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Mel Gibson

Oksana's Music BLOWS!

9/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva
and her lawyers touted her music credentials in court this week, but we now know exactly how Mel Gibson feels about her music -- he says it sucks.

Sources connected to Mel tell TMZ ... Gibson deeply regrets supporting Oksana's music career -- especially plunking down a fortune to produce a CD and music video.  Mel even paid for a studio in Oksana's home.

Mel privately says Oksana's voice and music are "horrible," and he's "embarrassed" that he promoted her.


So that's Mel's opinion. Listen to :30 seconds of an Oksana song, and then tell us ...


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lisa: 13 minutes ago

Mel is a nasty b!tch. I'm embarrassed I ever watched any of his movies.
*I only watched The Edge of Darkness - and I KEEP watching it because I absolutely LOVE him in this movie. I think he is a real guy, honest, with the right values and sincerity but WEAK with women, that's why he got into a very bad stupid situation with a professional golddigger. I am sorry for him but he deserves what he got. He should've known better.

1145 days ago


canook: about an hour ago

Lucia as a manager of old Oxy
Above all, Gibson has to pay 750 thousand dollars Grigorieva in three passes. For him, this amount along with the contents of the house was a guarantee that Grigorieva will not offer him a suit in civil court.
*********** She used an old fashioned method to boost her career and her lifestyle by hooking up with a rich and famous whom she made a joke of. Mel, this short episode tells a LOT about you, specifically, you are NOT a racist, you are free of prejudice or bias, you a a free spirit Irish guy who acts upon his feelings rather than political correctness.. and I respect this great deal. I don't know too many guys who would go after a poor Russian woman being as rich and famous as you are. But you DID. You did it becasue you liked her. She let you down. I am really sorry.

1145 days ago


That was horrendous. Truly.

1145 days ago


Meh, I've heard worse .It reminds me of a number of early 90s quasi alt rock also rans. I didn't immediately turn it off, but I wouldn't listen again.

1145 days ago


What kind of woman is that? what kinda woman's singing burst a woman eardrums twice whilst she's holding a cup of coffee?!?

Help me Laaarrryyy!

1145 days ago


Of course she sounded great to him in the past. Back when he was in love and unfocused.

1145 days ago


ahhhhhhhh yesssssssss

Beautiful Headache

~critics panned it
~listeners panned t
~animals panned it
even the deaf panned it!!!

one has to wonder just how clueless beater-boy really is to sink $3-5 M into such horrendous talent.

no doubt the pickling process is permanent.. the box office for the flopper proves it!!!!


1145 days ago


Love is blind
and deaf.

1145 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

I once dated a hot chick that thought she could cook.... I ate alot of crow just to get laid!!!!

1145 days ago



1145 days ago


My ears are bleeding!

1145 days ago


The only thing that comes to mind aside from stabbing sharpened pencils into my ears--is that the indigo girls are now on heroin, and have a creepy hanibal lector infatuation. The question is why would that crazy russian put her name on it?

1145 days ago

The PMG    

If a judge sentenced me to listen to this CD, I would have one hell of a "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" appeal hahaha

1145 days ago


This woman is so delusional about her music. Remember when she was pushing to go to Spain with Mel and she wanted Nierob to line something up for her in the way of promoting her music but there was no interest? Well, I predict that whoever is backing her on a new CD will be losing money. I wonder if Garbus and Horowtiz are backing her since they think she's so great?

1145 days ago


You need a 3rd option. I'm not a fan of this 30 second demo, but I would definitely not rather listen to Rebecca Black.

1145 days ago
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