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The Game

Restaurant BOOTED Me Because I'm Black

9/6/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Game
claims he's just been kicked out of a famous L.A. restaurant because he's BLACK -- even referring to the manager as a "slave master" ... but the restaurant insists they were simply enforcing the dress code.

Sources close to Game tell TMZ, the rapper dropped by Hillstone's in Santa Monica -- formally known as Houston's -- wearing a white tank top ... when the manager refused to seat him.

According to sources, the manager told Game he was in violation of the dress code, which requires men to wear sleeves. But Game's pals tell TMZ ... there were two white males in the restaurant with sleeveless shirts ... and it wasn't a problem.

Game believes the 86'ing was racially motivated -- and took to Twitter moments ago -- telling his 644,000 followers, "Houston's just went from my favorite resturant to the "RACIST-URANT" !!!!"

The rapper added, "Hillstone's racist-urant formerly known as Houston's & their slave-master manager Valerie has just made #1 on the RACIST resturant list !"

A rep for the restaurant tells us ... Game only pointed to a lone sleeveless woman at the bar -- NOT two men -- and says the sleeve rule does not apply to females.

The rep says the restaurant would love to have The Game back ... when he's wearing the appropriate clothing.


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tank tops are banned in many restaurants.

1041 days ago


dum Dum and DUM !
Jayceon Terrell Taylor is DUM !!

What you should have done is left to go put on a proper shirt (a "wifebeater" is not appropriate attire) and gone back to the restaurant. If they then refused to serve you it could - perhaps - have then been because you're black.

But it could always just be because you're a big dumb dummy.
And they'd be right - because they can refuse to serve anyone ... Including big dumb wifebeater-wearing dummies.

1041 days ago


Give me a break! I work for a Hillstone in another state and we enforce the same policy. If he was white and came in with a sleeveless shirt he would not have been seated. He also would not have been seated wearing a hat. Don't like it, go eat at Applebees. I'm sure they don't care how you're dressed!

1041 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Just another self entitled fool who thinks the rules don't apply to him. Would rather play the race card because he lacks the eduction or intelligence to do anything else.

1041 days ago


I wonder when folks will take responsibility for their own actions ... like this guy blaming the restaurant for HIM not dressing appropriately. Grow up baby!

1041 days ago


In other words, Hillstone's is safe to visit.

1041 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Isn't this the 2nd story like this in as many days? Who was the other guy (who I also never heard of) screaming racism?

1041 days ago

brown dynamite    

I got turned back 2 years ago when I showed up there in Kobe Bryant jersey, do they hate Mexican's too?

1041 days ago


Another case of "It's because I'm black" whaaaa, whaaaaa, waaaaa. So tired of that *****.

1041 days ago


I'm so sick of black people playing the race card. It doesn't even mean anything anymore, they've played it so many times.

1041 days ago

TMZ Is Destined To Be The Next News of The World    

There are 156 comments as of my posting and I didn't read one. Why? Because I am sure that most of them are racist and vile. Why? Because it's the internet and besides behind closed doors this is the only place where you can truly say whatever you want. With that being said, The Game was wrong. You don't go into a nice restaurant (I assume this was a nice restaurant esp. since there is a dress code) with a tank top aka wife beater on. It's inappropriate. Even for a rapper.

1041 days ago


Black people around America - PLEASE band together and denounce this ******* MORON and the masses of other jackasses just like him that are literally taking your progress back 50 years.
I'm pullin for you guys. But you've got some absolute bottom of the barrel idiots representing your race/culture.

1041 days ago


I rarely come to this site and read any of the comments, because of all of the racist ignorant comments that are usually posted when the celebrity is black. Yes, I said racist! It's funny how the comments differ on this post compared to the one regarding Anthony Michael Hall threatning his neighbors. This man is showing serious signs that he could physically hurt someone and most of the comments are making light of the situation and joking about it, whereas the comments regarding Game "playing the race card" are very degrading and angry!! Okay, you think he's playing the race card, fine, your opinion. But calling him a ghetto pig, monkey, and moron, while showing Anthony Hall sympathy. Wow!!! Sad, sad, people!!

1041 days ago


bro-ham be pissed

1041 days ago

princess ali baba    

My hubby went to Houston's wearing a "wife beater" white t-shirt and was told he couldn't wear it in there, but he knew this and went to the car for a shirt over it. So it's NOT RACISM! No place like that allows bare arms! Not for a man at least. THAT GAME IS OVA!

1041 days ago
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