2005, how did they give that kid a $60...,000 birthday party? What's wrong with these people?

1129 days ago


She looks exactly like that character on Star Wars;Jar Jar or Jar Bar or something like that,I can't remember,you know the character with the lingo. She'll move on to a new reality show and make even more money and then just laugh this off,she's a goldigger with no morals which we can all agree on.

1129 days ago


We have been reading The Screwtapes Letters in Bible Study this summer. This situation is exactly what the devil is happy about. Humans who care more for appearance and their own well-being rather than for others. The whole show (and many others) display what is wrong with our society. Max out the credit cards and play the game of pretending what and who you are is so mighty. Now this poor guy will spend the rest of eternity in hell and others will not heed the message, but just believe he deserved what he got.

1129 days ago


"Russell had been staying at a friend's house on Mulholland Drive"-How pissed would you be if you were that friend and the guy kills himself him YOUR house????

1129 days ago


Bravo did it again and again.This network is destroying lots of people.Divorce,Bankruptcy,Brawls,Fights,Tables turned over,name calling,hate,wigs,plastic surgery,liposuction,bullies that tells the network who to fire from the show.
Now this handsome guy killed himself.Look at Teresa Giudice she has 11 millions of debts...she does not give s....t.
Bravo has a lot to do with all this garbage.Andy Cohen cancel all the housewives shows ...or you for sure will end up in hell.

1129 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

If what a previous poster said is true, that she will inherit his debt, that's a damn good way to put a gold digger in her place! Now she'll play the widow card in an attempt to get work to pay off that 1-10 million in debt, LMAO @ her!

All of you calling him selfish, amongst other things, would have been the same ones H8ng on him for the rest of their existence on TMZ.

1129 days ago


Quit blaming Taylor. She wasn't not the first woman to accuse Russell of physically abusing her. An ex-girlfriend and an ex-wife both had to get restraining orders against him for the same thing. Also, Russell pled guilty to battery back in the late 90's.

Russell's financial problems started long before he married Taylor, which is the same year he filed for bankruptcy.

1129 days ago


I suffer depression and know how it is. Its not a pretty place to be. Rest In Peace.

1129 days ago
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