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VICTORIOUS in Celebrity

Boxing Match

8/21/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom donned head gear and GIANT boxing gloves and defeated someone named Cassandra Andersen in a celebrity boxing match last night in Florida.

But really ... there are no winners here.

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Prince Von A-Hole    

You people are morons. Look at all the fat lazy ole hogs that pop out kids just for the checks and work the system for every penny available. Then there is not enough left for people who really deserve it. This woman is making it on her own yet you all still bitch. As far as TMZ goes they are just hoping she fails because they thrive on the misery of others. It makes them feel better about there discusting lives.

1156 days ago


i cannot stop laughing at the size of those boxing gloves..
come on

1156 days ago


Why not report the WHOLE story, TMZ? There was a "crowd" of about 3 dozen people, and most of those were paps. When she ran out of the ring early, she gave the crowd the finger with both hands. Yep, that's one classy woman. Her kids must be so proud!

1156 days ago


LMAO TeamNadya! Who dare to step in the ring with the almighty, undefeated heavy weight champion Nadya Suleman? That's two fights she won... LOL make that money Nad!

1156 days ago


Well when you have as many jealou*****ers as Nadya Suleman does, flipping the bird at them is very necessary! HAHAHA!!!


1156 days ago

Snow White    

For anyone else who has had it with Team Nadya's consistently vulgar postings, I recommend using the following link to report her in addition to using the flag icon.


1156 days ago


ROFLMAO!! Well if TMZ doesn't even know who the other person is and Octomum is a Z list celeb at best, then I guess it really wasn't a celebrity boxing match, more like a posing for cameras lolololol!!

1156 days ago


Celebrity, huh? Well, her opponent (never heard of her) was a foot shorter than she is.

1156 days ago


How stupid and humiliating. If I were her, so desperate for fame & fortune, I'd pose nude for one of those trashy magazines before I'd do moronic sideshow stunts like this. At least that would be *slightly* less pathetic.

1156 days ago


I didn't realize celebrity boxing matches were being held in people's basements now.

1156 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

No winners here... and no celebrities!

1156 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

I foresee her kids with a shrink on speed dial.

1156 days ago


Now THIS is a waste. he she or whatever it is, is a famewhore

1156 days ago


In Legitimite pugilistic sport, a boxer who leaves the ring prior to the end of an official round.. no matter the reason...is deemed the loser. Octomom left the ring prior to official end of the third round.. Consequently, She is the loser. However, since this is a penny ante caricature of a legitimite sport, it really is of no consequence whether she is called winner or loser. Either way, it involves a vacuous title...and a few paltry sheckels. The financial draw must be pitiful, if one deducts the Paps, DDM's sycophants, and Club staff, from actual paying clients...and after organizational expenses are covered, including Madame Delia's share...the event itself must be in the hole...yes, an absolute hole.
Octomom had a dream for which she methodically planned throughout a ten year period . Tenure has expired. Her dream of wealth, celebrity...mingling with the Elite of Hollywood has farted in the wind. Now she slums it with others who never were,nor ever will be. Now that is what I call a Loser. So really, who gives a flying rat's ass if she wears a fake title picked up from a 'two star' rating Club.

1156 days ago


From ROL:
Lindsay Lohan was one of the hard-partying guests at Kim Kardashian's wedding, an eyewitness tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

Lindsay attended the bash with her mom Dina and sister Ali. The Kardashian and Lohan families have long been friends, and Lindsay attended Kim's bridal shower a few weeks earlier.

Lindsay wore a low cut Marilyn-style dress with crystal detail in the back. Her blonde hair was styled in a dramatic upsweep.

"She was drinking and partying hard," insider said. "I saw her order shots from the bar."

Mom Dina didn't seem to mind. She was sitting right with her daughters as Lindsay enjoyed several drinks.

Although still on probation, with community service and counseling requirements to be met, Lindsay has no restrictions on drinking and she was not driving.
Once again, she just doesn't get it. No one is going to hire you if they don't think things have changed. Hope you enjoy doing those Beezid and New Zealand Airlines commercials, because that's all you're going to get!

1156 days ago
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