TMZ Live Kim K. Sex Tape Who's Behind the Buyout?

8/30/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live 8/30/11: Kim K. Sex Tape -- Who's Behind the Buyout?

Someone is trying to buy the rights to Kim Kardashian's sex tape and take it off the market ... who could possibly be behind the deal? We'll get to the bottom of it. 

Plus, why Mike thinks Dr. Conrad Murray might want to cut a deal after his defense team suffers a huge blow.

And the other Rebecca Black (the hot fitness model) drops in to talk about being cyber-bullied by the "Friday" singer's rabid fans.

(3:30) Someone wants to buy up the rights to Kim K.'s sex tape ... wonder who that could possibly be?
(6:30) The mystery buyer -- WHOEVER IT IS -- is gonna have to cough up a pretty penny for the sex tape.
(15:02) The heartbreaking 911 call made the day Russell Armstrong's body was found.
(23:05) Rebecca Black (the hot model) joins live via webcam to talk about the Facebook mix-up with the OTHER Rebecca Black.
(25:01) Since "Friday" came out, Rebecca Black (the model) has had OTHER crappy things happen to her.
(33:10) Dr. Conrad Murray's defense takes ANOTHER hit -- Mike has the lowdown?
(44:08) The new "Dancing with the Stars" lineup -- definitely not A-list stars ... but definitely a list of stars.
(50:00) Did Charles ever get the French Laundry reservation?