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"Big Brother" Shelly

Family Meets With FBI

Over Death Threats

9/1/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of "Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore has met with the FBI to discuss the onslaught of death threats that were made to them after Shelly voted to evict a popular house guest last week.

TMZ has learned ... the meeting took place in Louisiana this week -- but after the agents reviewed the information, sources tell us the feds determined that none of the threats were "credible."

We broke the story -- a bunch of deranged fans bombarded the Moore home with frightening phone calls and emails after Shelly voted to evict Jeff Schroeder ... a fan favorite.

Sources close to the family tell us ... the threatening phone calls and emails have essentially stopped in the past couple of days -- so they're not too worried anymore.

We're told the family will not be taking any further action -- and simply hopes they can move on with their lives.


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This witch is morally bankrupt (thanks Jose Baez). Next stop for this hag: scarecrows-R-us

1157 days ago


This sea-hag looks like one of those trannies giving a half-assed effort to be a Kim basinger impersonator in one of those La Cage shows.

1157 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Care less about people on tv and more about people around you and maybe the world would not be such a sh*thole.

1157 days ago


Cat ladies and fellow Jordeff tards, please jump off a cliff...youll be doing humanity a favor.

1157 days ago


I have to laugh at the fact that people put in the time and effort to send death threats to someone on a game show! Maybe they need to get out of their mother's basements and get jobs or something. Way too much time on their hands lol. Silly people!

1157 days ago


This is so amazing because Kalia was the one who gave the evicting vote not Shelly!!!!! I can deal with Shelly BUT it's Rachel the producers apparently are rigging the game to keep. I hope thar fake red-head lting skank NEVER appears on a tvshow again. Same goes for that -----whipped dumb as a box of rocks exhibitionist boyfriend of hers. Brendan is absolutelt useless and it is so hard to believe he is working on his doctorate?!?!?! How did he ever get an Associates' Degree????

1157 days ago


I really couldn't care less about shelly. I think she is a pig.

1157 days ago


gee, what a surprise that none of the threats turned out to be credible. boo-hoo, i guess shelley thought she would get some sympathy votes from the viewers.

1157 days ago


Ok now you're all aware this is scripted "reality" tv right? This reminds me of the crazy soap opera fans that yell in the street at the actors who play villains on their favourite shows. It's all smoke and mirrors folks, not much of this crap is real at all. Did these people send death threats to Dan Castellaneta's family when Homer killed Maude?

1157 days ago


Death Threats-Wrong (Her family is not responsible for her game play. She also should be aware of what she does might effect them.)
I think how you behave in this game is also to some degree how you are in real life. Some people are traitors, backstabbers,liars and untrustworthy. Enough said.

1157 days ago


If you're going to it like it is. I'm in no way condoning the death threats, if in fact there were some and this story isn't coming from Kevin and Lydia again (BB11 HG's as previously admitted), but let's be real...if her family was in fact receiving them, which is really sick, it had very little to do with the fact that she voted Jeff out and very much to do with the way she's acted in the house. For you to put the blame solely on her voting Jeff out is crap and another way the media spins things. Let's not forget that Shelly said she would save Rachel $400 and push her down the stairs so she miscarries or kick her in the stomach during a competition so she miscarries, took and hid people's personal property and then stated that she would rip the legs off a stuff dog and paint red nail polish on it so it would look like and even when she was busted, she still continued to lie about it, constantly went above and beyond the "traditional" bashing of other houseguests to the point of it being extremely hurtful and down right mean. Shelly's game was to lie and manipulate the house, if she owns it - fine, but for her to continue to do and say the stuff she does is why there is all this "hate" out there for her, not just because she voted Jeff out.

1157 days ago


just shows you the mentality of the morons who watch this crap

1157 days ago


This woman looks like a Morlock from The Time Machine.

1157 days ago

too much    

WHY is the family telling this to TMZ? why are they publicizing it? you know that's not coming from authorities, and not what they would want. Shelly's family must like the tabloid attention. too bad for Josie, because if they wanted to protect her as their first priority, they wouldn't be publicizing this in the media.

1157 days ago


The death threats are ridiculous though. It is a game. However, she is such a lying loser. She has no character at all. Yes, there will be deceiving and lying in a game like BB, but she has been caught in lies that make no sense at all.

1157 days ago
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