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Amy Winehouse's Family:

Singer Was NOT On Drugs

When She Died

8/23/2011 7:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse
's family claims toxicology tests prove Amy was not on any sort of illegal drugs at the time of her death ... but she had been drinking.

According to the family, officials have not determined if the booze played a role in the singer's death.

The family did not mention if  prescription drugs were detected in the toxicology report.

The statement comes as a shock to just about everyone on the planet ... since Amy struggled with a MAJOR substance abuse problem for years.

TMZ spoke with a rep from Scotland Yard ... who told us the law enforcement agency has not yet received a copy of the toxicology results from the coroner.

Winehouse died in her London apartment on July 23.

7:43 AM: A rep for the family released a statement saying, "Toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy's system at the time of her death."

The statement continues, "Results indicate that alcohol was present but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death."

"The family would like to thank the police and coroner for their continuing thorough investigations and for keeping them informed throughout the process.  They await the outcome of the inquest in October."



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Max Smart    

I suppose they'll soon be saying that Amy was 100% sober at her final performance in Belgrade. They will be saying she was just a bit dizzy or the stage was unstable. Why are they so desperate to act as if substance abuse played no part in her death? It just puts out a bad message to anyone trying to emulate her lifestyle.

1124 days ago


I really think Amy was trying to get herself back on track, but it was just to late.

1124 days ago


good for you Amy :D

**imagines Amy floating past flipping the bird at the world**

1124 days ago


Something is off !! Legal drugs and alcohol are just as deadly!!

1124 days ago

right straight    

Only harmless,and legal alcohol eh?

1124 days ago


Xanax, oxycodone, hydrocodone,etc.. are LEGAL drugs...just sayin.

1124 days ago


I call BS.

1124 days ago


Maybe she really did die from trying to stop on her own (alcohol withdrawl).

1124 days ago


Years of drug and alcohol abuse and heavy smoking are probably what caused Amy Winehouse to become so physically weak. It's my understanding that she had stopped drinking and drugs cold turkey and been clean for 3 months... a drinking binge could have been enough to push her weaken body over the edge. May she rest in peace. I hope her family will be able to rest too once they have the answers they're seeking.

1124 days ago


No illegal drugs, just good old legal ones huh? Prescriptions and booze can kill you just as easily as any 'illegal drug' ...and how do you get a tox result back and not have it list the level of booze in her system?

1124 days ago


SURE! also, would you happen to have a bridge for sale?

I don't believe this crap but the careful wording of "illegal" drugs [to me] means there were some "legal" ones up in there with about 3 large bottles of Jack Daniels...I may believe that she drank herself to death, I imagine her insides retired and moved to FL a loooong time ago...either way, she's gone

1124 days ago


No ILLEGAL drugs? What about mass amounts of legal ones such as valium or xanax?

1124 days ago


oh, not finished - lmfao @ "old age" - totally plausible as well (in an alternate universe)...I want the damn list of substances they DID find, a-la Heath Ledger's laundry list and the dosage he ingested...something is very wrong and wtf are they going to put on that death certificate? "she fell asleep drunk" SURE, we'd all be dead in that case

1124 days ago


Reading these comments proves just how little people understand the real danger of alcohol. And that is very scary. Almost all emphasis is put on "drugs" and any focus on alcohol is always on drinking and driving and alcohol overdose. When it comes to acute physical addiction, alcohol is by far the absolute worst and most dangerous. It is the nastiest "drug" around. Heroine or painkiller or cocaine or meth withdrawal will not kill a person. But alcohol withdrawal will, and frequently does if you have someone who is drinking heavily enough and is physically dependent enough. If a person goes into alcohol withdrawal and it progresses to delirium tremens, there is about a 30% chance that person will die. Period. And alcohol withdrawal becomes more and more dangerous and pronounced each time a person goes through it. Amy was detoxed in the hospital at least twice, and it was already established she was having seizures after drinking heavily. Her doctor told her not to quit drinking cold turkey and to gradually cut back or go back into the hospital, and she stopped anyway. She probably died from alcohol withdrawal, and no, an autopsy can not always prove this.

1124 days ago


The key word here is "illegal". I expect her to be packed to the gills with prescription meds when the full report gets released.

1124 days ago
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