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Accused of Tour Bus

Bait and Switch

9/2/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the reason T.I. was hauled back to prison from his halfway house is that he allegedly misled prison officials into thinking he'd take a low-key mode of transportation from the prison to the halfway house -- and a tricked out tour bus isn't low-key.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ -- when a prisoner is incarcerated in a low or medium security prison ... prison officials can allow the inmate to use a private, unescorted mode of transportation to travel from the prison facility to the halfway house.

During the process of approving such a transfer, the prisoner must state specifically what mode of transportation he or she will be using.  Our sources tell us ... T.I. informed prison officials he would be taking some sort of van, but made no mention of the high-end, pimped out tour bus.

0902_ti_tour_bus_AP_subWe're told prison officials felt T.I. should have fully disclosed the nature of his party bus. Neither drugs nor alcohol were found on the bus.

And get this ... law enforcement sources tell us ... when the U.S. Marshals arrived at the halfway house to take T.I. back to prison, the halfway house honcho actually got into an argument with them, saying it was ridiculous to send him back for such an alleged violation.  But the Marshals had their orders, and took T.I. back to the pokey.

Hey ... we're guessing there wasn't a box for "Tour Bus" on the form.


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why would they care how
he got there? and why would they
care about the size of his ride?

1149 days ago


I don't even care about TI but this is insane. Why does it matter what he rides in? Law enforcement is getting out of hand.

1149 days ago


I couldn't give a flying F*** about T.I. BUT THIS IS INSANE! NUTS! He served his time and it does NOT MATTER WHAT KIND OF TRANSPORTATION YOU HAVE (I.E. HORSE, CAR, BOAT, TRUCK, ETC)! America is a police state! Wake, up people! WAKE YOUR ASS UP! DON'T SIT IDLE! THIS WILL BE YOU IN THE FUTURE! MARK MY WORDS!

1149 days ago


I'm sorry to say it but the government is straight up HATING on this man for having the cash to travel like this. No alcohol, no drugs, no violent behavior or verbal abuse toward anyone and he is taken back to the penitentiary for riding in a tour bus?- But Lindsay Lohan goes to a bar after sneaking out a rehab for a night, has a verbal confrontation (at the least) with a rehab worker and is given another chance? Do I have to say it? I know what you’ll say – that I’m using that “card” again. Just admit and we can all move forward together.

1149 days ago


Absolutely ridiculous! This goes to show procedures at the law enforcement level should be re-evalauted and proper changes should be made. Just let TI finish his stint without issue -- do your job police and catch some "real" criminals. I'm sure there are some big banks and big businesses doing shady business that could use your attention.

Police have too much power.

1149 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

He'd better get used to prison life, the loser.

1149 days ago

Max Smart    

That's ridiculous. He mightn't have known that's how he was picked up. Not to mention it's unbelievably trivial, since nothing illegal was found on it. Surely being released from prison entitles you to reclaim some freedoms, or what's the point of getting out?

1149 days ago


That is ridiculous. As long as he went from point A to B like he's legally supposed to, who cares what form of transportation he took. What a joke.

1149 days ago


Just do what your suppose to do and get it over with. Unless he's looking for more publicity.

1149 days ago


Geez stop spending my tax dollars on stupid he had a few hours of enjoyment. Get over it...move on!! Can I sue the government for wasting my money?

1149 days ago


Both sides are being stupid. He should've told them what he was riding in to get from point A to point B. Someone clue him in that honesty is the best policy! The other side is being ridiculous for hauling him back to prison because he took a bus instead of a van! Seriously, who gives a sh*t??

1149 days ago


This seems awfully petty. Wouldn't their time be better spent tracking down the guys that don't even show up at their halfway houses?

OK. He probably got the message. They're not going to put up with any clever crap from him. Now they should lighten up.

1149 days ago


T.I. T.I. T.I
Doesn't that
negate the purpose
of a halfway house?
Some people get college
degrees in prison and you
don't even have common sense!
Silly boy.

1149 days ago


Although the waste of tax dollars here is a crime, I can understand how this happened. They let him out early and he was too stupid to dot all his "i's" and cross all his "t's". Instead he so much as thumbed his nose at "the man" and so "the man" returned the favour. C'est la vie.

1149 days ago


This guy and this story are real yawns.

1149 days ago
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