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8/29/2011 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce Pregnant
Beyonce just showed up to the MTV VMAs with a very special guest -- HER FETUS.

Rumors have been swirling about B having a bun in the oven for weeks ... but tonight she confirmed the buzz by showing off her baby bump on the red carpet.

With Beyonce as the mom ... and Jay-Z as the dad -- one thing's for sure ... THAT KID IS GONNA BE RICH!!!!

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No Avatar


Stupid comment of the day comes from b with

"What a great example. Another unwed mother. Good job! Why didn't u tell him to put a condom on it when we know he won't put a ring on it. SLUT"

Yeah stupid they are married and jay has wanted to have a baby with beyonce for quite a while now.

1152 days ago


I thought he already had a kid with someone else that he never claimed.. maybe rumors.. it was a while ago. I am sure it was posted on TMZ.

1152 days ago


HOLY CRAP!!!! I just read somewhere that she is "close to 3 months along." If that is the truth, and she is already showing that much, she is going to be one large pregnant woman!!!

1152 days ago


If Beyonce were Black, you trailer trash would love the ground she walked on. You are a bunch of racist nobodies sitting behind a computer spewing hate. At least Beyonce didn't grow up like Jon Benet Ramsey with a **** up her ass and *** in her mouth.

1152 days ago


That is going to be the damn ugliest baby in the world.

1152 days ago


Yes, we all know that Jay Z isn't easy on the eyes however in all seriousness I am happy for Beyonce. She's about to embark on the wonderful journey of motherhood. I'm sure she's overjoyed & I wish her much success at it.

1152 days ago


who in hell cares. what is she...a goddess. geez zillion of women have kids so what? She is an untalented person who was lucky enough to make tons of money

1152 days ago


Who cares? People are worshipping this non singing, media whore because she's pregnant??? Newsflash people, she is not the first celebrity to have a baby and surely not the last. Hmmmmm I smell publicity stunt could it be because her new CD is only good enough to hold up the wobbly end of a table???? When she get some talent let me know, until then whooptifreakindoo!

1152 days ago


Please don't forget about his other child. People are forgetting that he has another child and she is already a stepmom. This may be her first biological. It is unfortunate that she is choosing to announce it because she is trying to draw attention away from her mediocre CD and upstage Kelly Rowland. Why didn't Kelly get recognized for Motivation which is still getting way more airplay than all of Princess Bey's CD

1152 days ago

Jennifer T    

Who the hell cares big butt beyonce is preggers?

1152 days ago


If it's a boy Beyonce and Jay-Z should call him Obama Jay Carter. If it's a girl Beyonce and Jay-Z should call her Michelle Bee Carter.

1152 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

What a selfish act right in the middle of the awards show! And why should we be subjected seeing a pregnant woman's stomach?? I liken what she did to a guy showing us a h--- in his pants during the middle of this awards show.

And the relevance for announcing getting knocked up is ????? No wait, actually the VMA Awards is the p-e-r-f-e-c-t venue to announce getting knocked up! I mean after all, the event shouldn't have stood in her way because it IS Beyonce's child.

The music industry lost its magic and took a massive talent dive in the last 10 years or so and with this display, is it any wonder.

1152 days ago


I just read that her new album isnt doing so you think this was to upstage everyone else and get attention at the awards show ....I think it was kinda tacky.

1152 days ago


Why are people such haters. How is she an attention whore? .....Congrats Bey!!!

1152 days ago

hucopps you and JZ disappear for a long time.

1152 days ago
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