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Soulja Boy

Army-Bashing Song

WON'T Be On My New Album

9/7/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy and his management team are SCRAMBLING to remove all traces of the rapper's army-bashing song from the Internet -- and they swear ... it won't come anywhere near Soulja's new album.

A rep for Soulja's management team, Debby Coda, tells TMZ, both the rapper's management and his record label have been working nonstop since Friday to take the video down off the Internet.

Debby tells us, the song "Let's Be Real" was hastily and foolishly posted to the Internet -- and was never approved for any album, including his upcoming "Respect My Hustle."

Debby insists, the song will never be available for purchase.

We're told Soulja is willing to do whatever he can to make up for the song -- which contains the lyric "f**k all the army troops" -- including free shows for the military, and meet-and-greet sessions.

As we previously reported, Soulja has apologized for the song, blogging, "I Am Deeply Sorry To All Members Of The United States Military Services And Their Families."



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including free shows for the military, and meet-and-greet sessions.
So suicide?

1138 days ago


Apology not accepted Soulja Punk.

1138 days ago


Yea im in the army you know what i gotta say **** yourself... man up do my job ill do yours say some bull**** can't be to hard but you have fun praying to not get blown up ... douche bag man

1138 days ago


soulja boy **** died wrong even think or say what he said in that song no matter how sorry he try to sound we know he not he`s justs say be cuz they told him to

1138 days ago


Releasing a song like this is a commitment to something, you can't just take it back. At least the Dixie Chicks stood by their anti-war statements, punk a** b****. I'm an Army soldier and I don't really give a damn what you think about it, it's not you I'm fighting for.

1138 days ago


If this classless idiot wants to say anything negative about our military, those who have fought for generations for our freedoms, those who gave their lives so black people could be free people, those who have given life and limb so he can spew his tasteless drivel then I suggest he get his sorry butt on a boat and go to a country where there is no freedom of speech or any other type of freedom. I hope that we the people can get his so called 'music' banned from air play on local radio.

1138 days ago


You've got to be kidding me, free performances and meet-and-greets? Haha, you guys really think servicemembers wanna meet or see this mother****** after this?

1138 days ago


and what troop do you think wants to see you in a show? Most troops right now only wanna stomp your head till they see the tiny bit of grey matter you got in that skull of yours. Soulja boy up in this hoe, watch him fall dead to the flo.

1138 days ago

Angry in Colorado    

YOUR A ****...Why don't you get your skinny ass in the trenches and then lets see you rap a song..You think because you got tattoos and can rap that your tough. Your a scrawny little no one that is trying to make a name for yourself. How about "USELESS" I never even heard your name until this crap was said and I think you are a waste of space. DUMBASS!!! Why not rap a song about "Food" thats something I would like to see you do is eat you little twerp! Now take that to the bank LOSER!

1138 days ago

11 Bravo     

This wanna be thug has not seen a tough day in his life. He raps about being "real"? He is a "real" "waste", and thats about it. I would like to see him and his fake crew come to the gates of Ft. Benning and sing that trash. I can garauntee this piece of trash walks away singing a different tune and with his wanna be hard A$$ tail tucked between his legs. Having a troubled life doesn't make you hard or give you the right to run your mouth about those that protect the very freedom you sleep under...His mother and Father must be real proud.

1138 days ago


If he is so sorry he should give money to familys of falln soilders.... donate any way and then that still wouldnt help his cause.. he messed up and just like the dixie chicks he wont get it back..... they lost it as well he should of never of posted it or even sang it.. u have ur rights because of actuall men and women fighting for are country.. and for YOU!!!!!

1138 days ago


They can take the song down but we all know how he feels about our American Soldiers to have written it to begin with. F*** Soulja Boy and his lame a** raps. Maybe he should grow pair and be a real soldier and not just a wannabe...

1138 days ago


He wants to apologize go down to the nearest recruiter and enlist come join our ranks and lets see how tuff you really are.

1138 days ago

M. Hunt    

If Soulja is truly "willing to do whatever he can to make up for the song" let him go serve in Iraq or Afghanistan on the fronts lines with the troops he so easily bashes. No matter who wrote the song, Soulja is still the one who recorded it.

1138 days ago

Are you freaking kidding me?    

WHAT A MORON! Excuse me, but those Army Troops are saving your ass every day, Soulja Boy! And it's too late to apologize! It's obvious you don't appreciate your freedom that you so freely have.

1138 days ago
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