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Chris Brown, Rihanna Case

Chris' Neighbors Want

Probation Revoked

8/25/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Chris Brown domestic battery case (over Rihanna) just took a bizarre turn, when the prosecutor revealed in court today that Chris' neighbors are trying to get him in trouble with his probation officer over what has become an epic, Hatfield and McCoy feud.

The brouhaha centers around Chris' West Hollywood condo, where residents have complained Chris is the neighbor from hell.  As we first reported, Chris' neighbors claim he incessantly parks in handicapped spaces, blares music at all hours, and even vandalizes the property.

In court, the prosecutor told the judge ... the homeowners association will send a letter to Chris' probation officer, claiming he's violated various laws by his conduct in the building and has therefore violated one of the terms of his probation -- to obey all laws.

Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, called the biggest complainer "a nut," adding that Chris is the victim of the management in the building, who misled him over the parking spots.  Geragos also said he's met with the West Hollywood City Attorney, and believes the numerous citations Chris received for parking in a handicapped spot will be dismissed.

The judge is noodling over the conflict.



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I am not a CB fan, and yes it is entirely he is considered by fellow condo-owners as a "tenant-from-Hell" Heck they would probably consider ANY Person that did not fit their "clonal group" to be the same. Now about the parking space(s). Each condo in that building (and most other condo complexes)have DEEDS which describe the property the condo owner has purchased. Sometimes the parking space is designated with the condo and sometimes the parking space is sold on a separate deed. The deed description will show which parking space)s_ belong to CB. No management authority has the right to designate as "handicapped" a space which is not already shown as common area in the subdivision report and filings. If any building management decided to designate my private fee property as "handicapped only" they would be in line for a very costly lawsuit. Since CB is black, I suspect the management would have a difficult time in defending their decision as not race related.

1121 days ago


I'd be willing to help Fund his neighbors in framing him :>

1121 days ago


Oh look at all those expensive cars. Gosh! You must have worked so HARD to get those. And be so INTELLIGENT!

Yeah, I think this kid needs to be beat by a bunch of handicapped women.

1121 days ago


Word to Chris Brown, just move somewhere else. You've got the don't like them and they don't like you.

1121 days ago


Chris brown Chris brown i like Chris brown his forever song will be the highlight of my dates he also taught me how to dance on the hand its very bloody and bruise. Ah chris brown beats women you see or oh my gosh m=anthony weiner has his weiner out who cares its chris browns problem and we should not be involved in any way shape or form what does this provide or value absolutely nothing this does not mean anything there are should i say way more important things to be concerned about how we are ranked 17th in education and literacy no wonder why there are no jobs and being sent to other country for like china do you know they pay slave labor wages and manage to sell the cheapest things back to america america doesn't make anything but celebrities who do even like being celebrities you can ask any real celebrities and they dont even manufacture things anymore we use to lead in having the most product created and bought here in america but take a look a Detroit they are like a post apocalyptic. And look youre wondering why you are not in the job you are today and with it debt which you have to pay off with this minimum wage job at a mcdonalds or being a waitress. Did you know that approximately 0ver 300,000 waitress that have a college degree and some of you live with your parents still. We are going to the biggest struggle in the history of America the media likes to say were in a recession and is likely to recede but we are in a depression by true numbers think about it college students and middle age people are gonna fight for jobs and there are no jobs enough to go around you got to stop with this obama he is likely not to get jobs back and republicans they will not help either they are paid by the greedy banks with your money either way its useless its time you drop this hollywood nonsense because it provides no significants and no value we all have to be our own hollywood movie not the ones on the screen.

1121 days ago


that was dont like being celebrities

1121 days ago


How f-ing obnoxious can someone be to park in a handicapped spot? That's my biggest pet peeve.

1121 days ago

Able Zonk    

...This guy is the True definition of a Knuckle Dragger. He must be getting
Sore arms from trying to grab on to the Gravy Train as it speeds by Leaving
his Career in the Dust.
He is a ' Has- Been ' who Refuses to Go away. His Fifteen minutes were used up a Long Time ago.

1121 days ago


And he wonders why people don't like him?

1121 days ago



1121 days ago


Chris brown Chris brown I mean I like hs music forever he taught how to dance he was like a brother from another mother on the other hand it's very very bloody and bruise listen Chris brown has his explanations but you people all you celebrity critics I believe you're no better you just keep feeding it and feeding and think it has real meaning I mean sure domestic abuse is a serious issue guys that beat on women know that they live with low income or on a debt of any sort live in a competitive environment you want to change something change the environment so they can have opportunity to go to school but I personally think schools were much better they were back then before you go judge someone judge yourself why did it had to come to you to be involve in this matter Hollywood wants you to react so they can keep you distracted from other things I mean take a look around you jobs are going away and they're not coming back we are being taxed into oblivion changes are all of you are in debt of some sort and you're only twenty you are not going to pay it back and you're children gosh you can't get married or have children it simply to much we are at the most critical point in our life were we all have to make a choice keep following these pointless celebrity and celebrity scandals or next breakout out hit or we could stand up and say I'm not going to keep being a puppet for society the ball is in your court to make the change and finally should we break free of Hollywood mask

1121 days ago


I wouldn't want to share a dwelling with him either.

1121 days ago


For everyone who is saying he should buy a house.....
Remember that Chris is not from Cali. That may not be his permanent residence. He is from Virginia. So buying a house everywhere is only at "a lot" not not "all" of the time is a waste of money.

1121 days ago


Oh my gosh, I can't believe how pathetic his neighbors are. Chris bought the place so he should be able to do what the hell he wants. And beside that, Chris is hardly ever home. What a bunch of losers.

1121 days ago


Good grief! You don't even know if this is the truth! and just what if they did assign him those parking spots! Why didn't they let him know when they decided to make them handicapped? Vandalism you can't prove it was him, what reason would he have to do that. He has so many haters that I am sure they had no problem doing that! As far as the music, call the police when it happens! People need to get a life! and seriously how many time is he even there! Give me a break! Focus on some real news! People judge too quicly

1121 days ago
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