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Russell Armstrong

Asked for Xanax Before Death

8/17/2011 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Armstrong
begged a friend for anxiety drugs days before his death ... TMZ has learned.

Armstrong's longtime friend and confidante Russ McCullough -- who appeared on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" last season -- tells us, he met Armstrong for dinner recently ... and things had reached a new low.

According to McCullough, Armstrong couldn't afford to pay for his meal -- and when the subject turned to his divorce, Armstrong said, "This is as bad as it gets."

Armstrong also said he was distraught over his negative portrayal on the show ... and feared he'd never recover from the ordeal -- so McCullough gave him a Xanax pill to take the edge off.

We're told Armstrong called McCullough 3 days before his death, asking for a "full bottle" of Xanax -- but McCullough suspected something was seriously wrong ... and refused out of fear Armstrong might abuse the pills.

As we previously reported, Armstrong's death was ruled a suicide by hanging -- no drugs or alcohol were found at the scene.


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The guy was set up. His public downfall is publicity for a toxic show like this that appeals to the worst in us. And
poison pop culture like reality shows should come with a warning label. Shows without writers or plots thrive on phony ad lib conflict or controversy. So anyone who signs up for them can expect their lives to be ruined for the low rent entertainment value of brain dead airhead folks at home who will watch paint dry if it's on the idiot box.

1161 days ago


heart goes out to Armstrongs family. Old Testament Saul faced the same predicament, feeling of hopelessness, fell on his own sword, yet was beloved by God. We cannot question the timing or the manner of which our Maker brings us to him.

1161 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Taylor is EVIL, she was and is, ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, he should have hung her too while he was at it! 60K for a birthday party and then she's in on a tell all book that she was going to profit from and still will and that's what killed him.

I'm just waiting for Harvey to post his LGTB bs or GLAAD bs, what a joke!

1161 days ago


This guy is a mess, the fact that they're suing Bravo is ridiculous.

1161 days ago

Dr Porn    

None of you guys realize this guy was going to be indicted for stock fraud. Also, this guy has a long history of this types of crimes (google his name if you don't believe). His wife is also suspected of the recent stock fraud allegations. What everyone saw was the result of these crimes. The house of cards came crashing down and he couldn't take it. The alleged beatings of his wife is crap. It is just an excuse to distance herself from the sitituation Taylor, I hope it was worth it, have a good life.........

1161 days ago


I think it is most important to remember here that there are kids involved. His daughter and other two kids will at one point have internet access and see all of the comments, and that could cause them further pain. The entire situation is just sad. Not preaching....just saying.

1161 days ago

Dr Porn    

@ Jonsey

Good point. I guess money doesn't buy happiness..

1161 days ago


It's time people take responsibility for their own life choices and stop placing the blame when things go wrong.Life has it pitfalls some can deal and some can't unfortunately he couldn't.His wife or the TV show were not to blame his problems were way beyond that. When it comes to mental stability he needed professional help some people are good at masking their feeling others aren't. Too bad no one recognized the symptoms before it was too late. Sympathy to his family.

1161 days ago


I wish this guy would have given Russell the bottle of Xanax. At best it could have saved his life. I know that xanax has saved my life a few times as it gave me enough relief from anxiety until the suicidal feelings went away. At worst, he would have used them to commit suicide. At least it would not have been such a brutal and painful death.

1161 days ago


What a wonderful "friend" he given pills to this guy with a friend like this who needs enemies? he is lying he just wants the 15 minutes of fame,why he come now with this news? instead of giving pills he should help him in other ways! now wvwryone is going to make false statements even his lawyer looks like a jerk! he is even smiling when he is talking about the deceased client , another one looking for 15 minutes of fame! what a compasionate friends Russell had ! not wife not friends not one who really cares about him ,not doubt why he killed himself .How sad!

1161 days ago


If Taylor was indeed implicated in securities fraud with him, then I believe that she was trying to set up a "duress" defense with the allegation of D.V. Taylor wasn't afraid for her life; she was afraid for her lifeSTYLE. She didn't leave until the hammer of the law fell on them. I hate to say it, but she's the worst kind of whore.

1161 days ago


He kills himself when he has 3 kids??? WTF??? What a selfish piece of crap!!

1161 days ago


I feel so bad when I hear what he was going through mentally. Even though I'm only going by what I read here and other places Russell was a troubled person so it must have been 20x worse in his real life.

He probably thought about taking a lot of Xanax and go out that way but when he couldn't get any he hanged himself.

1161 days ago


His gold digging wife simply killed him.

1161 days ago


If I were divorcing that fugly, skeletor-hag, I'd be celebrating, not hanging myself.

1161 days ago
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