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Toya Carter

BET Star's Hubby Arrested

For Bringing Gun to Airport

8/22/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0822_wright_mug_EXDThe husband of Lil Wayne's baby mama #1 Toya Carter -- who co-stars alongside her in the BET reality show "Toya: A Family Affair" -- was arrested today at an airport in Atlanta ... after he allegedly tried to bring a gun onto an airplane.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, Mickey "Memphitz" Wright put his backpack through the X-ray scanner at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport -- and TSA agents quickly discovered the firearm and called the cops.

According to police, Wright had a valid license to carry the weapon ... insisting he had simply forgotten the gun was in his bag -- but it's still illegal to bring it on a plane.

Wright was arrested on the spot and transferred to a nearby jail. He is still in custody.


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if this was eminem, justin timberlake, or ryan secrest no one would have anything to say.

1128 days ago

Shady's Lady    

This is what no talent wannabe's do to get attention, it works. Here dude is on TMZ. It is pathetic when your willing to look like a world class idiot moron just so you can see your face in the news. I hope the judge throws the book at this EL-Creepo! And no he's not cute at all. He's disgusting!

1128 days ago


she's lil wayne's EX-WIFE....NOT his BABY MAMA. Your choice of wording is conspicuously stereotypical. Start running all of your stories through your mental bias checker before you publish them PLEASE. Or, at least let someone non-white check them for you before you publish. Good grief!

1128 days ago


I like when tmz and other outlets post stories like these about African Americans. It brings out the e-racists. Because you know in real life, they are too punk arse to say who they really are and expose what they really feel about black people. I can respect a skin head neo nazi because at least they have the guts to hate out in the open. Carry on e-racists....carry on.

1127 days ago


Seriously? Please neuter him so we will end this idiotic pool of genes. I thought it was statistical odds of this level of stupidity couldn't be met by anyone.

Wow, I was straight up wrong!!! Quick, cut the nads!!!!

1127 days ago


He FORGOT people! give him a brake

1127 days ago


Did ANY of you actually READ the article??? He has a valid license to carry a gun and forgot he had it in his bag. Careless? Yes. But a mistake nonetheless.

1127 days ago

ilan Prinxess    

Is he serious in these days and times, man! Who brings a gun to the airport?? Only crazy people do that's who! Gotta double check your luggage before heading to the airport. I don't feel sorry for him one bit.

1127 days ago


Some of you need to be shot. Got damn. As RECKLESS and BRAINLESS as some of you white people are being this racist. Really cut the crap. Now if it was a white person, EVERY SINGLE last one of you white people would be "oops maybe he just forgot...its okay buddy" but because Memphitz is of African American descent....

Yes he effed up but damn give the man a break maybe he did genuinely forget he had his gun in his backpack and meant to leave it in his vehicle or at home...You don't know his situation so don't judge him.


1127 days ago


TMZ makes me upset when someone watches it. Even with blacks working there like that Jill Scott looking young lady, Harvey and his Harvites disrespect black people for laughs right in front of the black workers.Toya, isn't a Baby Momma she is an Ex-wife so show some respect to someone besides people that can ruin you.As far as the gun goes, yes pretty fckn absent minded and dumb but did he really try to fly with it...? I doubt it and being black has nothing to do w/ it so find another racist outlet.

1127 days ago

Eren J.    

She is the ex wife. Not "BABY MAMA #1". How simple of you guys!

1127 days ago


This is a great guy, it's just what it is. . .he forgot! I hope things work out for him.

1127 days ago



1127 days ago


“peTScAn” — Airport security and healthcare all rolled into one ;)

1127 days ago


John Maxwel in his lesson titled "stupid hurts" talks about how he was given a gun by a friend on a trip and forgot it in his bag an accidentaly put it through a metal detector. This might not be the same thing but we are all one step from stupid meaning the simplest thing can result in a major catastrophe if your not paying attention. Is this different? I don't know. But I'm willing to bet some of you perfect ******** have done something stupid. Maybe not this stupid but we don't chose to do stupid things. Stupid things happen as a result of not thinkin or paying attention and then boom something stupid happens. So if this is a genuine accident and not a publicity stunt I feel sorry for this young man and what he has to go through and hope next time he would be more careful in situations that can have such damaging results

1127 days ago
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