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Bethenny Frankel

'Skinnygirl' YANKED

from Whole Foods

9/1/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl cocktail line is under fire -- after the Whole Foods supermarket chain ripped the products from the shelves over a dispute about the ingredients.

According to the Huffington Post, the honchos at Whole Foods claimed they discovered the "natural" ingredients used in the cocktail line aren't natural at all -- and decided to stop selling any more Skinnygirl products.


We spoke to a Whole Foods employee in Michigan who told us products were briefly sold at his store -- but confirmed the line was pulled because "it was learned the ingredients are not natural."

TMZ has placed calls to the people behind Skinnygirl and the honchos at Whole Foods -- so far, no comment from either side.


10:47 AM: A spokesperson for Beam -- the company that owns the Skinnygirl line -- tells us Whole Foods never "pulled" the product, but simply decided not to reorder.

As for the ingredients, the rep tells us, "Skinnygirl Margarita contains very low levels of sodium benzoate (a preservative) so it can stay on the shelves."

The rep tells us, "We understand their [Whole Foods] position and we respect that."


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Whole Foods has a very strict policy when it comes to the ingredients in any product they sell. In fact anyone can go to their website and view a list of ingredients that are prohibited in their stores. And no I don't work for Whole Foods but I have sold to them and have had products rejected for this very reason. So please don't cry me a river on this one.

1087 days ago


Claiming to be "All Natural" when the product contains caramel color and sodium benzoate is false and misleading advertising. As is claiming that it is low calorie when it has 100 or more calories per 5 ounce serving. What garbage! It is as fake and phoney as she is.

1087 days ago


SkinnyGirl = Swill that tastes awful. Bought one bottle, took one sip, spit it out and dumped the bottle. Never again. Give me Cuervo Golden.

1087 days ago


heard from a few freinds who tried it that it tastes like crap
but what does Frankel care-she got all the $$$ already
a so called self-promoting "housewife" from the first show
her agenda was obvious
and she grates on my I hate to say
so I won't be buying it

1087 days ago


She's a Hag who cares about her crappy "margarita".

1087 days ago


The term "natural" really doesn't mean very much. It's a marketing term. If Whole Foods takes this product off the shelves for that reason, it's pretty disingenuous because many, many of the "natural" products carried by Whole Foods contain preservatives and aren't the least bit "natural.".

1087 days ago


caramel colors are not natural....

1087 days ago



BETHENNY FRANKEL scooped up the cash,

Made for the door-split in a dash,

Laughing like crazy at business jerks

Frankel's twisted brain just full of perks.

Copyright 2011 soulofanangel

1087 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

go figure. those people at whole foods are evil like mr burns on the simpsons, sitting behind their mahagoni desks, glowing from all their supernatural radiation. all that food in those stores is plain EVIL!!!

1087 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

it's funny to see all the store managers at whole foods pull up in their beamers, like they are michael douglas in 'wall street'! i swear to dog, those high and mighty 'store manajers' really are a lotta deluded. they seriously think they are running some wall street stock exchange business, and not A SUPERMARKET!!! wearing armani shirts and dress pants, greased up slicked back hair and polished loafers! for the life of me, i have a hard time seeing them folks dealing directly with 'organic farmers'. really.

1087 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

they call that: trying to control the cash, and not the products. con artist en masse at whole foods these days, who think that the money should be flowing directly into their pockets for just sitting around shouting bogus 'orders' like a general. from the cashiers to the deli, you are mostly dealing with some moron who thinks he's a displaced, disowned king, fighting for his empire back.

1087 days ago


Please, do your research people. NATURAL IS A MARKETING TERM. It literally can be on ANY product. The word "Natural" is not sanctioned by the FDA. Whole foods has their own definition of "Natural", which the drink didn't adhere to. "Organic" is sanctioned by the FDA, BUT you can name your brand "Organic Groves" or some other BS, and put whatever you want in it, as long as it doesn't say the items ARE organic.

1087 days ago


It doesn't surprise me that she would pass this rot gut off as healthy. She's a money grubbing fraud who doesn't look the least bit healthy to me. All she's famous for is running her mouth.

1087 days ago


Poor Bethy ! What Will she do now ? Let's watch .........

1087 days ago


@alameh is right....whole foods is quite happy to sell you Frankenfoods filled with GMO's from Monsanto but ohhhh, the "horror" of SkinnyGirl!

1087 days ago
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