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Ray J Wants

Another Piece of Kim K

9/3/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J
thinks it's a fabulous idea for Vivid Entertainment to sell the rights to "Kim K Superstar" ... so long as he gets a big piece of the action.
TMZ broke the story ... an undisclosed private party has offered to buy all rights to the XXX flick from Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch -- which he told TMZ is worth at least $30 million.  The buyer indicated he (though we're guessing it's a she) wanted to take the video off the market.

TMZ has obtained a letter from Ray J's lawyer to Hirsch, in which the attorney makes it clear ... Ray J has partial copyright ownership in the video and "any attempts to transfer the copyright outside of these parameters will result in filing a motion with the courts to seek an injunction of any sale until Ray J's rights are protected." Translation -- he wants some serious cash.

The letter also says the video has been a pain in the ass for Ray J:  "... my client rarely has a conversation with industry professionals where the Tape has not been mentioned or questioned ... no amount of money can relieve him from this nightmare."  The lawyer didn't mention how much money Ray J has already made from the video.

As for Kim's financial interest in the tape ... no one is talking, but the video has made untold millions, and Kim is a smart businesswoman. We're just sayin'...


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As much as I hate the idea of this whack job making anymore money than he already has if he is on the tape, he would in my mind be etitled to portion of whatever the final sale price of the movie and rest of the raw footage is.

1082 days ago


this is a lesson for women think before you make a sex tape as it never goes away. I honestly believe RsyJ is proud of making this tape because of the things he says about Kim Kardashian, and was the one was put it out as he was living in Brandy's shadow for years. Kim has indeed moved on with her life but this will continuously hurt her.

1082 days ago


Why are either complaining? They can use the millions for therapy. Or, an education.

1082 days ago


it is what it is

1082 days ago


add me to msn..i'll tell you the real

1082 days ago


Yeah, homey, must be a real nightmare for you. Maybe you could use some of the proceeds and get some therapy for your troubled mental state.

1082 days ago


Why does everyone like these Karwhorians anyway? Don't they realize that people are laughing at them and making jokes about them. They have no respect and for that matter neither does Kate Gosselin, all our just jokes!

1082 days ago


Ray J and Kim should do another series.

-Then Brandy and Humphries should do one.

-Call me, Kris Jenner, we can make this happen.

1082 days ago


Does Hirsch really need another 30 million in his checking account?

Dude already has a 700 room mansion outfitted with inch-by-inch security cameras.

He's even got camera's in all of the toilets - shooting up - so he can watch all of the maids and housekeepers -


-Give them back the damn tape, dude.

1082 days ago


Gee, I sure hope RayJ uses protection with all of these women. I wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to him.

1082 days ago


Not that I've seen it -

-But the Kim-Ray J tape?

-Hands-down the best thing I've ever ... heard about.

I only wish my directorial career -

-Had begun a bit sooner.

1082 days ago


No one can moan like Kim ...

No one ...

Only Paris ...

1082 days ago


If I had a KimK-PHilton sex tape ...

And I might?

-I'd give it back to both of them.

Here Paris, here Kim, have it back...

...I'm nothing like Hirsch.

Only cameras I have in my crib?

Are still in the package -

1082 days ago


He does deserve his share of the money, look how much $$$$ releasing ooops "leaking" the tape got her.

1082 days ago


And any frankly RayJ did all the work in that video so....

1082 days ago
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