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Rachel Uchitel

Hires Oksana's Lawyers

Over 9/11 Story

9/7/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Rachel Uchitel has hired Daniel Horowitz and Marty Garbus -- the attorneys who represented Oksana Grigorieva in her epic custody battle against Mel Gibson -- to go after the New York Post over a story insinuating she was happy her fiance died during 9/11.

TMZ has obtained a demand letter Horowitz sent to the New York Post, which ran a teaser for an upcoming article about Rachel and her deceased fiance, James Andrew O'Grady, who died during the 9/11 attack.

The teaser includes alleged statements from Rachel -- "I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good," adding, "It would have been tragic if we got into fights and then divorced ... I'm glad I didn't get to see any flaws that time brings on everyone.  I would otherwise be a fat housewife with three kids living in Sands Port, Long Island."

In his letter, Horowitz claims the story conveys "a disastrously false impression of my client," adding the story is "attacking, degrading and extraordinarily inaccurate." 

Rachel tells TMZ she feels she's the victim of a hit piece and the reporter went into it not liking her.

Horowitz also has words for the author:  "You created a work of miserable and demeaning fiction.  You should be ashamed of yourself."

Horowitz wants an apology to Rachel, and wants the "false words" withdrawn, although he is not specific as to how they would be withdrawn. The full story is supposed to come out tomorrow.

We called the New York Post yesterday, and a rep said "We stand by our story."


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Khate sucks    

Is this HOE really relevant? Why bother idiot????

1149 days ago

Make it stop    

When on earth is there going to be a law saying people like this CAN NOT sue!!! All they do is clog up the courts with stupid S**t!!! Go deserve NOTHING because you haven't told the truth EVER!

1149 days ago


Its so hard to believe the Rachel we see now is the same from the NY papers right after 9/11.I will never forget seeing her carrying the photo of her fiance and the pain on her face as long as I live as I am a Nyer who clearly remebers seeing her in the papers..She was gorgeous then as well.She isnt even recognizable anymore.It appears she's been lost ever since but people should give her more of a benefit of a doubt.Actually,I dont think the new story is all that damning ,its probably true her life would have been so much different.She seems like a lost soul to me.

1149 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Rachel is one dumb ho to hire
Horrorwitless and Garbage -
look at "the deal" they got O$kanky.
She went from the original
15 mill settlement to 3 mill.??? LOL!
A great deal - if you are a moron!

Rachel couldn't use Gloria Ho-lred,
Gloria is busy with her new TV show
"We The People"
I just saw the promo on NBC...

Both ho's, O$kanky and Rachel
and their lawyers,
all of them are fame whores
looking for a payout!

1149 days ago


Da stupit hooker had to give the dough back to Tiger .. Now gotta dig money elsewhere.

1149 days ago


You know what I don't belive she said these things. First of all I get why everyone hates her. However, you really think she's going to say that she's glad he's dead...please! Secondly, over 60 percent cheat so all of you judging her may want to really take a second to think about what you did last week.She may have made some really awful mistakes but she isn't happy a man she was going to marry was killed.

1149 days ago


Feel free to call me a Grammar Nazi, but it annoys me to NO end when people like her lawyer send out letters with grammatical errors.
Granted her lawyer did NOT type the letter, but he signed it and should have proofread what he signed.

The second paragraph, second sentence is NOT a complete sentence.. "Rachel Uchitel, who lost her beloved fiance on September 11, 2011."
Pg 2, the very last sentence is missing a word :

"An apology must issue to Ms Uchitel"

Since when do apologies issue anything?

Someone's intelligence is showing..

On a side note..
Did anyone ever hear or read Rachel Uchitel's name in the press was between 2002 and 2009? "In the public eye since 2001?" Someone has a rather high opinion of themselves

1149 days ago

Staceyann Dolenti    

Some things you should just let go....

Stacey ann Dolenti

1149 days ago


no one likes her-she is the most hated in America next to Casey Anthony-besides something tells me that she got some insurance money off poor old Andy and was thinking about how to spend it on plastic surgery the whole time they were interviewing her-how else do explain her comment?? it makes no sense-why was she trying to put a positive spin on her fiance's death? it was better that he died than divorce her?? which obviously would have been the outcome of any marriage to this insidious hore-what about the poor guy she married for 4 months right after?-he was just a big step up the social ladder for her

1149 days ago

Vonda Dodson    

I think TMZ should investigate BB13. Porche tampering with the houseguest protiene shakes. She mixed laxitive in it and nothing was done about it. Food tampering should be automatic penatly nom. Please investigate CBS and BB for these actions

1149 days ago



1148 days ago


Top 5 disturbing things Rachel Uchitel said about her fiance’s death in 9/11 attack

Top 5 disturbing things Rachel Uchitel said about her fiance’s death in 9/11 attack
SEP - 06
In honor of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks Tiger Woods’ mistress numero uno Rachel Uchitel sat down with Page Six Magazine to discuss the death of her fiance James Andrew O’Grady, who died at Ground Zero.
In the interview the Ootch seems to suggest that the death of O’Grady prevented her from getting married too early and missing out on an exciting life that included making $500,000 a year as a hostess at Tao in Las Vegas and at New York’s The Griffin, having sex with Tiger Woods, and appearing on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. She also addresses her relationship with current boyfriend Matt Hahn and how they are relocating to San Francisco and considering the possibility of having kids.
OK, enough with the set up. Here is the list. (Let me remind you that these are all quotes!)
5. “I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good.”
4. “I never wanted [kids] … but I know how much I love my dogs, and I think I’d make a good mother to my own kids.” [***This one didn't necessarily fit the theme, but had to be included anyway]
3. “I would be a fat housewife with three kids in Sands Point, Long Island.”
2. “It would have been tragic if we got into fights and then divorced.”
1. “I’m almost happy it ended the way it did because I’ve learned so many lessons from him.”
(Source: NY Post)
I don’t know what I’m more astonished by, Rachel’s comments or the fact that hostesses make half a million bucks a year! How much do hosts make? I smell a possible sex discrimination lawsuit here!
Of course I’m kidding – her huge salary cannot compare to the selfish and insensitive manner in which she addressed the death of O’Grady. You can be grateful for things that happen to you after a tragedy, but to phrase it like she did is just reprehensible.
In Rachel’s defense, here’s a raw video clip from her interview in which she manages to not say anything controversial or disrespectful:

Rachel has since said she has plans to sue Page Six and The New York Post (aren’t they were the same company) for misquoting her and taking things she said out of context.
Photo: Jody Cortes /

1148 days ago


what's that poem by that english dude that basically says , his lovers perfection is in all the little imperfections or flaws she person has. what a soulless wench

1148 days ago


I read the quotes and knowing nothing of Rachel Usetotell, other than she was one of Wood's woodpecker's, I find nothing "a disastrously false impression of my client," or "attacking, degrading and extraordinarily inaccurate." Her statements are meaningless and vague, um... kind of like Rachel Uichitel. This lawyer, instead of chasing ambulances, chases newspapers. I use to have a dog who did that for me and I always thought he was as useful as an attorney.

1147 days ago


How can we possibly sympathize with a serial adulterer and drug addict who has broken up at least one marriage and who makes a good living exploiting her relationships with famous men? This is an odious woman, so it isn't very hard to believe the worst about her. Somehow, I think the article in question captured her in exactly the right light, word for word.

1146 days ago
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