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Matthew Fox Accuser

"I'm Pressing CHARGES!"

8/29/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Cleveland party bus driver who claims Matthew Fox started a fist fight with her ... says the "Lost" star smelled "like a bar" -- and she's definitely pressing charges.

Heather Bormann says she thinks Matthew was drunk when she warned him several times to stop trying to get on the private bus Saturday night -- but she claims "he just stepped in for a right hook to my pelvis area and started wailing on me like I was a man."

Heather says she fought back in self-defense -- landing a left to Matt's jaw -- and today, in downtown Cleveland, she showed off her battle scars ... nasty bruises and an ace bandaged hand. She says she plans to meet with prosecutors tomorrow to press charges.

Heather also explains where she picked up the badass moves she busted out on Fox.


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As someone so hilariously put on another website." maybe he was trying to get off the Island."

1120 days ago


He just wants to get back to the island...

1120 days ago


There were 17 people on the bus who were all witnesses - they were also the ones who had to pull Matthew off of her (there's a lot more information on the story here in Cleveland papers since he's here filming a movie). She is totally in the right!

1120 days ago


Am I the only one that's going to point out Matthew Fox should be in Glasgow right now shooting World War Z?

1120 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

It's horrible if this woman was actually punched by Matthew Fox. But I can't ignore that look in her eyes that she is trying to cash in on something so unfortunate. Let a lesson be learned here drunk celebrity men abusing bus drivers. You have the money, pay a woman to beat her up for you.

1120 days ago


This story is disappearing faster than Charlie Sheen's $150,000 timepiece.

No TRUTH to the 'salacious details' of this story...???

Blown out of proportion?

Fox avoiding publicity because he WAS impaired and on a bus that he shouldn't have been on?

My gut still tells me that Fox probably behaved inappropriately/arrogantly response to this woman's 'authoritative' approach to him. And, when he did react in a way she didn't like at all, she figured he was trespassing in the vehicle, so WHHHACK to the lips!

The raspberry on her arm probably came after the lip smack.

Just hypothesizin'

Big Poppa

1120 days ago


If I was completely wasted I'd probably think she was a man too!!!!!

1120 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

That is a good point askjj. Im looking at this woman and remembering a time I was completely drunk (yesterday) and I would think this was a Dude too. If it was a dude, it would be a non-story. Or if Matthew Fox was a woman. I think what's throwing people off is this is a woman who could probably kick most guys A$$E$

1119 days ago


Do you think the woman's bus company would give her a raise as the 'mean bus driver'? Don't we all know a few of those mean drivers who get their kicks out of petty confrontations?

1119 days ago


“Lost” Actor Matthew Fox Arrested for Assault on a Woman.

1119 days ago


apparently this woman has done this before, and he's back on set filming without a split lip.

1119 days ago


It seems a lot of people are judging this woman based on what she looks like. Sorry, but if you're drunk and assault someone you should go to jail. Matthew Fox sounds like he is playing in real life the same character he was playing on Lost: if not an alcoholic, than at the least an idiot who not only doesn't know when to stop drinking but apparently beats up people when he's had too much to drink.

1118 days ago


I keep hearing the woman's side, but I found this to be really interesting. Why hasn't any contacted this guy or posted what he says?

1074 days ago
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