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Soulja Boy

Sgt. Records MAJOR Diss Track

Wants Rapper Banned

9/6/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy
is drawing fire from the entire U.S. Armed Forces -- and a retired Army sergeant is leading the charge with a rap response to Soulja's controversial song.

Former infantry sergeant and 5 year combat veteran Leo Dunson tells TMZ he recorded the diss track, "Change Your Name" (below) ... after hearing Soulja's "Let's Be Real" -- with the lyrics, "F**k the army troops."

Dunson -- who raps under the name Sgt. Dunson -- says Soulja's song is, "The most ignorant thing I've heard in so long" ... and adds that it's especially offensive with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 looming.

Dunson says an online petition -- started by a fellow vet -- to get Soulja Boy's music banned from all U.S. military bases is getting support from civilians and all branches of the armed forces.

Now consider this twist ... Dunson and all U.S. troops fight to defend our freedoms -- which includes freedom of speech. So, we gotta ask ...


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Freedom of speech does not mean exemption from suffering the economic consequences of people boycotting you because of what you say. During the Jim Crow era, racist merchants could say whatever they wanted, but it wasn't until blacks boycotted them that they got the message. I understand the boycots were in response and opposition to the actual Jim Crow laws but, with those laws, come hateful speech.

1145 days ago


Damn y'all, calm down! When they say this chumps music will be "banned" from military bases, they mean they just won't sell his crappy cd at the bases. It's not like the MP's are gonna jail anyone on the base that plays his cd's or listens to his crup music on the radio. My god, let's quit picking the fly **** out of the pepper!

And, let's be real here, this punks cd's aren't exactly flying off the shelf in ANY music store, so I'm sure the sale of them on military bases won't hurt his wannabe gangsta's phake gucci wallet!

Pick your battles people, this little twit is irrelevent anyway. And with everyone getting their panties in a bunch over his rights, you're creating a sympathy for his plight and making people remember a name that was almost gone anyway.

Fact: He DOES have a right to say what he wants. Others have the right to buy or not buy his cd. Let it go.....

1145 days ago


NonSoulja Boy has the right to record his garbage and we have the right not to purchase it.
No sales, no Soulja Boy.

1145 days ago


It is called "FREE SPEECH!!!" Get used to it, it is what this knucklehead Sergeant is supposed to be fighting for, but evidently he forgot!

1145 days ago


Free speech is one thing but this was down right disrespectful! He may have the "right" to say it, but that does NOT mean people are not going to be upset or offended by it. These men and women put their LIVES on the line for OUR freedoms, they deserve nothing but our RESPECT!

1145 days ago


I often tell my children, “just because you have the freedom to do something, it doesn’t mean you should.” It applies to this situation :)

I am a military brat and I am now married to a Marine. I have been lucky to have been surrounded by heroes every day of my life. I do believe that our military members fight for our freedoms, which includes free speech. Soulja Boy is within the realm of his rights and freedoms. However, that doesn’t make his comments any less hurtful or any less ignorant. How uninformed and out of touch with reality do you have to be to criticize those that sacrifice, so you have the freedom to speak openly and earn a living by doing so? Also, it is important to keep in mind, military members also fight for their own freedoms (including speech), that means that Sgt. Dunson, upset consumers, or myself are entitled to voice our displeasure too. With that said, I am a firm believer that vocalizing displeasure rarely accomplishes anything, however, hitting them in the pocketbook does. ;)

1145 days ago

Ray In PV    

It is freedom of speech, as we also can practice our right to express ourselves we can choose to let everyone know what we think should be done with this song. Because of brave men and women who fought for freedoms such as freedom of speech and freedom to vote, we have the right to vote to remove this song and the powers that be have the option to do so.

1145 days ago


Free speech or gone too far?
I'm all for free speech. I'm happy that this **** stain is actually allowed to say what he wants. It's great that we live in a country where you can say what you want, when you want, and not get killed for it.
That being said, there's something called a brain and common sense; and one with either would know that saying "**** all the army troops" probably isn't something you want to or should say. There's a fine line between free speech and total stupidity.
KforKendetta USAF SF '05-'10

1145 days ago


He has the right to rap about whatever he wants to rap about! If ya don't like it, don't listen to it! He doesn't like the army, just like the army doesn't like gays and lesbians, BFD! The army thinks it's wrong to be gay...well people like Soulja and I think it's wrong to go into other countries and kill. And if this guy gets banned from anything, it shows you that there is no freedom in this country. The military is dumbing down society, is what I'm seeing. It's the military's way, or no way? Really? I just lost respect for all military just because of this! Go Soulja!

1145 days ago

who cares    

I really don't know why I am here, or doing this....but who gives a ****?

1145 days ago


This is another example of the complete disconnect that exists between reality and entertainment. On the one hand we have wanna-be gangsters like Soulja boy and Kellen Winslow ("I am a soldier for this U"). Our youth are looking at these fraudsters as idols and that is sad. Our troops are the true bad a$$es. I dont care which neighborhood you rep, if you have never received an honorable discharge you have no idea what tough is.

It speaks to the laziness and general apathy in this country. Why climb Everest when you can drive up Pikes Peak and call yourself a mountaineer? Take your kids to visit a VA hospital or to a VFW hall and let them learn what true, heroic bad a$$es look and act like.

1145 days ago


Free speech is fundamental... But when you exercise that God given Right, there are sometimes consequences! If you are going open your big Soulja Boy mouth, be ready to deal with fall out... And by the way, your a punk for what you said, and a big ***** for apologizing afterward. SEMPER FI

1145 days ago


free speech includes the right to ban anything you choose not to listen to.

1145 days ago


ban his damn music from military bases if they can ban the sale of a video game on military bases ban soulja boy. the best way to hurt someone is in there pocket so lets make him hurt oorah

1145 days ago

John Galt    

You can't really go 'too far' with free speech in regards to lyrics of a song. That's the point of free speech, to give us to right to say things that others may not agree with, specifically the government.

1145 days ago
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