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Dr. Conrad Murray

Prosecution Wants to Exclude

Molestation Evidence in Manslaughter Trial

8/25/2011 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter case want to block all testimony related to allegations that Michael Jackson molested children.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ ... prosecutors want Judge Michael Pastor to bar Steve Robel -- a key Santa Barbara County Sheriff's investigator in the 2005 MJ molestation trial -- from testifying  in Murray's defense.  Robel is on the defense witness list.

In fact, prosecutors want all references to alleged molestation barred from Murray's trial, on grounds it has nothing to do with MJ's death and would merely inflame the jury.

And, prosecutors have also asked the judge to block the testimony of a number of doctors who treated Michael Jackson but were not involved in caring for MJ on the day of his death.

This is a huge motion that could have a profound impact on the case.  As TMZ first reported, the defense will argue that dozens of doctors had addicted MJ to prescription meds -- including Propofol -- and they are largely responsible for the condition Michael was in the day he died.

Judge Pastor has not ruled on the motions.


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Lee lee    

Trial by media TMZ??? Pfft

Michael has already faced the music on ALL counts of molestation. He was found to be NOT GUILTY !!!!! So build a bridge and get the hell over it !

The Molestation charges should have nothing to do with this trial at all. NOTHING !!! Murray is charged with the manslaughter of another human being, thats right , another HUMAN BEING! Murray failed in his duty of care, thats the bottom line.
If you want to talk molestation during this case , lets talk DEAD BEAT DADS, WIFE CHEATER, STRIP BAR CLIENT, LIAR , DRUG PUSHER, POOR EXCUSE FOR A DOCTOR ....Aka Conrad Murray.

You wana talk Molestation....lets talk about the toll that would take on a person, to be accused of such hideous things to be found not guilty but stil have to live with the fact that SOME people would never see you the same again.

Michael Jackson is NOT ON TRIAL here. Murray is .

1122 days ago


Those old allegations really have nothing to do with Murray's trial. Jackson's earlier alleged use of propofol was not linked to allegations or the trial. The defense is trying to smear the victim, perhaps create a subliminal notion in jury members that somehow Jackson "deserved" what happened to him. But this is about Murray's actions, not Jackson's. The only link would be if Murray had an axe to grind on account of the trial, in which case it wouldn't be of much use to the defense, since it would only prove inclination for revenge.

Murray supervised Jackson for six weeks and should know of his condition, healthwise and drugwise. He could take blood samples, do whatever he deemed necessary. Instead, he was dumb enough - or if there was some other reason for it - to administer propofol to a hardworking artist with inflamed lungs.

So leave molestation "evidence" (of which there actually was none) out of this altogether.

1122 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Baaaahhhhhhhh! Stop showing closeups of gloria alred!!!

1122 days ago


No difference on the molestation thing being brought up but they have to allow the doctors that treated him to testify. It is very much relavent in order to prove (or disprove) his addiction to prescription drugs.

1122 days ago


No, Michael loved children like a child would love his friends. He was robbed out of his career and reputation by filth and those that kept their mouths shut. And the trial regarding the doc is a farce in itself. Michael never got back on his feet again after the humiliation he had to undergo in public, birthmark on his penis etc....that was the end. And it meant a latent deathwish ever the doctor goes on trial, but others should also be sitting in that chair.

1122 days ago


What relevance would the molestation allegations have to the cir****tances surrounding Jackson's death? I guess Murray's defense is going to be - Well, kids accused this guy of molestation so who cares if I killed him.

1122 days ago

cheryl martin    

I want Dr Murray to go DOWN for his negligence of caring for Michael Jackson!!Don't get others thrown in the mix because as you see from other cases they end up with resonable doubts..Dr Murray is the resposible one for his neglect of leaving Michael alone[even for one second]...JFM..LOOK at Casey Anthony getting off for murder;whats with the jurors stupid decisions;I DON'T TRUST OUR LAWYERS PLAYING GAMES.PUT this man away for what he did??????get justce done...............

1122 days ago

cheryl martin    

I want Murray to go DOWN for his negligence in caring for Michael.He is the one at fault,Don't try to bring others into the mix because that just leads to reasonable doubts!!!!!!As it gets closer to trial I fear this murderer will get off because i don't trust lawyers d thier playing games.GET ON WITH IT AND PUT Dr Murray away for his overdose and neglect.......................LOOK Casey anthony got off....whats wrong with those jurors making stupid decisions??????????????/Michael Jackson HATERS I don't care to hear back from you........THANK YOU

1122 days ago


I've stopped listening to Harvey live a long time ago, he's too stupid.

Why didn't TMZ report Frank Dileo's death? Anyone who knows? In January 2011 Dileo talked about writing a book about Jackson. Anyone who knows what happened to that project?

1122 days ago


Murray is being accused of not having properly supervised the dosage and kind of medication administered to MJ. That just about covers it. It has nothing to do with the outcome of past trials regarding Michael Jackson. But he will be let off, since most of it was consentual. So why this trial? The greatest, most gifted show-talent that walked the earth is gone, what would this trial change about this very fact?

1122 days ago


Scary!!! He looks like he belongs in a very low-budget, x-rated movie. Ugh!!

1122 days ago


I cannot look at the lipstick without laughing.

1122 days ago

Justice Life-Afterdeath    

I believe life after death must be a better place and Michael although it is sad to see you leave us here on earth you are finally in a better place where you can finally have peace. this Earth is full of hate and destructive people smh . we love you. RIP king of pop . i invite all of you to read this (copy and paste in your address bar ) this man was innocent, Hollywood can be a dark place. This is truly sad what this and I only hope that you all will allow mj's kids to live in peace they have already suffered after loosing thei wonderful father. MJ was surrounded by a lot of leaches and ****roaches who just wanted to use him. Karma will prevail on all of you. you can finally be at peace now my friend. you have done so many good here on earth but good deeds does not sell magazines and blog hits .

1122 days ago


The CRIMINAL will always blame the VICTIM won't they? Rapists always do that... Problem is this bitch KILLED the most famous man on earth and left THREE ORPHANS without their primary parent so he can throw dirt on his VICTIM all he wants this coward's fate is sailed because the judge and the jury will always have their attention on the VICTIM = MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON.

1122 days ago


TMZ PLEASE give your readers a break, STOP putting this freak's picture so close up. Now I've got to clean up vomit!!

1122 days ago
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