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Russell Armstrong

Dead for More than 24 Hours

Before Body was Found

8/18/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Authorities believe Russell Armstrong was dead for more than 24 hours before his body was discovered ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... the last known contact anyone had with Russell was last Saturday, when he was on the phone with a friend.

As we first reported, Russell was a no-show for a meeting with Taylor on Monday afternoon, which sounded alarm bells and began hours of frantic searching.

Russell's body was discovered at 8:08 PM Monday.

And, sources tell TMZ, Russell's body was found hanging from a wooden beam in the bedroom, with an orange extension cord around his neck.



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Charlie Sheen's Watch    


1126 days ago


Maybe biatch wife couldnt get to the bank on Sunday so she waited to "discover" the body?

1126 days ago


I don't understand why they waited so long to go to where he was living if they were "frantically" looking for him.

1126 days ago


She probably had him knocked off and made it look like suicide! Money hungry. All those "Real Housewives" sound the same. I guess there is a huge inflation in plastic surgery - she needs more work done! She has LYING EYES.

1126 days ago


If missing a meeting sent her into panic mode to hunt him down, then this biotch CLEARLY knew the man was in deep distress and on the brink!! Yet, she did nothng. But I guess since she was leaving him, his well-being was no longer her concern. BIOTCH!!!

1126 days ago


First off - who cares about this nobody. We don't care he's dead. Stop wasting our time with it.

2nd - first time i saw a picture of the wife i thought it was a "celebrity Scramble". Wow she's ugly.

1126 days ago

NYC Boy    

Reality TV is ****.
People waste their lives being on it, and people waste their lives watching it.
Turn off the TV and go do something to better the world.
Get a job, maybe?

1126 days ago


This is all so very sad for the entire family. I can imagine everyone is grieving. Enough with the hate comments. A life has been lost... A mother, father, wife, daughter are all missing this man and it is all so very sad. Keep it Classy.

1126 days ago


that's really sad. A LOT of ppl go thru financial difficulties, myself included, but I just couldn't do that to my son! I think he did this over his financial situation, he had a choice to opt out of being on the show, just like the husband on the NJ show. I feel bad for his children!

1126 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

ROL is reporting that Taylor may be responsible for the debts they incurred together while married, also they don't believe he had any life insurance. This will help gold diggers across the globe to get the message that they're HATED!

1126 days ago


My heart breaks for their 6 year old daughter! But other than that, Taylor and Russell were a couple of grifters! He was a convicted felon who had already filed for bankruptcy once before, Taylor had to know this. And as for Russell, he was with a woman who had changed her name, and pretended to be from the wealthy Ford family, but Russell went along with it. On the RHOBH they both had contempt for each other. I'm just sad that they brought an innocent child into their sordid life.

1126 days ago


Rogue Warrior-
Spouses ARE responsible for ALL debts. They weren't divorced yet, sucks for her, bad timing!

1126 days ago


And his body is now a prop for the Bravo network and his ex to use for ratings and money

1126 days ago


Why is there so much hate for this woman. I watched the show and I (as a domestic violent victim) could tell he was abusing her. Watch the old episodes and if you have any domestic violence experience, you will see it. So when she finally decide to get out of the relationship, she has to deal with his selfishness of killing himself and hurting others, which includes his daughter that doesn't have anything to do with his issues with his wife. My deepest sympathy for Taylor and her daughter. I wish them well and hope they seek professional help. These poor girls are going to need a lot of help. Money is not everything.

1126 days ago

idaho potato    

TMZ, please stop this. It sickens me the way people are picking at him even after death. He was a man who was hurting and saw no other way out of his pain. People, people, people!!! Please stop the hatred so I know there IS hope for the human race. God bless all involved.

1126 days ago
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