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Taylor Armstrong

Daughter Doesn't Know Yet

8/16/2011 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong hasn't broken the news yet about Russell's suicide to her 5-year-old daughter Kennedy ... TMZ has learned.

Friends close to Taylor tell us, "She's not emotionally ready to do so just yet."

Taylor's attorney, Robert Thorne, tells us, "Taylor Armstrong is devastated by the tragic events that have unfolded. She requests privacy at this time so that she may comfort her young daughter."

The attorney adds, "Her thoughts and prayers are also with Russell's 11 and 13-year-old sons."


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Time to move back to Oklahoma and be near relatives and family. Family will be the best support as opposed to a reality show.

1131 days ago


Just another ******* that leaves behind children to have to deal with the loss of a parent!!!! Anyone committing suicide is a self absorbed idiot!!!! I feel no sympathy for any idiotic reason for their reasons of killing themselves, so what, you got money problems, so do the rest of us, just different money brackets, so what, going thru a divorce, must of us have! Get over yourselves and face your friggin problems, and try remembering that you may have children that effing need you alive not hanging from a tree or whatever else you want to hang yourself on!!! Jerk!!!

1131 days ago


This gold digger is thinking of herself, not her child- is the guilt setting in since you had no problem filing for divorce and making demands on him, is that why she hasn't told her 5 year old.

1131 days ago


who are these people?

1131 days ago


What? You sell your life to a tv reality show then when something happens, something real instead of fake drama you expect privacy? You can't have it both ways lady. You weren't thinking of your daughter when you sold out her privacy to become a fake celebrity. If people would stop watching this garbage maybe moronic network execs would stop choosing to air it. Disgusting.

1131 days ago

Mark Lipinski    

NOW she want's privacy? She dug into him for $$$, humiliated and emasculated him on television, and recently accused him of all kinds of things during her separation and SHE wants privacy? Nice. Ho-bag!

1131 days ago


Her attorney is a dolt. HOW is she comforting her daughter when her daughter doesn't even know yet???? I feel bad for the poor guy, so wrapped up in this skank, that he couldn't even see that she was draining him.

1131 days ago


What a shame. A little tv fame got into the head of this woman, and then airs her marriage's dirty linen for everyone with hopes for "greener" pastures. Poor daughter has to live with one parent. I only hope Ms. Amstrong becomes a better looking at her face, it's hard to feel sympathy

1131 days ago


"Kennedy...mommy has done something very, very bad."

1131 days ago


She's devastated because she caused his death. Evil troll!

1131 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I can't explain it but while I lived in the midwest - I used to leave a Bentley in CA just to ride around in style when I was there in LA. I enjoyed the good life out there. No doubt about it.

But them days are gone now.

Seriously gone.

No more fancy house. No more fance luxury cars stored in Vegas and LA.

And fo rsome weird reason... I just don't care.

It was fun.

It's gone.

And I honestly enjoy my new reduced lifestyle.

Yay me???

I guess.

1131 days ago


Devastated my ass. She's the cause of it. Now she doesn't have to bother with fighting him in court; it's all hers now.

1131 days ago


Let me see. She spends his money like no tomorrow, talks trash about him, files for divorce, and more than likely she would've taken him to the cleaners get a new boytoy, bang him in his house on his dime. Yeah, don't blame him one bit. I would have said **** it myself.

1131 days ago


They both made bad choices in their life. But we can't solely blame her for his actions. Yes, she probably was one of the reasons but there was likely a bunch of stuff going on in his life. He took the easy way out. He could have just walked away from it all instead of leaving his children the way he did. Hope he found some peace now

1131 days ago


@Elle0375: What assets he had she cut him off from (like the big expensive house). She's managing to live just fine and far from in poverty, and now she doesn't have to fight him to keep it all. She probably even gets a bonus check from the insurance company now, too.

1131 days ago
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