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Taylor Armstrong Beating

Dr. Who Performed Surgery

On Her Did NOT Call the Cops

8/22/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_taylor_armstrong_ex_3The doctor who performed surgery on Taylor Armstrong the night her husband Russell beat her did not report the incident to police ... even though medical professionals must report suspected domestic abuse  ... sources tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Taylor revealed to her "Real Housewives" cast mates that Russell beat her so badly in June, she ended up in the hospital with broken bones in her cheek.

Sources say the police never interviewed Taylor following the beating ... something they would have done had there been a report of domestic violence.

We're told the doctor who performed the surgery was NOT Adrienne Maloof's hubby, Dr. Paul Nassif.

In addition to the surgeon, the hospital staff also failed to report the incident.


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well, it seems like karma has a way of taking care of things on her own..... couldn't of happened to a [cross out here] nicer guy. i hope he felt his s''t running down his legs as he swung like like a tree in a tropical storm. just saying.

1156 days ago


Ahhhhh, that's sad. No one cared enough about ol duck lips to speak up.

1156 days ago


Was it A BONE (singular) in her cheek or BONES (plural)? It's too bad that these people were so unhappy together...

1156 days ago


so he kicked her face in well she wuz divorcing him already and she lived but now he's dead so what's more is there to f****ing say he had 3 children now STFU about this B!!

1156 days ago


So, maybe this nobody is full of it about her husband and really had the surgery for vanity's sake, not wanting to reveal that she's vapid, self-centered and self-serving, beyond belief. She could be in a lot of trouble.

1156 days ago


She's a bigger liar than I am!

1156 days ago


So?....Why didn't she report the incident herself. The dude is dead. What are you gonna do now? Cry a river?

1156 days ago


Uh huh. I'm sure the hospital will have a reply to this allegations shortly. It will be interesting if they come out and dispute her version of events and she's caught in yet another lie. Again. I mean I know its LA and all, but that's an amazing feat for a woman whose hubby was broke and also abusive, to find a hospital that will not only report it to no one but do facial reconstruction right there on the spot.

1156 days ago


Seriously, who buys this?
If this is true: Taylor, castmembers, BRAVO, the doctor, the hospital, nobody did anything? But now when Russell is dead they´re talking. Now Russell´s voice can´t be heard so this is so so low and Dr. Who, really??? I´ve watched the show so I´m NOT buying this story.

1156 days ago


The doctor didn't report it because it never happened. When someone is admitted to the hospital they are seen by at least ten people. Physical abuse is such a serious problem that none of them would have missed it. NONE of them! If she would have been beaten up, it would surely be reported. Now you know why the guy killed himself.

1156 days ago


All I saw in the headline of this story was Dr. Who ...I stopped caring when I realized it wasn't about Matt Smith.

1156 days ago


The famewhore probably went to the same plastic surgeon who put in her God awful cheek implants. Or possibly the 'injury' was a result of some bad plastic surgery.

She must have lied to the doctor if it was in fact caused by a punch. Or she could have fallen in a drunken stupor, and after Russell died, she decided to pin it on him to save face. (no pun intended)

If you want to see an example of her drunken, slutty behavior, check out this video -
She's hanging all over the other HWs practically groping them on the sidewalk looking for photo ops.

Some of the lies I can think of offhand on the show were how she told everyone Adrienne Maloof was Kennedy's god mother. When asked at the reunion, Adrienne looked pissed and denied it. Kennedy would be better off with Adrienne.

On the show she was at some banquet and told the crowd she was a survivor of abuse from a relative or some such ****. A 'survivor' means you are no longer in that situation. I remember Russell's blank stare when she was talking about it and found it strange. She's such a drama queen and a lush. She got what was coming to her for all instigating she did on the show, esp. with Kim. Kim is probably snickering about this whole mess.

1156 days ago


TMZ needs to verify the timeline of when this assault took place. It seems highly unlikely that it occurred in June 2011 because Taylor was photographed in a gray bikini (with she herself draped all over her husband) at a party she (they) threw. Also, she was photgraphed with Sonja Morgan (RHONYC) in July 2011 in tne Hamptons at an event. There are photos of her in a bikini in April 2011 when the story was that she was becoming too thin, to which she responded that she had been taken supplements of some kind. Thought this viscious attack occurred before RHOBH began filming season 2, which was when?...definitely not this summer. She may have been abused, but she is quite media savvy and manipulative.

1156 days ago


Last time I saw a mouth like that it had an anchovy and a hook hanging out of it.

1156 days ago


If true, the doctor should be in trouble, if not true she should be sued by his family for defamation and maybe for his death. If true it's a same because if arrested he may be a live and would have gotten the help he needed.

1156 days ago
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