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Mel Gibson

Oksana's Music BLOWS!

9/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva
and her lawyers touted her music credentials in court this week, but we now know exactly how Mel Gibson feels about her music -- he says it sucks.

Sources connected to Mel tell TMZ ... Gibson deeply regrets supporting Oksana's music career -- especially plunking down a fortune to produce a CD and music video.  Mel even paid for a studio in Oksana's home.

Mel privately says Oksana's voice and music are "horrible," and he's "embarrassed" that he promoted her.


So that's Mel's opinion. Listen to :30 seconds of an Oksana song, and then tell us ...


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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Speaking of ppl that can REALLY sing: Maj's newfew is great--didn't he get a commercial just this year?

And Lil' Aussie Reader's daughter's voice is out of this world good. SHE would be a sensation if someone poured a cool million in her.

And Koala Babe--KB passed around some badly recorded karoke songs she did in some bar setting which were really quite good! She has a much better voice than Ox.

ALL of them better than Ox with her life time of training, her 'great love of music', all her 'education' she brags about (probably lies) and her 5 MILLION dollars worth of CD production.

1146 days ago


When she was shacked up with music mogol David Foster he coudnt turn her into star.
Mel and the millions spent couldnt turn her into a star
Dilusional and talentless
Wonder if Vivid is hiring

1146 days ago


she has no talent, none. Only lips. she should continue using her lips to sell herself. And that's all she has to sell. Deport her.

1146 days ago

Fidel's niece    

She is a talentless, delusional fame whore!

She has a CD with 6 songs coming out
next year according to her lawyer
who plugged it in the COURTROOM!

Who the f*ck does that???
Talentless, delusional fame whores!

O$kanky, stick to your real talent -

1146 days ago


I still can't believe that she and her "lower", Garbus, had the guts to promote her "music" in court! That is so low class, I can't believe it. She can't even pretend to have class, even though she and Lewdmula claim to.

And for Horowitz to try to BS everyone by saying he got her a good deal, worth $5 million, partly based on the value of her MUSIC makes me laugh. He'll get paid win or lose - Ox can't be happy with her LOWERS [sic} by now who are the only ones who came out of this travesty with any real money.

1146 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Her first CD sold a GRAND
and the music rights are worth around 2 mill.
according to Horrorwitz "deal"???

What was he smoking?

David Foster "the hit maker"
did not think she had enough talent
worth promoting...
but Horrorwitz apparently knows more
about the music business than Foster!


1146 days ago


Horrorwitz claiming that Oxy got a good package, is just trying to convince everyone that he didn't throw Oxy Moron under the bus. He's probably afraid of Oxy turning on him, and with good reason! He's a greedy idiot and he did throw her under the bus! All of her lowers did - so that they could get a personal court ordered payment from MG! They never got anything for her, just for themselves and they all said the hell with her! Especially after they got to know her. What a joke! It's her fault for not being able to spot those who were using her to feather their own nests. She has been used just they way she has used others.

Her first lower got her the very best deal. The second one convinced her to break the original agreement and led her to believe that she would get more than 15,000,000.00 if he were on the case! Wasn't his name Manly Fraud, oops, I mean Freid! Who ever he was, he stayed in the game for long enough to get a huge amount of money out of MG, then ran off, with a nest egg to who knows where, throwing her under the bus and leaving her to find 40 odd other lowers since no one can stand to be around her for long unless they are as low as she is (Horowitz and Garbus). They have all been paid by MG.

All of this is well known; that she was passed down the line of lowers who were quick to get her off their hands, because they didn't like dealing with trash, until she finally ended up with her last team. A bunch of rejects from court TV!

Anyway let just say that there was a distinct lack of good advice for Oxy added to an unwillingness to take it. And she was too stupid to see that she had greedy morons working for her (all except EG that is, who looked after her well.) But she knifed him in the back (as is her custom after she gets all the help she can from a man) by finding the next lower and leaving EG high and dry. Or so she thought since she is forced to pay him.

Even more than the money, it seemed as though she wanted the total destruction of MG and his family. But I think she wanted both the money and his guts hanging off of her knife and fork!

It's really been something to see the lengths to which this female has gone to, to falsely accuse and smear MG. She's so hate ridden. I wonder if she will stop her campaign of terror or once and for all Shut up. We shall see. Stay tuned for the next torpedo of ***** that she launches from her azz!

1146 days ago


Fidel's niece: 4 minutes ago

Her first CD sold a GRAND
WORLDWIDE TOTAL OF 17 THOUSAND dollars - lol!:::::::::::::::: Not bad for a nobody. My brother could do better if he had 3 ml invested in him.

1146 days ago


Most of this money will go to pay her "lowers." Gibson wouldn't be as happy as he is unless he knew she won't get too much out of this. She is happy to get something out of him, and he is happy to know she'll leave him alone. They are both sick and tired of this sick relationship. She wants money, he wants to get rid of her. Now we have to wait till we can see what they gonna grow out of Lucy if you care at all.

1146 days ago


janet: 30 minutes ago

Don't forget David Foster wanted her out of his house. If all the money Gibson paid over 3 million and with Foster still couldn't get Ox's music off the ground. Give it up.
****** I think you get a point. But since I am not very familiar with the Hell Wood promotion technique I can't judge. My point is that she has no chance anyway due to her lack of understanding of Hell Wood "culture." She needs a class in Hell Wood cultural competence and a lot of image recovering before anything else. People are very negative about her at this time.

1146 days ago


She can't sing but she must've hummed a doozy on Mel's "microphone" to get him to unload his money maker in her.

1146 days ago


my dog just threw up!!!........

1146 days ago


from the Leno interview:

First Gibson explained that he was drawn to Grigorieva before he ever saw her, when he heard her sing.

1146 days ago


David Foster... honestly I'd never heard of the guy until I heard this Mel's love story. Wow! She SLEPT with David Foster! She must be VERY talented. Who else did she sleep with ?

1146 days ago

Willy Wallace ears r still ringing....the cats in the alley carry a better tune....

1146 days ago
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