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Steven Seagal

I'm No Puppy Killer!

9/1/2011 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Seagal
claims NO PUPPY was murdered during the Arizona raid he participated in earlier this year ... and says he's "outraged" by the false allegation.

Seagal just released a statement saying, "I’ve been called a lot of things in my career, some of them not so kind. But to be labeled an animal abuser is beyond the pale and that is simply a role I will not accept."

TMZ broke the story ... Jesus Llovera has taken legal action against Seagal over the March incident -- alleging the actor crashed a tank into his property ... and someone involved in the raid shot his 11-month old puppy. Llovera was suspected of running a cockfighting farm on his property ... allegations which he has denied.

But in his new statement, Seagal does not address any of the other allegations that Llovera made against the actor -- that Seagal and the cops wrongly destroyed his home and property.

Still, Seagal says he's considering filing a lawsuit against Llovera for "fabricating the puppy killing"  -- and he's already contacted legal pit bull Marty Singer.


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I was hoping this story wasn't true and am willing to give Segal the benefit of the doubt until all of the facts come out. There were over 100 roosters on that place for what reason again? What reason would Segal and his cronies have for killing so many of them? It doesn't add up.

1151 days ago


Puppy Killer??? I don't really know, but for sure, he's a rat killer, I see one death in the top of his head

1151 days ago


Another wetback raising birds for ****fights, just disgusting. Another day in the crazy life of bat**** crazy Segal. Also disgusting, the guy is notorious for never bathing, he stinks and his hair, what their is of it, is greasy and gross. Both these nasties are revolting. Poor puppy.

1151 days ago

Black Becky    

good god that man is fug.

1151 days ago


did he have to stand on a box to be in front of the camera for that moment???


he is a little ****...

what maybe 5' 6"

1151 days ago

john wayne gacy    

what's scarier, steven seagal or
michael vick at a puppy mill ?

1151 days ago


this is a type of Story TMZ knows its complete bull**** but they will run it because its gossip and the liable falls to the ****head liar who loves *****.. I mean the guy in AZ not Harvey lol...

1151 days ago


Isn't "murder" solely a human on human crime?

1151 days ago


I would seriously doubt the word of a man who was caught with dozens of roosters and yet tries to deny being involved in ****-fighting. Also, if there was a "puppy," it might be of the type of "puppy" such as is so often used to guard a junkyard. He doesn't say what breed it was (if it even existed). However, an 11-month old Rottweiler or Pit Bull, etc., can be very threatening. Hard to believe a person involved in ****-fighting would keep such a "puppy" around just for cuddle time. Feel sorry for the poor roosters who die a painful, brutal and bloody death and not for what may have been a large, threatening "junk yard" dog who, if it was killed, was at least shot and not ripped apart. Of course, I would feel bad if it had not threatened anyone and was shot anyway. However, remember who this guy was that was raided.

1151 days ago

Grim Reaper    




1151 days ago


I think someone is planning to milk the problem in the tune of $25,000. Keep the dollar amount low enough that Maricopa County/Seagal simply pays them off and tells them to get lost. It's obvious the perp was raising the birds for ****fighting.

1151 days ago


"I did not kill a puppy... it was a dog."

1151 days ago


Well he has accepted the title "**** Puncher." (His credit in The Onion Movie.)

1151 days ago


Does anyone NOT think Mr.Seagal is the biggest D-bag on the planet as well as one of the world's worst actors? How does he even maintain enough viewers to sustain this crappy show?

1151 days ago

She's baaaack    

That fat man always looks like he was just sucking on a lemon.

1151 days ago
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