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'Predator' Acquittal

Exposes Vigilante Injustice

8/17/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A judge acquits a 'To Catch a Predator' target citing entrapment -- so does the show cross the line while busting alleged pedophiles? And, did The Situation and his legion of fans make Abercombie & Fitch's stock plummet today?

Plus, the stars of "Big Rich Texas" drop by to talk about fake boobs, c-word tattoos, and Ph.D.s?!?


(4:30) A 'To Catch a Predator' case reveals the shady tactics of the show. An example of vigilante justice gone wrong?
(8:30) Harvey believes people are afraid to go against 'Predator' for fear of looking pro-pedophile.
(24:00) The latest on Russell Armstrong's suicide.
(25:10) Taylor Armstrong's mysterious injury.
(26:40) Harvey and Charles re-enact Abercrombie's anti-Situation board meeting.
(30:30) Ryan HATES when people wear jeans with sandals.
(33:30) Harvey & Charles re-re-enact Abercrombie's board meeting.
(41:00) Bonnie and Whitney from "Big Rich Texas" drop by -- and Harvey apologizes for "pre-judging" the mom.
(42:00) PHDs, fake boobs, and c-word tattoos. 


No Avatar


Since the housewives were told not to comment I believe she's letting the dog speak for her.

1163 days ago

some guy    

I ikelay arleschay's irtshay

1163 days ago


Hustler should have been more detailed with its offer, 2 girls. and Sitch, all wearing A&F clothes and doing parodies of their most famous ads.

1163 days ago


How is To Catch a Predator any different than Drug or Prostitution stings?

1163 days ago


Hanson is creepier than half the guys he catches. He totally exploits these men. Just because they are societal s*** does not mean that Hanson gets to act like an ass.

1163 days ago


Hello from Florida. We have a Sheriff in Polk County who's been doing the same kind of 'entrapment' for quite a while.

Have always said hat they are arresting people for thought crimes, no children are ever really at risk when the LEOs stage the whole thing.

No crime, no victim, just possible intentions - entrapment by an over eager Headline grabbing Sheriff. Is Grady Judd in Polk County. He's even arrested people in OTHER STATES for responding to the 'bait'.

1163 days ago


@ To Catch A Perp On NBC

Harvey, what about using the television show and website to laud the celebs you like - beat on the celebs you don't like - isn't this just as dishonest?

1163 days ago


This show lead the predators to the den. No one cares how they catch these guys. don't care how they did it.. I am glad they did.

1163 days ago

some guy    

All this stuff kinda blows my mind. Never really thought about the consequences. The more details I learn, the more distasteful I find the whole show to be.

1163 days ago

Richard Anderson    

What repulsive nonsense! You can't "entice" someone who is not determined to do wrong. You and your callers are talking about methods used never admitting that NONE of those methods would have ever "enticed" you or me to show up at a 13 year old's house intent on sex. Would not even engage in sexual banter with a minor. Indefensible!

1163 days ago


What is the difference between CAP.. or Bait car.. Time to let these idiots know your being watched. I say do more..

1163 days ago


I think it's pretty obvious that they tape the shows only in states that do not have entrapment laws in place. That's why sometimes the guys have to drive across state lines before they can get popped by the police. If in a particular case a state without entrapment laws ruled it to be entrapment, then I think that's a matter for the state to take up. Not Dateline.

1163 days ago

some guy    

I once read that mosquitoes like to bite people that have recently eaten bananas. Weird.

1163 days ago

Winston Smith    

Finally! You guys are talking about the U.S.Constitution in your stories(To Catch a Predator tactics). Good, do more of that.

1163 days ago


Regarding -Dateline -what about INTENT? nobody's brought this up! That is a CRIME,NO?

1163 days ago
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