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DJ Pauly D

$40,000 Wedding Gift

To Kim Kardashian

9/3/2011 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D wasn't invited to Kim Kardashian's extravagant wedding -- but that didn't stop him from giving her a gift that is valued at $40,000 ... kind of.

According to our sources, Pauly was approached by Kim to DJ an event at her DASH store in NYC for Fashion's Night Out, the biggest event during Fashion Week.

We're told Pauly agreed to do the gig ... and even agreed to wave his appearance fee as a wedding present. He usually gets $40,000 per appearance.

There's something you don't see on your average wedding registry.


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Naples construction group    

Hate the fact that these people are making that kind of money. disgusting!

1148 days ago


it's sad that he can make a teacher's salary in one night/gig. Our country has messed up priorities.

1148 days ago


Kim's been sporting a extremely smug look on her face ever since she got tha rock on her finger. She used to throw herself in front of the cameras for the paps, now she looks like she is getting irritated with the very thing that made her so wealthy. She may have always been a little annoying, but she was always appeared gracious and friendly looking, now she's sporting a facial expression that rivals Angelina Jolie's red carpet glare. Check yourself Kimberly!

1148 days ago


I wonder if KIM has shown her sex video with the BJ to her new husband. I hope they can both enjoy it on their honeymoon. But, sadly, I would imagine her new husband will "come up short." I suggest you view the video -- the first few minutes are free.And, believe me they are ENOUGH.

1148 days ago


And Kim couldn't afford to pay the DJ ? Dude should have taken the money and donated it to your favorite charity. Kim doesn't need to buy another pair of earings.

1148 days ago

David Anderson    

So he BARTERED the $40K. Whew I thought he actually spent money.

1148 days ago


TRashy ,trash ,ghetto they belong together they should be great friends they are nobody and you people put this idiots on pedestals now we see the consequences ,I don'*****ch their shows ,I don't buy their products I don't care is just sad we have to see this morons all over the news specially you TMZ can you stop showing this idiots away from your daily trash show?this one is famous because a trashy show ...I never watch ..and the other because she made a porno tape and her mom pimp her and her family is a disgrace to all of our families in this Country, how clever and smart ass!@#$%^&* !

1147 days ago

My Coach Jerry    

he is a moron! Just to say he did an even't, or rub elbows with some phony palstic person, Yep! he is a Dumb Ass. I wouldn't give him 40-Cents to begin with! The Kim's, the whole clan has no value of anything! The old man is spinning like a top in his grave! For the other Dumbass Kim to wear fifty thousand dollar earings anywear near water is a person who has no common sence! 50K on her ears, Now how many mouths would that have fed in Africa?????

1147 days ago


they should take that 40k and donate it...just saying...

1147 days ago


of course it should be free because, clearly she and her sisters can't afford the 40,000...LMAO.

1147 days ago


Aaww.. What a nice dud. I wonder if he dj for her before or after her wedding.

1147 days ago


Why does everything fall into her lap? Unbelievable. The sheep are blind

1147 days ago

m3dia junkie    

heeeeeeeeeeell no, i wouldve charged that trash bag of cellulite triple, at least guy has a little bit of talent

1147 days ago


Good lord .... this is such important news about yet the suckiest KardASSian ... show your **** on film and become a MEDIA PRINCESS ... yowser ... when are the bean eating fart contests gonna hit prime time t.v.???

1147 days ago


I just saw this error on another site too -- people don't "wave" their fees like a flag. They "waive" their fees. OY!

1147 days ago
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