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Hollywood Club Attack

Victim Drunk & Belligerent,

Attacker's Charges Reduced

8/18/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

HUGE twist in the case involving a brutal knockout punch in front of a Hollywood nightclub in May -- the victim was so drunk and belligerent ... the charges against the puncher were just drastically reduced.

Eduardo Lopez will not be prosecuted for felony battery ... so said the judge at the end of his preliminary hearing this AM.  Hizzoner just knocked the charge down to a misdemeanor.

Turns out ... the victim, Erick Kernel-Sanchez, had an astronomical blood alcohol level -- .29, more than 4 times the legal limit.  Get this ... a .30 can lead to unconsciousness or even death.

In addition, authorities testified the victim was under the influence of marijuana and was extremely belligerent ... so belligerent, he tried to fight the paramedics and nurses when he arrived at the hospital.

The TMZ fight video was Exhibit A in court, but despite the brutal knockout -- which left Erick with a subdural hematoma and skull fractures -- the judge determined Erick was partly to blame.

Eduardo's bail has been reduced from $500,000 to $30,000.

 Watch below for the unbelievable attack footage.


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Trevis Miho    

Dang, what's a hangover from a .29 feel like, and how many days does that last???

1161 days ago


[Fist bumps the Kaveman]

Big Poppa

1161 days ago


He should be thrown in prison!

1161 days ago


I'm fine with this. Maybe it'll make people think twice, or stop completely, before betting drunk and acting a fool as they will now have some of the blame for whatever befalls them in that state. Of course, I've always thought that someone who CHOOSES to get that drunk doesn't really care what happens to them.

1161 days ago


I bet that if every time @Tammy 'acted the fool' someone brutally assaulted her (him?) and penetrated his(her?) skull causing massive trauma....then I bet she/he couldn't have even made that last post, much less have ridiculous opinions on things.

Food for thought.

Big Poppa

1161 days ago


sleep sweet

1161 days ago



Drunk or not, you are human and so have acted 'the fool'. If you are really a woman, it is even more assured. LOL

So by your own opinion, it seems you deserve a few brutal assaults, and skull fractures. May you get everything you wish for? I dunno...

Far be it for bouncers at clubs be expected to deal civilly with the unruly drunk people they profit from...

I weep. Jesus, I weep for the logic.

Big Poppa

1161 days ago


Thats bull****... I understand if the guy was trying to attack him but you can't use force to injure someone because they called you a name or said your a *******.

Might as well not even do **** and let people do whatever they want... maybe I should shoot the next person who cuts me off on the freeway.. I mean they drove stupid so no big deal right??!?!?

1161 days ago


That bouncer ran over to him and bashed him just for running his mouth. If he was a .30, he's close to death anyway. A head injury could end it, making it manslaughter because that bouncer was not defending himself. He was pissed off.

1161 days ago


BOOM The UltraWorld gives us hope!

Big Poppa

1161 days ago


The bouncer is a complete douchebag with no self control who is LUCKY he didn't kill the guy.

1161 days ago


The donald, John and piggy...

There are so many peeps with sense in this thread!

Show'em how the kind, and civilized element of humanity sees things!! Booyaw!

Big Poppa

1161 days ago


TMZ staff frequently can't spell, screws up grammar and now we find they can't multiply limit is .08...four times that would be .32 not .29.

1161 days ago


500,000 is not enough. Imagine what happens when his wife makes him mad. Why is violence needed? He was not threatening him...he called him a name...whoa big deal...The Judge should be fired.

1161 days ago


Wow...if that was just some random patron at the club attacking the dude...this judge needs to be thrown off the bench!!!


Big Poppa

1161 days ago
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