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Kim K. Sex Tape

Who's Behind the Buyout?

8/30/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Someone is trying to buy the rights to Kim Kardashian's sex tape and take it off the market ... who could possibly be behind the deal? We'll get to the bottom of it. 

Plus, why Mike thinks Dr. Conrad Murray might want to cut a deal after his defense team suffers a huge blow.

And the other Rebecca Black (the hot fitness model) drops in to talk about being cyber-bullied by the "Friday" singer's rabid fans.


(3:30) Someone wants to buy up the rights to Kim K.'s sex tape ... wonder who that could possibly be?
(6:30) The mystery buyer -- WHOEVER IT IS -- is gonna have to cough up a pretty penny for the sex tape.
(15:02) The heartbreaking 911 call made the day Russell Armstrong's body was found.
(23:05) Rebecca Black (the hot model) joins live via webcam to talk about the Facebook mix-up with the OTHER Rebecca Black.
(25:01) Since "Friday" came out, Rebecca Black (the model) has had OTHER crappy things happen to her.
(33:10) Dr. Conrad Murray's defense takes ANOTHER hit -- Mike has the lowdown?
(44:08) The new "Dancing with the Stars" lineup -- definitely not A-list stars ... but definitely a list of stars.
(50:00) Did Charles ever get the French Laundry reservation?


No Avatar


Charles, since you are really goodlooking and personable I think you should guest star on a tv series.

1150 days ago

some guy    

The model chick's ok. Nice body, but plain face IMO.

1150 days ago


I like this girl. She's funny and pretty.

1150 days ago


Get over it...They are many "Rebecca Blacks out there.

1150 days ago


Wow DAX looks like he's aging really fast, what is he 42 years old now with frosted tips? He used to be so young and TWINKY now he looks like he could be Harvey's twin brother.

1150 days ago


Hey, Charles, stop dissing how Nancy Grace will look on DWTS. Kirstie Alley was way heavier in the beginning.

1150 days ago


MIKE. MJ wasnt a FREAK.

1150 days ago


You guys are out of line. You shouldn't comment on what you think someone should say or do when they are going through something as sad as finding your husband dead. You guys are wrong. It's clear that you haven't lost anyone that close to you.

1150 days ago


I think the 911 operator had to deal with the most ackward situation. You can tell he didnt even know what to say

1150 days ago


If it is Kim or her family, dont you think that she could be doing this to make the video relevent news. Since shes always been known for the money.

1150 days ago


Who cares about this piece of garbage or her sex tape. Sleaze!!

1150 days ago


steve hirsch has set this up for free publicity...once again, the guy is a marketing genius and has probably made a million in sales today from all the hype surrounding the sex tape

1150 days ago


My guess would be her mom she would sell her soul and her daughters for money, but then once a whore always a whore in some fashion and that guy she married I bet his parents are so proud of her, and he did not know she had been married before till about a few weeks before wedding and so the drama goes on pathetic she tries to change her image well buy a island and move out of the headlights my dear.

1150 days ago


She can buy my copy. It sucked.

1150 days ago

weird al yankovich    

Kim is extremely smart when it comes to slickness ..
Comes from her mother cuz her father was a str8 shooter and genuinely smart.

Kim knows dam well that even if she buys the rights that video will always be on the net . It's impossible to get rid of it completely AND SHE KNOWS THAT

She is doing this only so she can keep faking those tears and acting like she hates that video
Maybe to please Kris , maybe so she can tell her close friends in an intimate setting she was infact the one to offer that money knowing dam well she wouldn't pay one penny for it just so she can act like the angel she is far from ..

She knows that tape was the best thing that ever happened to her and the only reason I think she would want it off the net is because she thinks she could look better in it now since back then she was borderline chubby

THAT'S ALL other than that she praises that tape for the millions she has made off of it

and that whole offer is bogus ..
She knows dam well no deal will ever be reached because even if vivid dealt for a million dollars she wouldn't pay it.
First of all she's too cheap... and second of all those aren't her intentions EVER

so get over it and if you don't see through this yall a bunch of dum asses anyhows lol

By the way Kim is so dam slick I guarantee you she is the only one who knows all this cuz even her family is convinced she is ashamed of that video.

She wont let no one know what her REAL intentions are .
Her life is too public and anything can set her back millions


Now I think I'll go back to checking her sex tape out PEACE !


1150 days ago
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