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Taylor Armstrong

Battling In-Laws Over

Russell's FINAL Resting Place

8/18/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817-taylor-russell-armstrong2-EXRussell Armstrong's parents and his estranged wife, Taylor Armstrong, are thousands of miles apart in a heated battle over where Russell's remains will end up.

Multiple sources close to Taylor tell us the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star is not only planning a memorial for Russell -- she also wants him to be buried at a Los Angeles area cemetery.

But Russell's attorney Ron Richards says his former client's parents want their son's body returned to Texas -- where they live -- for cremation.

As TMZ first reported, Taylor and Russell had been back in touch recently -- despite the fact she filed for divorce last month.

Richards says he believes Russell's final wishes were to be cremated. If true, Taylor might have a tough time winning this battle.


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Oh, now she wants him? she didn't even want him when he was alive. Is she kidding? WTF!

1164 days ago


Now that you got your dail Gossip from TMZ? You can now get your daily social comedy from

1164 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

So, fighting over a dead body... how cool! take the decision from these morons. The guy had 3 kids. I say ask them and live with their decision. Either that or do a Solomon and order that the body be cut in half... hmmmm... which half to take...

1164 days ago

two cents    

She acused him of abuse and filed for divorce. The very LEAST she could do is give his body to his parents. What a greedy/selfish/self serving bitch. Truly.

1164 days ago


This is so ludicrous. Taylor was not in love with Russell and was getting ready to divorce him. They weren't even living in the same house. So why the hassle.

Why don't she have the memorial then let his parents take his body to Texas to be cremated. Why does every thing have to be made difficult. Unless Taylor has some sort of ulterior motive for fighting this.

1164 days ago


Dreadful Barracuda. She got everything she could out of him. When she drained him dry she divorced him. She should have NO SAY in any of this.Let the parents have their son. They actually loved him for himself and didnt see him as a meal ticket. What a nasty C_nt.

1164 days ago

PRO US    

TMZ missed the scoop. Russell was gay, you can say he was bisexual but we know what that means, and was having gay sex or sex with gay men if you prefer, and that was the final straw for his wife according to another popular celebrity gossip site, namely your competitor,

1164 days ago

PRO US    

Not that there's anything wrong with that

1164 days ago


We have no idea whether she still loved him or not. Lots of people separate but still love each other. We also have no idea whether they would have reconciled & not gone through with the divorce. Point is they were still married at the time of his death. Legally, she is his wife & should have power of attorney to make the decision. In a perfect world, adult children do not pre-decease their parents. This was not the case here, however, that doesn’t mean his parents have a say in the burial just because they are still alive. She may want him buried closer for the sake of her child. Let’s face it, with 3 different women having mothered children by him & his out-of-state family, they would never all agree on the same thing.

1164 days ago


She didnt want him while he was still alive so why bother now? Oh yeah right.. publicity whore! Guess she thinks this is yet another way to keep her in the lime light! Just a thought Taylor how about letting his parents get some closer and stop being so damn selfish!

1164 days ago


Pro US, there is no foundation showing that he was gay. She has just been peddling this story to any gossip site that will listen for money and attention. When it comes down to it, it is all based on one hit on a website, and the fact he went to the gym and wasnt getting buff fast enough. I have accidently went into a website I had no intention of being on and he went to the gym, really? That hardly makes anyone gay. Also, she labeled him as a wife beater to the world but never filed any charges. What does that tell you? After it came down to specifics, he shoved her? would think he gave her a broken nose and two black eyes and nearly choked her to death . She is so dramatic and bleeds every situation for own benefit. She needs to give her husbands body to the parents and not try to make a production out of his memorial service. Afterall, you know she has an ulterior motive.

1164 days ago


How dare she. This woman knows no shame. This has everything to do with filming the service for the show. They've only lived in CA for a short period of time. She has no business burying him there and further torturing the people who truly cared about him.

Her daughter should be taken away from her also. Seeing Kennedy on the show you could already see signs of depression and distress. She hated that birthday party and just wanted to get away from everyone. I got the impression already knew she was going to have a crappy life.

1164 days ago

There's a problem here    

Oh puhleeese! If he was so important and special to her she would have made sure to protect him because he was obviously fragile ... messed up but fragile ... and all she really wanted was the spotlight. I'll give him all the credit in the world though; he didn't do one of those wimpy "I am going to kill myself right now and you'll never see me again" things, waiting for everyone to pay attention to him. The man wanted to do it and he did it. Gotta give him cred for that. I hope her plastic face skanked azz doesn't get to do a damn thing with him, and I really hope one day her daughter understands what a thoughtless whore her mother was letting her weak father get beat down enough that he killed himself.

1164 days ago


Bravo set the Armstrongs up to fail - sticking them with a bunch of filthy rich Beverly Hills stalwarts expecting them to keep up. They knew Taylor would be a poser and Russell would be set up to be the fall guy from day one. Don't tell me they don't do backround checks and knew about Russell's bankruptcy and RO's.

Taylor isn't going to get what she expects out of this show. They pay them very little and no man in their right mind will go near her now. I would rather see the Salihi's on the show than her.

1164 days ago


What a bitch. All she's really wanting is more press/ attention. He should be with his family -- She's an awful person.

1164 days ago
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