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Hollywood Club Attack

Victim Drunk & Belligerent,

Attacker's Charges Reduced

8/18/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

HUGE twist in the case involving a brutal knockout punch in front of a Hollywood nightclub in May -- the victim was so drunk and belligerent ... the charges against the puncher were just drastically reduced.

Eduardo Lopez will not be prosecuted for felony battery ... so said the judge at the end of his preliminary hearing this AM.  Hizzoner just knocked the charge down to a misdemeanor.

Turns out ... the victim, Erick Kernel-Sanchez, had an astronomical blood alcohol level -- .29, more than 4 times the legal limit.  Get this ... a .30 can lead to unconsciousness or even death.

In addition, authorities testified the victim was under the influence of marijuana and was extremely belligerent ... so belligerent, he tried to fight the paramedics and nurses when he arrived at the hospital.

The TMZ fight video was Exhibit A in court, but despite the brutal knockout -- which left Erick with a subdural hematoma and skull fractures -- the judge determined Erick was partly to blame.

Eduardo's bail has been reduced from $500,000 to $30,000.

 Watch below for the unbelievable attack footage.


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.29 is not 4x the legal limit - that would be .32, which i blew and still completed the field sobriety test ;)
PS - PC's come with a calculator

1161 days ago


Many bouncers think they are god and sucker punching somebody who is plastered does not make you a tough guy. Throw the book at the jackass bouncer

1161 days ago


Someones going to get a lot of cash! In or out of court.

1161 days ago


Actions have reactions. Too many people out there now that run off at the mouth without fear of repercussion, Sleeping Beauty there will think twice before popping off next time. LOL. Bouncers are people too. Freedom comes with responsibility, abuse it, get abused. Alcohol and drugs do not give you a free pass. My man meted out a little tough love, we'd be in alot better shape as a country if there was more of it.

1161 days ago


Hey piggy,

Yeah...either way I do not understand how this assault is not a serious crime.

If it was a bouncer, then the club shares a large part of liability for the idiot thug's actions by hiring an idiot thug to 'work' on their behalf.

If it was a random patron, then most likely the club is off the hook.

Either way the attacker should not be given leniency and this judge should be reprimanded for shockingly poor 'judgement'.

Brutal, unjustified assault 101. Something is wrong with this 'judge', to transfer liability to the victim the way he has, after seeing that video.

Big Poppa

1161 days ago


Thanks @Dizz, for reminding us civilized people of the simple yet popular mindset we are up against.

Oh evolution, why doth thee take so longggg???

The Dizz mindset, why America is fighting 5 wars and eying up a 6th while drowning in debt.


Big Poppa

1161 days ago


so if a celeb says your drunk and rude thats ok for him to almost kill some one

1161 days ago


@Poppa. As you pine for evolution, you do realize that only desireable traits are passed on to further the species right? Hence the phrase, "survival of the fittest". Clouding your mind with drugs and alcohol greatly diminish your chances to "evolve" as evidenced by the subject of this video clip. Your cause is noble, I will admit, but futile none-the-less. Keep your hopes up though, never say never. One more thing, calling me names doesn't promote your call for evolution very well, but I guess name calling doesn't leave a mark though, does it?

1161 days ago


Why did TMZ include he was under the influence of marijuana? I'm sure that had absolutely nothing to do with his .29 blood/alcohol level. NO ONE HAS EVER SMOKED A JOINT AND GOTTEN VIOLENT WITHOUT SOME OTHER SUBSTANCE IN THEIR SYSTEM. Marijuana is not the problem here, alcohol was. It's a moot point to bring it up.

1161 days ago


This story is fing awesome. Makes the guy who punched him look like a total pus. All he had to do is give this drunk idiot a shove and he would have fallen over. Instead he decks him with all he had. LOL

1161 days ago


You got knocked da **** out! Guess you wont be needing dem shoes Debo!

1161 days ago


...sucker-punching a dude that's already comatose - gutless - it's a gutless act by a gutless person.

1161 days ago



My point is your apathetic, tough-guy attitude toward violence actually serves to inhibit the evolution of our collective thought process, as a people and society.

That ape who attacked a lippy drunk guy is far from displaying superior traits. Just the opposite. Hence, my cry for you to recognize the brutality in those actions as being counter to civilized society, and thus counter to the end result that we know to be our goals in a free and democratic society - peace & prosperity for all.

This means if we have people who wield 'authoritai' over others - they do so HUMBLY, with PROFESSIONALISM and with RESPECT for their fellow human at ALL TIMES.

Violence, apathy toward the plight of your fellow man, extreme greed/selfishness in your actions; these things all inhibit our evolution toward the better thing we know we could be.

You seem far more insightful and thoughtful in your second post than in your first, Dizz. Just sayin'...


Big Poppa

1161 days ago


Moral of the's ok to suckerpunch drunk people.

1161 days ago

Who Knew    

Gets better every time I see it. Idiot was talking stuff he could not back up. Bet he never does that again.

1161 days ago
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