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Casey Anthony's Lawyer

Bring on the Investigation!

8/18/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
's attorney, Jose Baez, isn't concerned ONE BIT that the Florida State Bar has decided to investigate him over ethics concerns -- telling TMZ, he's used to being put through the wringer.

Jose tells us, he's "looking forward to the bar completing its investigation, so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaints."

Jose adds, "It is part of the job whenever you fight an unpopular cause."

As we previously reported -- Jose is being investigated for allegedly hiding information from the court ... after a clerical error gave Casey an unintentional break in her probation.



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1162 days ago


It's no surprise that he's secretly been dating LaShawn Holley. Their morals came out of the same bag of Cheetoes. No wonder Casey's been hanging out with Linds. They can share excuses, lies, and a little cocaine. Now she wants to teach Casey how to surf.... she's an expert since she was photographed trying to look like she's an old (very old) pro on the fiberglass.

1162 days ago


This guy should be fined for the way he acted in live court. Every chance he got he had his hands all over Casey and the goo goo eyes between them was sickning. He is a disgrace to the good lawyers out there.She's a slut , we expected her to act her normal way but him?

1162 days ago


........and this moron sounds proud he has been investigated 20 times before!!!! Like notches on his designer belt. Bozo go away.........far about a trip to Aruba!!!!!

1162 days ago


Smug S***bag! Wonder what Jose and his future Mrs think they can buy with their money in Hell? Who will be the bestman Chaney? This is a sick Three's Company.

1162 days ago


Baez is the biggest prick I have ever seen what is he trying to prove that he can get away with Murder oh wait no that's Casey and the whole defense team and the jury helped her get away with it,I hope the Bar does revoke his Attorney's License he should just go away and not get involved with any other cases ever again.

1162 days ago


Like the other 20? I'm so sick of "unethical" jerks, take his licesnse ASAP.

1162 days ago


If "It's part of the job when you fight an unpopular cause" you mean 'when you fight to free a person you know killed their daughter, then i guess you are correct...:(

1162 days ago

Master Po    

I love how these topics are 95% fat ladies saying stuff like they will boycott NEXT TIME (isnt it aways next time?) and crying and moaning cause Casey is super hot and all there guys would band her hard (at my job there are 27 workers it was 27-0 that shes hotter than their ladies), way harder than they have gotten it in years. And now you see where all this venom and rage comes from.

1162 days ago


It looks like old Bozo is thumbing his nose at the court again and again.

1162 days ago


Wonder if 20 complaints is consider a high number or a low one . . .

1162 days ago

Chun LI    

When the book is finally thrown at Bozo I hope it's at least 50 lbs and the Baby killer is standing right next to him.It can knock the he** out of both of them.

1162 days ago


We would have never known how many times he has had complaints against him if he wouldn't be out there bragging about it. I don't think that is something to brag about. 20 complaints They all can't be wrong!!! Also if he gets disbarred who will protect and get his precious Casey out of her jams!!!!!!

1162 days ago


The paps need to stop following her, you are going to turn her into a martyr, just saying. Either that or an innocent woman is going to be mistaken for her and get murdered.

1162 days ago


His "20" other complaints? He's an idiot and a jail chaser. It's like an ambulance chaser but he'd go to the jails to try to drum up business from new inmates.. What s***..

1162 days ago
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