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"Big Brother" Shelly

Family Meets With FBI

Over Death Threats

9/1/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of "Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore has met with the FBI to discuss the onslaught of death threats that were made to them after Shelly voted to evict a popular house guest last week.

TMZ has learned ... the meeting took place in Louisiana this week -- but after the agents reviewed the information, sources tell us the feds determined that none of the threats were "credible."

We broke the story -- a bunch of deranged fans bombarded the Moore home with frightening phone calls and emails after Shelly voted to evict Jeff Schroeder ... a fan favorite.

Sources close to the family tell us ... the threatening phone calls and emails have essentially stopped in the past couple of days -- so they're not too worried anymore.

We're told the family will not be taking any further action -- and simply hopes they can move on with their lives.


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Who cares? She's a nobody and will be voted out for her actions last week. That's what many of us call karma! I laugh, just thinking of her pathetic self begging the "veterans" to keep her in the game. Sorry Shelly, but you're outta here! Dumb bitch.

1111 days ago


I guess after the word got out that the FBI was getting involved the morons decided to lay off and realize it's just a game. I don't know Jeff or Jordan only from the show but I think they would be extrememly upset ,appalled and digusted about some of their fans actions.

1111 days ago


So anyone can call someone up making death threats and they can get away with it? The police and FBI wont do jack ****? Nice.

1111 days ago


This is ridiculous, I love the show, but I would never want to see anyone hurt, the truth is that Jordon nor Shelly deserve to be in the final two, neither have won comps (oh yeah Jordan had one handed to her by Jeff, Rachel and Brendon)but even then Jeff called the shots. I really do not like Rachel but she does deserve to win. She was counted out so many times but managed to claw her way back up.

1111 days ago


Jeff was a fan favorite? To whom? Certainly not to me! Glad Shelly finally did the right thing and voted that bully Jeff out.

1111 days ago


Big Brother fans need to get out of the house and get a life. It's a 3 hour show they sit through all the time adding blubber to their behinds. It's only a show. Turn it off and get out more. Stop tweeting during the entire show and do something constructive.

1111 days ago


Why would the jury house need extra security? What do you think Jeff is gonna do, Brendon will laugh when he sees Dani, Dani will laugh when she sees Jeff and Jeff will laugh when he sees Shelly, they all know it is a game. I think J/J fans are wanting there to be a fight but there will not be one. They may all have words, but that is as far as it will get. Brendon will be so proud of Rachel for fighting so hard, Jeff will be disappointed that Jordan still is not pulling her weight in the comps.

1111 days ago

judi stewart    

Hey, I didn't like seeing Jeff leave, but this Is a GAME!! She did what she had to do to advance. Jeff has done the same thing to get where he is, as have ALL of them.... That's the Idea.....!

1111 days ago


She is playing a game, well let me correct that, she is in the BB house this summer and her game play ...... she doesn't have any, she is a floater, floated from one side to the other, and now may be floating out the door, a sorry summer for Shelly!

1111 days ago


Death threats? Seriously?!?!?!? Probably the same idiots that voted to put Ba-renden back in the house. I say good riddance to Jeff and his nastyness. If only BB would stop changing the game every time the veterans get in trouble we could get rid of Rachel as well.

1111 days ago


In response to MJ. Why didn't Kalia get death threats, she voted Jeff out? Wake up Kalia did not pretend to be on Jeff's side then back stab him, Shelly did. I liked Shelly and if she had just hung in there she would have been in the final 3 if Jeff and Jordan made it. You don't stab your friends in the back unless that is your true character and we all know Shelly is a smelly lying pig. Enough said she is gone tonight. The B deserves it.

1111 days ago


Jeff has a lot of deranged fans out there. But I better watch what I say - I don't want their cult members tracking me down.

1111 days ago

Sarah Weiler    

It is sad all the drama that the show has brought to Shelly's sweet family. I am a friend of Shelly's and the show did not show the true Shelly. She is a great friend. The hand necklace she has worn on the show is just like the one she gave my son last year to help him deal with cancer. Shelly's real life words on my son's blog. Supporter of Kids w cancer

1111 days ago


I think that people tend to take things too far and there are way too many people who get totally wrapped up in reality shows including the people who are on them and think that they are automatically stars because they sit around a house for three months. As far as the threats go I mean come on people get a life. If you listen to any of the live feeds they sit around talking about their fans and how they are going to be instant stars which to me is hilarious to think that anyone would actually think of them as anything other than pitiful. Now as far as Shelly goes I think the reason that people hate her more than others who lie is because she did it on a personal level rather than just a game strategy. And what kind of person swears on her family then turns around and admits that it was a lie? No self respecting mother would go on national TV and admit she lied for money. To me it is teaching your children that it OK to lose your morals for money, so what is the difference in her daughter growing up to be a prostitute? Which brings up a whole other subject which to be me is ridiculous to think that people used to worry about violence and sex on TV programs but no on seems worried about the effect of these stupid shows on our children. I just can not believe that they think that they will have all of these fans and be famous when they get out and all they have done is lie around a house, eat, smoke, cry, lie and totally look like jerks. Shelly I do hope it was worth it and also hope that you wake up in the morning on the outside. For her daughter, honey just because your mom has no morals never sell yourself short for any amount of money once you have no amount of money will buy it back.

1111 days ago


I hate Bully Jeff and fake breasted Jordan. They are not these America's sweethearts, they are greedy,lying fake people that have America fooled. How gullible the American public are. They both had their chance and have gotten so much money and gifts. CBS should let one of the other thousands of people trying to get on BB, to better their lives. I would of voted both Jordan and Jeff out from the very beginning.

1111 days ago
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