Octomom Living in Waterworld Hell!

8/18/2011 12:50 AM PDT

Octomom Living in Waterworld Hell

Nadya Suleman has a big problem with one of her kids -- the Doughboy.

Octo got a ticket from the City of La Habra for having a Doughboy, above-ground pool in her backyard, without a proper permit.  The City fined her $100, with a deadline for either removing the pool or getting the permit.

But Octo refuses to budge, because she believes some vindictive neighbors have unfairly singled her out for something that is pretty common in her neighborhood.  So now the fine has swelled to $600.

But all this fuss over the pool ignores the bigger problem -- What's Octo doing with a pool in her backyard when she has 14 kids she can barely control?