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'Barbershop' Actor

Hires Rodney King Lawyer

to Sue United Airlines

9/6/2011 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Barbershop" actor Michael Colyar has hired one of Rodney King's former lawyers to pursue a discrimination lawsuit against United Airlines ... because he thinks he was kicked off a plane for being black.

A rep for Colyar tells TMZ the actor has hired attorney Milton Grimes -- who repped King after the infamous 1991 videotaped police beatdown ... and won a $3.8 million settlement.

Colyar claims flight attendants were racially motivated when they kicked him off a United flight at Dulles International Airport last week.

"Can we all get along?"


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Wow! This is one crazy-ass racist black man.

1122 days ago

The Real JJ    

Ahhh Sh*t...Here we go!! Why TMZ

1122 days ago

Gloria Unread    

We can all get along if we stop perceiving racism where it doesn't exist, and claiming that punishment for any bad behaivor is solely based on your race and not your actions.

False claims of racism only hurt the legitimate claims of actual racism.

1122 days ago


I'm so over people pulling the race card!! Build a bridge and get over it!!

1122 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

What a f*cking racist!

The case will be thrown out, if there is any REAL justice left in this sorry-azz country.

1122 days ago


Here we go...the poster child for the "cradle to grave" entitlement crowd...scream "NO!" whenever common courtesy dictates helping someone who happens to be white, because Lord knows that proves you are a man...scream RACISM whenever you don't get your way...scream LAWYER when you think the bleeding heart liberals and their PC police will pay you to go away rather than stand up and call a spade a spade.

I hope United Airlines countersues this "gimme a free ride if I scream loud enough" punk, for the costs incurred with delaying the flight, slander, defamation, filing a frivilous lawsuit...and then ban him from their airline. I hope other airlines put him on their own version of a "no fly" list.

1122 days ago


Lol...this picture was taken too close to his face...all the gray nose hairs look like snot.

1122 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Holy Moses, the man was loud, obnoxious and refused to be quiet so they kicked him off the plane. Why pull out the race card when YOU were so wrong, Mr. Collyer?

1122 days ago


He's wasting his time. He has a plane full of people willing to testify against him. Michael should be smart with is time and money.

1122 days ago


And this is why people are tired of this...and he will probably win and the airlines will have to raise the price of their fare to cover his win..sheesh..

1122 days ago


It's too bad the court can't find him guilty of racism if he looses. I think all of the companies that are being sued for racism should be able to sue back under the same terms, so those who loose their lawsuits can be sued for being racist. Watch the claims of racism drop.

1122 days ago


Wow its sad when a out of work actor has to try and get back in the spotlight. /sad

1122 days ago

ashley marie    

this is getting old, this day and age the "black man" has everything and the "white man" is becoming the minority. when is this going to stop already? take responsability for the a#%hole you are and move on, but no play a race card and get some free money. i wonder if this crap would work in reverse order? but no, the judge would look at the white guy like he was nuts! GET OVER YOURSELF!

1122 days ago


i guess you call "obamanonics", its gonna be his stimulus package!

1122 days ago


Look at Colyar's pupils in the photo with this article - Huge as quarters!

This dude is high as a kite. Pupils basically cannot be that huge without drugs.

1122 days ago
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