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Super Bowl Hero

Cops Tased Me

In Front of My 4-Year-Old

8/17/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817-lewis-jermaine-small-EXRetired NFL receiver Jermaine Lewis tells TMZ, he was NOT resisting arrest when police entered his home and tased him in front of his 4-year-old son on Monday -- after he allegedly went on a reckless joyride.

According to the Baltimore County Police report, 36-year-old Jermaine was accused of driving like a maniac -- swerving all over the place and even hitting a fire department sign in Reisterstown, MD ... without stopping.

According to the report, an officer showed up to the former Baltimore Raven's house soon after he had gotten home and attempted to place Jermaine under arrest for hit-and-run -- but the ex-NFL star allegedly resisted, so the officer tased him.

But now Jermaine is PISSED -- telling TMZ, "I never resisted arrest." Lewis says he was merely sitting on his couch when the officers resorted to using the taser.

What's worse -- Jermaine claims the officer callously whipped out the weapon in front his 4-year-old son ... telling us, his son "was very upset crying and my dog was barking."

Jermaine was released Tuesday on $50,000 bail. He's best known for his thrilling kickoff return touchdown in Super Bowl XXXV.

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No Avatar


You poor thing. Well maybe next time the cops tell you to get your butt off the sofa, you will move. Their not playing with your silly azz.

1165 days ago


Cops don't taze just for the hay of it, looks pretty strung out to me in his mug shot.

1165 days ago


wait he has no problem risking others lives and being drunk in front of his child but if he gets in trouble for hit and run in front of his child that where he has a problem

1165 days ago


hey... I live in Baltimore County.. and I tend to believe Jermaine. When I read the article in the daily news and saw that all he hit was a Fire Dept sign??? Come on... my son is a firefighter and even HE laughed at that... so tazing someone over that in their own HOME??? Give me a break! But then all you have to do is read the new about our shining police dept shooting one of their own officers... albiet "off duty" 20 times... SERIOUSLY... 2 cops... need to shoot someone 20 times???
So all you people saying Jermaine deserved it... back off... just go away.
Jermaine.. I'm sorry you did what you did.. but I'm sorry but I'm even more sorry about the treatment you got from Balto. City.

1165 days ago

O-C Guy    

Hey, Jermaine -

Hint: The next time you smash into a fire department vehicle, don't go home and expect to be still sitting on your butt...especially, when the cops show up in your living room.

1165 days ago


I absolutly believe it.
Those Baltimore LEO's are worse than criminals!
I was jumped in a 6x9 bathroom in front of my 8 year old children and tossed around. My rotator cuff was ripped. And knee meniscus torn.
AND I was the one that CALLED THE POLICE because my drunk loser achololic sister attacked me and my little kids!!! All because she had a lawyer for a husband!
The cops did this IN FRONT OF MY KIDS!
And I got arrested and cuffed in front of my kids!
For trespassing! We werent tresspassing!
My kids were tramatized by my alcohalic sister attacking them ( the cops did NOTHING even tho my kids told them she hurt them really bad!)
and me getting attacked by the cops in front of my kids and then arrested in front of them! They are discusting POS!!!

Oh and my alcoholic sister's husband threw her out and divorced her in less than a year that creep LIAR! .... she is a loser...he is too!

1165 days ago


Oh, and btw

I am a woman

and white

1165 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Then what were you doing in front of your *four year old son* in the first place, IDIOT?

1165 days ago


He was merely sitting on the couch... refusing to stand up and turn around and put his hands behind his back. Just merely sitting on his couch saying **** you im not going to co-operate because im black and you cant do **** to me cause KING KONG AINT GOT SISHT ON ME!!! TNB

1165 days ago


To mad they did not kill that ******

1165 days ago


Nice booger just creeping in his nose...I was hungry a minute ago.

1165 days ago


I wish the police would stop using Tasers and go back to bullets. Then we would not have to listen to losers like this whine.

1165 days ago


What an ignorant ass....he if weren't doing something stupid an illegal he would never have been tased in the first place...probably a good thing his kid saw it because now the kid know Daddy is a loser!

1165 days ago

Real Parent    

You guys are such bigots. White guys can piss all over people on planes and get away with it. This man is in his own home, and a police tasers him. White kid in Florida slices up his great grandmother with a sword and goes after his grandmother and police don't kill the bastard, just taser him. Yet, this unarmed man gets tasered in front of his kid in his home and all you bigots come on here talking BS. This is why there is such a disparity in the justice system. White people only care about justice when it's not them on the other side of the judge's bench. Otherwise, they have compassion and mercy. When you all meet your maker, I hope you have good excuses for being such bigots and lowlifes.

1164 days ago


1st of all, everyone comments are just plain stupid and show you dont understand anything that happened here.

2 questions I would like to ask

1. How did the Cops enter his home?
2. Did the cops have a warrant to enter his home?

Think about this before anymore stupid comments get posted. All of you Type like your bad-asses but in reality you all are a bunch of little punks behind a keyboard. LOL!

1164 days ago
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