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Denise Richards

Turns Down "Two and a Half Men"

She Has "Charlie" Issues

8/22/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards has turned down an offer to appear on the premiere episode of "Two and a Half Men," because she thinks Charlie Sheen would make her life miserable.

Sources connected with the production tell TMZ ... producers offered Denise a guest starring role for the debut with Ashton Kutcher, but they say she told them she wouldn't do it because "She would never hear the end of it from Charlie."

No doubt -- Chuck Lorre is trying to stick the knife in as far as he possibly can because ... well, he hates Charlie's guts.  But we're told Denise just wouldn't play along.



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Lorre could learn a little bit from the late Johnny Carson. He was all for good humor, but avoided a low blow. For example he said that making fun o*****uest's wife was a low blow. Or making fun of his marriage. Certain things you just stay clear asking the ex and mother o*****uy's children to be on the show where they fired the guy.

Some people just don't care how they behave and Lorrie's one of them.

1095 days ago


Looks like Charlie was right about Chuck. Chuck is a little man with a big ego and can't let it go. Hope the show sinks and the cast get better acting jobs.

1095 days ago

billy cema    

Denise knows Charlie; unlike us. When she divorced him, she revealed that he was into gay porn, and had naked-kiddie pics. She has since made nice with him. However, she knows better than to have her kids exposed to him without supervision. And she would never hear the end of any participation in the new show.
Paid posters are everywhere! Scientology has employed them for years! Brangelina does, too! It's the modern thing.
If you wonder why the pro-Charlie posters all sound the same, it's because we know about the Scientology posters.

1095 days ago


And Charlie should have a problem with Denise going on that show. Chuck Lorre is a horrible, spiteful man. Don't care how rich you are Chuck - you are still a total Schmuck! Big Bang is ok and so is Mike and Molly. Best wishes for failure in your future for your hateful agenda. As much as I loved Men- hope you loose money big time on season 8! ha hahah

1095 days ago


I can't comfortably watch any show that pays Jon Cryer -
800 G's per episode.

-It goes against my spiritual upbringing - and everything
I hold dear/believe in - as a human being.

1095 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Chuck , your an ahole!!

1095 days ago


When Charlie's new show "Anger Management" takes to the air Charlie will have the last laugh on Chuck Lorre!

1095 days ago


The_Goddesses will be appearing in episodes 3, 4 and 5.

-In episode three?

-Ashton K. will teach Goddess #1 - how to make particularly- strong ... instant coffee -

-and/or how to shop for coffee -

In a local supermarket. had to be there...

1095 days ago


I think a Flash Mob should handle/resolve all of this ...

-And with hand grenades.

1095 days ago


That Denise is a super piece of azz and Charlie is a complete azzhole to have treated her the way he did. What was that azzhole thinking???? He'll never get another piece of poontang to equal Denise.

1095 days ago


FU*K CHUCK LORRE!!! He is nothing but a pathetic person. Hope the show flops big time.

1095 days ago


Lorre needs to get with it and make this more about the fans who actually did more to bring back 2-1/2 men than Lorre ever could. Lorre, by himself could NOT have convinced Warner Brothers AND CBS that the show was worth bringing back without us fans who wrote and called and emailed and tweeted, etc.

Hey Lorre, a little more about giving the fan what we want (some laughs), and little less about you getting your revenge, please. You already fired the guy, and I'm sure that's what hurt Charlie the most.

1095 days ago


Chuckie needs to get with it and make this more about the fans who actually did more to bring back 2-1/2 men than Lorre ever could. Lorre, being the only fan of the show could NOT have done it without us fans. Hey Lorre, a little more about us, and little less about you, please.

1095 days ago


I thought denise was the bad guy after she left charlie and ended up with heather locklear's man. But you k now what, this year she has shown herself to be a really classy woman. I totally respect her for not stooping to Chuck lorre's level and not allowing herself to be used as a pawn. Team Denise!

1095 days ago


If Little chuck has so much hate towards Charlie why doesn't he go up to Charlie like a Man and call him out instead of playing the lowlife game of trying to hire his ex wife for Charlies old show. Little Chuck Lorre is a MAJOR low life!

1095 days ago
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