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Rob Kardashian

Time for Trash Talk

No Time for 'DWTS' Rehearsal

9/6/2011 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian has a nasty case of pre-dance jitters -- and it's starting to piss off his "Dancing with the Stars" partner.

Sources close to the show tell us Rob is very nervous and has refused to rehearse longer than 2 hours with Cheryl Burke -- while most of the contestants are logging more than 5 hour practices.

We're told Cheryl is "fed up" with what she perceives to be Rob's lack of interest in the show.

But Rob is still talking a big game ... because we're told he's bragging constantly to big sis Kim that he will top her 'DWTS' performance by making it past week 3.

Note to Rob: You don't have Kim's "assets." Get to practice.  



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He just rides his sister's coat tails. What a loser! He is one lazy dude. He has so many opportunities just handed to him and he is so lazy that he never turns the opportunities into anything. I blame his family because they let him have a free ride.All he does is sleep and mooch off others. What a loser. Kris Jenner you should be one proud momma to call this loser your son.....NOT. What an embarrassment.

1151 days ago


BTW- I love how Kim didn't say "Yes" until she saw the ring and then it was a very quick yes.

I love how they are both using each other in this "relationship". He trys to come of so conservative, responsible and non- matrialistic, yet he buys a 2 million dollar ring? LMFAO! Its all such a joke. Perhaps 3rd time will be the charm for Kim.

Kardashian is the new Gabor.

1151 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Chaz is sooo going to kick his ass! Sucks for Cheryl Burke though...

1151 days ago


I do think they should rename this show as they hardly ever have "stars" but rather porn actresses and controversial people. The Latin version in the USA (Univision) is called, "Mira quien Baila" (Look Who is Dancing), they don't use the word "estrellas" (Stars) as they too can't get real "stars". The UK version is called "strictly come dancing", that too is a lot more fitting than using the word "stars".

1151 days ago


this is not news he shouldn't have been hired in the first place the a$$ has never had to work in his life and this is work

1151 days ago

Yep I said that    

Just another no talent media wh0re Kardashian

1151 days ago


LMAO - Anyone notice how the "picture" appears to be a bad photoshop attempt! I bet he wouldn't even show up for the formal photo shoot. He should go back to bad mouthing his family and sitting on the couch.

1151 days ago

Meredith Twyman    

Please vote for JR Martinez, he is on All my Children and was burned badly when serving in Iraq. He is a true hero and a not a bad actor I might add. JR hope to watch you online in 3 months!!!!!

1151 days ago


Can they take back their money and fire him for somebody else?

1151 days ago


Oh, big surprise. This little boy is such a loser it's pathetic. He lets mommy and daddy support him or live at their house. Then Khloe and Lamar have to put up with his little baby sh*t. He's about as immature and spoiled rotten as it gets. All he does is lay around the house or go out drinking. Yeah, big man. I knew he wasn't going to go through with this. He's a lazy little fu*k! No ambition, no class, thinks he's all that - gag - and he's gonna bail on this like he does everything else. Whine, whine, whine, run to your sisters or mommy you jack a**. He's a nobody going nowhere fast. I'd be embarrassed to have this jerk o** for a brother or a son. L-O-S-E-R Rob, that's exactly what you are.

1151 days ago


Rob is going to be the only partner Cheryl has not slept with!

1151 days ago


Go ahead and disappoint your family again you little baby. And Malika or whatever your name is (Khloe's best friend) how you can go out with this a-hole is beyond comprehension. You need to grow up yourself. You have very bad taste in little boys. That's exactly what he is.
Mommy got him this gig cause he can't seem to do anything for himself except drink, mooch and f**k. You should be embarrassed to even be seen on TV and let the world see what a loser you are. LMAO!

1151 days ago


He is a looser,abuser and user patheti*****tle boy ,living on the expenses of Kloe ,and his dumb hubby ,without fame and money Kloe will not married tis dude and this little lazy boy will not live in their house ,his mommy the queen of the pimps world is sick and tired of him those are a bunch of wannabe's money hungry ,not class at all ,Their father is screaming in his grave ,one daughter got pregnant by a alcoholic ass!@#$%^& she and her sis have a dirty mouth like a sailor ,other got married in two weeks with a black dude with money ,the other became famous making a sex porno video and he only son never work ,is a bum sleeping around with loosers like him ,the wife pimping the daughters married another pimp ,oh what a family ..I just love my family we are soo normal !!!!

1151 days ago


He's SOOOOOOOO busy Working that he doesn't have time Why doesn't this worthless entitlement mentality ass get off hs ass and get a real job where he isn't paid huge amounts because he's a Kardasian. I look at these reality people and wonder how they'd ever make it in the real world making $10 or $20 dollars an hour/ And exactly what is he qualified to do?

1150 days ago


He's been babied & always given the excuse of "He doesn't work cuz he's in college."

He's one of those who excel in school while hittin the books, but cannot keep a job.


1150 days ago
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