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Scarring Results of Pregnancy

8/22/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0822_octomom_scars_PCN3After winning some sort of "celebrity" boxing event in Fort Lauderdale this weekend, Octomom Nadya Suleman showed off what a shark attack giving birth to eight kids at once will do to your body.

0822_octomom_subasset_PCNShe's scarred for life.



No Avatar


Jesus that is one ugly MOFO.. What is up with that bottom lip? Octo mum or octopus face...YUK!

1124 days ago


HEY! I was eating...

1124 days ago


I agree with the people who are saying she's had a tummy tuck, just look at her bellybutton, that is totally from plastic surgery and not from pregnancy.

1124 days ago


Her belly button looks like an effed up vag...

1124 days ago


She's got her own built in birth control plan right on her body. Any man that deal with that deserves it YUK!!!!

1124 days ago


And we should care because??????????

1124 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

She is just gross - we all have battle scars but don't choose to hang them out for all to see - YUCK! Stop putting her picture out there she obviously loves the attention no matter what the cost.

1124 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Wait...wasn't she on the cover of that magazine in a bikini saying she didn't have any stretch marks? That she made them go away with....I don't remember...magic or something?

1124 days ago

some guy    

This is so nasty... Why does this pic have to be the first thing on TMZ? I got a nauseous feeling, you *****.

1124 days ago

disgusted in pasadena    

must have pushed on through her nose or something as ugly as she is! she did it to herself - who would feel bad for her? she did it for the money... shame that didnt work our for her kids sake.

1124 days ago


Yah! So remember this the next time you want to stick your **** in your girlfriend! ALL women get stretch marks from pregnancy! I've never seen such a juvenile male driven chauvenistic male ego centric website so disparaging of females! Does Harvey have a hate complex against women that he is able to channel via his youthful proteges on tmz?
If I were Harvey's wife or daughter, I'd kick his ass for allowing such hate mongering reports against women. It reinforces the "men are so stupid and ignorant" theory!

1124 days ago


She is nauseating!

1124 days ago


Who cares about this piece of crap? Her kids should be in other homes already. She should have had her uterus removed and her mouth sewed shut.

And why isn't the sperm donor paying child support? Just because it was an agreement between her and that jacker-offer shouldn't affect the state going after him for whatever welfare she is getting - and yes, food stamps are welfare you 'clown car for a vagina' stretched out hag.

Reminds me of Kate Gosselin going on tv showing her stretched out belly and a plastic surgeon offered free plastic surgery. Is Octomom looking for more handouts?

And why isn't the state looking into why the cleft palate kid hasn't gotten surgery yet?

1124 days ago


Showing this off was her idea of "proof" she didn't have a tummy tuck???? BACKFIRE!!!

1124 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

Well there went breakfast.

1124 days ago
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