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Justin Bieber

I Want Canuck Kids

8/24/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824_justin_bieber_tmzlive_EXJustin Bieber's nearly a grown-up (check the mustache) and when it comes to raising his future children ... the Biebs tells TMZ, only Canada will cut it.

Justin also claims teenage girls across South America are flooding the streets in despair -- watch the clip from today's TMZ Live to find out why.


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Canuck isn't offensive, not to me anyhow.

How is he being ungrateful saying he wants to raise his kids in the country he was born in?

Also - Arrogant Canadian?...yeah, we get that all the time...lmfao!

1124 days ago

I Chinee    

Then why is it that every time I turn around this idiot is in the US? Surely he can do his business from at home in Canada. TMZ ha***** a new low by having this idiot on. Hopefully this means he will finally return home to Canada permanently, and we never have to hear a word about him here in the US.

1124 days ago


i don't get how he is being "ungrateful" by saying he wants to move back to the country he was born in, and whole family lives in, once he has a family. canada isn't that bad and i know i, as a canadian, love my neighbours to the south.. why do americans have to be so petty and rude when it comes to us? we acknowledge your country gave him his fame and i am sure he is extremely grateful! it's time to put aside these stupid differences between our countries and actually get along..

1124 days ago


I can't stand the kid. Really. Go back to Canada. ugh.

1124 days ago


never thought he would be in the tmz office!!

1124 days ago

I Chinee    

MadMax-This kid won't see a dime from my family! Can someone please tell this kid if it wasn't for the USA, he would still be making youtube videos from his bedroom. It was an Amercian who gave him his chance, it's American's who have set him up for the rest of his life! What an ungrateful ingrate! Hasn't he overstayed his work visa in this country? Why hasn't INS stepped up and sent this kid packing? There are stipulations to which he is suppose to obide by and if he's out there dissing our country all the time, which he does, we need to kick him out! My daughter is even upset with him...

Totally agree! They need to deport his white Canadian wannabe black behind back to his country up north. This kid is so fake. what I don't like is how he disses the US. It's like how are you going to diss a country that helped you get to where you are today? Ungrateful idiot!

1124 days ago



1124 days ago


Canada should add him to a no entry list, seriously we don't want you back... that's why all canadian labels passed on you, they realized your gonna be the next Aaron Carter..... drug addictions included.

1124 days ago


This kid could make a fortune in gay porn as a power bottom

1124 days ago


wow hes so stupid it isn't south america where the girls were crying it was Mexico ! north america justina bieber is dumb as ****

1124 days ago


All you peckersheads getting your panties in a knot, If the Biebs says hes going to Canada well dammit the Beibs is going to Canada enough said! Way to plunder the states and bring back her loot to Canada Justin Ahaha!!!!!!!!

1124 days ago


Wow, us yanks are some whiny little b@tches. It is really too much for us to handle that a CANADIAN kid wants to eventually settle in the land of hs birth. Are americans this thin skinned? get a grip. and Bieber is no dummy, he's bank rolling and exploiting americas bad taste in music. good for him.

1123 days ago


This might be true! His career will be over more than likely by the time he has children and their will be no point to living in the U.S.. He does come home on a regular schedule already playing golf and such with his dad. Unlike many of the european the majority of Canadians for what ever reason stay in the south. As they say there are over a million Canadians living in California. Some do spend time at home though. Elisha Cuthbert has a hockey playing boyfriend and is back in town once in a while.
Avril Lavigne on the other hand dates a reality TV star (no such thing) Which means girl got lost somewhere(even if his stepfather is also Canadian).

1123 days ago


You people are all freaks. So what if he wants to raise his kids where he was raised? Are you really putting him down for that? I would want to raise my kids in Canada, too. Did you know Canada GIVES YOU MONEY every month for each child until that child becomes an adult? Oh and you don't have to pay close to $30,000 just to go to the hospital and push the baby out. OH AND Canada is much safer. Don't get mad at a Canadian for wanting to raise his children as Canadians. Just like other countries should not get mad at Americans for wanting to raise their children as Americans. People are so hypocritical. First you don't want people here from other countries, then you get mad that those people want to go back to their country and raise their families. Make up your damn minds.

1123 days ago


Has this little jerk cloned himself? Seems like he just appears everywhere:crashing other singer's concerts to display his annoying so-called singing, appearing on television shows, private parties. He seems to think he has license to just make his presence known. GO AWAY YOU LITTLE TWIT!!!!!! I also agree: PLEASE don't reproduce!!!!! This kid is so worthless on so many levels. Obnoxious, whiny spoiled brat!

1123 days ago
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