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Floyd Mayweather

My Obnoxious Partying

Is Just An Act

8/25/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather
claims the only reason he parties his face off at nightclubs ... and passes out booze ... and flashes money ... and otherwise acts like a complete a-hole ... is JUST to promote his fights.

It's all in legal docs filed by Pretty Boy Floyd as part of his ongoing war with Manny Pacquiao -- this time, Mayweather responded to allegations that he was irresponsibly partying around the country instead of attending a deposition.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Mayweather claims the nightclubbing is "not random acts of partying, but calculated promotional events designed to appeal to his fan base and maintain his public presence."

Mayweather acknowledges that "many people hate him" because of his "Money" Mayweather alter ego -- but explains, "If even those who dislike him are willing to pay for the privilege of watching the fight, he is more profitable."

Mayweather also declares that he "does not drink, smoke or take drugs."

The fighter insists he MUST participate in these "promotional activities" -- and that's one of the reasons why he did not appear to be deposed on any of the dates requested by Pacquiao's camp.

So, we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


This a**hole is becoming more and more an a**hole. He keeps lying and thinks a Judge and people with brains would believe him. He is very stupid. Only Floydrats who tolerates everything he says and he does will buy what he says. I think this excuse of a human being is the one on PEDS, his excuses and stupidity are beyond belief!

1162 days ago


So idiot Floyd jr. beating up women, beating up people, acting like a total *******, racist rants, accusing Pacquiao of steroid use, etc. were all calculated acts designed to excite his fan base and maintain his public presence. Who the hell are you trying to fool, Floyd?!!

1162 days ago


At every turn, Mayweather avoids Paq-man. He won't even face him in court. I can't wait until Paq peppers his ass.

1162 days ago


U.S.A is Land of the BRAVE and JUSTICE for All. if america justice system would believe floyd "the Ex-wife beater" the son of certified drug smuggler and nephew of the woman choker then this JUSTICE is only for COWARD "FLOYD".

1162 days ago

Clayton Bigsby    

HAHAHA...if you believe maynever. I also got some nice swamp land to sell you.

1162 days ago


I have known Floyd for many years and it IS true. He doesn't drink or smoke. He can be a bit of human idiot, and he gets pretty darn mouthy once in a while. But any one of us can be that as well. Hopefully, his camp will get a clue and nip this in the bud.. quickly!

1162 days ago


Floyd should give the public more respect, rather than thinking we are stupid and gullible. His excused just don't fly.

1162 days ago

Ripley believe it or not    

Yeah right. This was his own private party. He did not invite any news caster to show this and promote. The one who took picture is to expose his stupidity. The news was notintentionally showed this for promotion. Okay floyd fans believe it or not

1162 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Yeah all this guy is doing is promoting his fight with Pac Man. Oh wait.

1162 days ago


Stop being a ***** and own up what you did. All these stupid excuses. A term you might know how to say but can't live it up. Be a Man Floyd! No way in hell I would ever watch a prick like him fight.

1162 days ago


Floyd is a pathalogical liar. He tells so many lies its hard to keep count.
1.I paid my taxes
2.I never had any negotiations(contradicts himself when he said he already had the outfit to fight pac)
3.I didnt beat my ex, 2 girls in a bar, ex again,poke the security guard(paid off ex to keep her quite)

4.I dont know who shot the guy at the skating rink(police trace guy hanging out in floyds house)
5.I dont duck fighters
6.Im training cant do deposition
7.I didnt try to run over that guy with my car(mad cause he said marquez would beat him)

1162 days ago


This a-hole is just trying to justify his stupid acts simply because the public reacted negatively for burning in public a $100 bill. If TMZ didn't publicize that moronic act of his, definitely he will never come up with his bs statement that what he did was just an act to promote himself and whatever delusions he has.

Definitely a stupid loser.

1162 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

So Floyd...is your FEAR of MANNY PACQUAIO an ACT too?

1162 days ago


He could put lots of animosity and questions to shame if he would just go ahead and accept a fight with Manny. That money he is burning would be chicken feed compared to the purse.

But while I think he is a fast, accurate and powerful boxer, he knows he will get all he wants from Manny, and maybe he just doesn't want it. He isn't doing himself any favors regardless if we like him or not.

1162 days ago

Ric Hernando    

Lil Fraud is not a true fraud for nothing. Who is he fooling? Those who believe this congenital liar can follow him blindly into oblivion. His fear and envy of Pacquiao is very obvious and to promote his fights, he is using the name of Pacquiao all the time.

1162 days ago
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