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Taylor Armstrong Beating

Dr. Who Performed Surgery

On Her Did NOT Call the Cops

8/22/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_taylor_armstrong_ex_3The doctor who performed surgery on Taylor Armstrong the night her husband Russell beat her did not report the incident to police ... even though medical professionals must report suspected domestic abuse  ... sources tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Taylor revealed to her "Real Housewives" cast mates that Russell beat her so badly in June, she ended up in the hospital with broken bones in her cheek.

Sources say the police never interviewed Taylor following the beating ... something they would have done had there been a report of domestic violence.

We're told the doctor who performed the surgery was NOT Adrienne Maloof's hubby, Dr. Paul Nassif.

In addition to the surgeon, the hospital staff also failed to report the incident.


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I try to never comment on people's looks,
especially negatively, because that is unkind and uncalled for - but I remember back in the day when lip injections gave women what was then called the "trout pout" with plumper lips

but it does seem now like either some doctors, or the women themselves, are going overboard, resulting in what a lot of you here are referring to the duck bill look for the mouth area
not flattering at all really

1158 days ago


She is such a fat liar - I don't believe her story at all. If she had suffered a vicious beating, a la Rihanna, surely the pictures would have come out somehow. It makes no sense at all that she didn't call the cops when it supposedly happened. She's a greedy lying s*** piece of S***. She drove Russell to his death, with her greed and wanting to be a RHOBH - he could not afford that lifestyle, she didn't care, and forced him into serious debt. He seemed like a weak man to me, trying desperately to make his wife happy. All she wants is to fit in with the Housewives...She makes me sick.

1158 days ago


It is obvious that she had plastic surgery which is why it was never reported. She is so vain and money hungry after she spent all of his money-$50,000 for a childs birthday party! she dumped him and to make herself look good she played the poor me and lied about abuse which I am sure she learned from Camille and Kyle. She pushed him to the edge but he is the one who chose to jump.

1158 days ago


Well obviously he didn't call the cops, he's Dr. Who. She must have been attacked by Daleks.

1158 days ago


Why is everyone overlooking the obvious explanation here?
SHE LIED! He never hit her & broke her cheek bone. That was her sleazy & despicable cover for her plastic surgery (which is a dismal failure! I mean, just LOOK at that cartoonish face! That's NOT natural!)

1158 days ago


Did Bravo pay off the Dr for silence??

1158 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Who cares about this hag---she's a nobody!

1158 days ago



1158 days ago


What does Dr. Who have to do with this?

1158 days ago


This is not proof of anything. I personally don't care what he did. He was a good man. He was dealt more than he could handle in life. We are not in a position to judge him and he is not around to defend himself. I find this tragedy heartbreaking. I pray for his loved ones. God bless his soul.

1158 days ago


He was a pig and I'm sure everything said about him was true. She has pics, she reported the abuse before he offed himself (like a wuss), there was gay porn in his puter, he changed his name, was in shady business dealings, etc.. Quit trying to make him out to be a saint because he's dead.

1158 days ago


Why the slow leaks, TMZ? The stories aren't making sense. When was she beaten? I thought it was SuperBowl? When was Bravo filming? When was the surgery? Before or after the bikini photos in June? While you're on this about telling us about Shana Hughes Shana Taylor Taylor Ford Taylor Armstrong?
Why didn't anyone report this? Was it because it would have ruined the "surprise" storyline?

Russell sure did seem beat up on last years RHOBH.... poor little Taylor, hubby didn't want to hang out with her "friends".

1158 days ago


Maybe she told them not to report him because she didn't want him going to jail.

1158 days ago


If her story was plausible and didn't raise any red flags... plus she had never been seen before for any DV related injuries, it's likely the doctor believed her. Also, although DV occurs across socioeconomic classes, races, and religions--there is still a tendency for people to stereotype it as a problem of poor minorities. Thus, often, the wealthy white victims aren't noticed unless they speak out themselves.

1158 days ago


Was there really a beating? Really?

1158 days ago
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