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Rob Kardashian

Time for Trash Talk

No Time for 'DWTS' Rehearsal

9/6/2011 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian has a nasty case of pre-dance jitters -- and it's starting to piss off his "Dancing with the Stars" partner.

Sources close to the show tell us Rob is very nervous and has refused to rehearse longer than 2 hours with Cheryl Burke -- while most of the contestants are logging more than 5 hour practices.

We're told Cheryl is "fed up" with what she perceives to be Rob's lack of interest in the show.

But Rob is still talking a big game ... because we're told he's bragging constantly to big sis Kim that he will top her 'DWTS' performance by making it past week 3.

Note to Rob: You don't have Kim's "assets." Get to practice.  



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So who is the star?....American has gone nuts. What happened to real stars?

1152 days ago

American Mom    

Hmmm...intresting, can we all say deflecting?

1152 days ago


More like "DWTRS"

Dancing with the Reality Stars.. all it is washups and has-beens.

1152 days ago


I never heard of this guy but he sounds like a baby.

1152 days ago


he has no work ethic all he does is drink beer

1152 days ago


He's a lazy ass anyway!! Not surprised!!

1152 days ago

John 8:32    

Well Cheryl... Unfortunately this reminds me of when I was growing up as a musician... and I had various bands throughout the years... and from time to time I would run into a musician who talked a tough game... came to every rehearsal... but when it came time to perform you find that this type of musician would always have an excuse not to show up for the performance. I believe there's certain people who possess this characteristic in all walks of life that are just like the musicians I used to have to deal with. Unfortunately for you as much as I like Rob Kardashian. I feel that he may be unfortunately the same type of person who is all show...[ and no go ]. When it comes time to step up on the stage... and the bright lights are on... unfortunately for Rob he might just end-up like a deer in the proverbial headlights. Hopefully some family members or producers of the show... will talk some sense into him. Make him realize what an Incredible opportunity he has right now at this point in his life. As the whole world will be watching him. A lot of the viewers will unfortunately be haters, And here is his chance to prove the naysayers wrong... to stand up like his father and be a winner. If I could speak to Rob... I would mention to him that his father was a person of outstanding character... who, when the time came to stand up... he would stand and rise to the occasion... and take care of business. [That's BIBLE as you say - Rob]! Finally Cheryl... Rob doesn't realize that he's dancing with a perfectionist someone as I used to say... "Came to get it... got to have it... and not leaving without it!" "The Mirror Ball Trophy!"
(( Good luck Cheryl )) !!

1152 days ago


Dude is riding off the coattails of his whore ****** loving sister,why does he get a spot,because dancing wth the stars is really dancing with has beens.

1152 days ago


Rob is such a douche - he has no real job, he sponges off his sister, and talks about everyone else. What a loser.

1152 days ago


This guy is a lazy good for nothing piece of sht. He doesn't have a job and doesn't want one. He sleeps all day and drinks beer/partys all night. His sisters give him a monthly allowance. He's a leech who contributes nothing to society or to his family. He's a useless lump of s***.

1152 days ago


Typical behavior of an only boy in a big family. He acts like a little prince who thinks his sisters should do for him while he sits on his ass.

Mama K can't seem to do much with him because he's an unlikeable POS with zero charisma or charm. I wonder if his drinking problem is the issue in rehearsals.

1152 days ago


This ******* never worked a day in his life... Thanks to his sister Kim, he thinks he's entitled. GET A FN JOB AND EARN YOUR OWN MONEY. What a duch3!!!

1152 days ago


And why would they expect anything different out of him?

1152 days ago


Rob is just afraid to be that close to a woman who isn't his sister. Pair him up with Jake Gyllenhal and he'll be dancing up a storm. #KnobPolisher

1152 days ago


His mother obviously got him the job and he didn't want to do it, but he can't get his own so he had to take it.

Baby brother needs to stand on his own two feet. Go back to school and get a trade.He needs to move out of his sister's house, get his own place, get a job and pay for things himself. DWTS isn't a job that will help him grow-up.

1152 days ago
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