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Steven Seagal

Legal Threats Over Deadly


8/30/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The blood of a dead puppy is on Steven Seagal's hands ... this according to an Arizona man who claims the actor participated in a deadly police raid on his home back in March that was taped for a reality show.

Seagal, along with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has been served with an official notice of claim from Jesus Sanchez Llovera -- who contends Seagal and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department performed an "unfounded" raid on his home because they believed Jesus was operating an illegal cockfighting farm.  Jesus denies the allegation -- insisting he only raises the roosters "for show."

Jesus claims Seagal arrived to his home on March 9 with a TANK -- and rammed into a gate on his property. Seagal was backed up by an MCSO Tactical Operations Unit -- armed in full riot gear -- which stormed the house. The entire incident was captured by a camera crew taping for Seagal's reality show, "Steven Seagal Lawman."

Jesus claims his 11-month old puppy was shot and killed during the raid -- and his home sustained "substantial damage." He also claims the cops killed more than 100 roosters that belonged to him.

The notice of claim is the first step towards a lawsuit -- and Jesus' lawyer tells us his client is demanding $100,000 for the damage and he wants Seagal to issue a "formal written apology" to his children "for the death of their 11-month old puppy, a beloved family pet."

We called both Seagal and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department for comment -- so far, no response.


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Conservatives are Cowards    

"Jesus was operating an illegal ****fighting farm. "

That tidbit made my day.

1148 days ago


I hate this so-called "lawman" he and the word law shouldn't be in the same sentence unless it's to tell how he's breaking it yet again. How in the hell are people dumb enough to call him their hero? I hope he FINALLY gets what he so deserves!!

1148 days ago


lets see if this get the attention of the WHOLE world like Mike Vick incident did! I wonder will he be consider guilty before his day in trial? I wonder how much time he'll do in jail or how many people will call him a MURDER? wonder how much mone$y he'll loose and will he 4ever be vilified in the answer is: NO, NONE, NONE, NONE & NO!

1148 days ago


1148 days ago


Forget about the chickens and the dog, lets focus on what is most important which is that Steven Segal may actually be one of the biggest douchebags on the entire planet, which really says a lot when you think about it..

1148 days ago

The PMG    

Arpaio pulls this kinda crap all the time, nothing new.

1148 days ago


I don't know the facts of the case but Joe Arpaio and Steven Seagal are major douchebags who shouldnt be allowed anywhere near law enforcement.

1148 days ago

two cents    

Awesome job Seagal! No one needs 100 roosters. And let me guess, the cute little puppy was a pit?

Whatever. Go pound sand. I hope this POS has to pay all attorney fees. Tell "jesus" to go back to mehico if he wants to participate in barbaric sports. Here in US of A, we're more civilized.

1148 days ago


S***bag, it's always the cops who are the bad guys when they enforce the law. Why did they shoot a dog though, (yeah call it a puppy, it's almost a year old that will make it look more pathetic.) I love dogs and can't think of any good reason for the cops to have shot this one but if you are raising roosters to torture them you are the pr ck who got the poor dog killed.
On the other hand if your name is Michael Vicks you can now get a $100 million dollar contract since the NFL doesn't care if you went to prison for torturing and killing innocent animals.

1148 days ago


I don't have any comment on Seagal, not yet, but would like to know who that turd is standing next to him, wearing glasses and a black jacket.

1148 days ago


I raise weed ... errr just for show...

1148 days ago


First off Harvey why don't you explain in the story how a private person can not get a warrant to search a house?

This story shouldn't have even been posted. Steven has ZERO liability in this. He was filming with the MCSO and they did the warrant and were pursing a case against the man. This would have happened if Steven was there or not.

Funny how the cops had the evidence to get a warrant signed but the guy was only raising show *****.. yeah whatever..

1148 days ago


Sureeeeeee Jesus! Let TMZ take some pictures of your fine roosters at some shows dating back a few years! Any pictures in any newspapers, magazines etc. of your fine birds?
I have yet to see a person admit guilt right away with regard to animal cruelty.
The puppy is much better off not having to live with likes of him. What's next dog fighting hmmmm?

1148 days ago

Ya Mon    

Hahaha Run S***bags Run!

1148 days ago


Arizona? What a wasteland. Just sand and a jackass sheriff. What a dumbass reality show. Oh entertain me with an arrest warrant for chicken fights. Cowshet.

1148 days ago
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