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Russell Armstrong

The Gruesome Coroner's Report

9/7/2011 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the L.A. County Coroner's report ... describing the scene when Russell Armstrong's body was discovered on August 17 ... and it is extremely graphic.


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No drugs or alcohol in his system? He did that sober?? geez

1050 days ago


The sad irony is that he felt his life was ruined by reality tv and the invasion of his privacy. (clearly there were other contributing factors he did not want to acknowledge) Now the most excrutiatingly detailed description of the end of his life and the condition of his corpse are out there for all to see, So even in death he has no peace. Does anyone benefit from being on these shows in the long run?

1050 days ago

Bob Goodden    

Bruising is inconsistent with the mode of suicide....

1050 days ago


Why do you need to post something like this??? Very poor taste TMZ.

1050 days ago


Not gruesome at all. Pretty normal report considering the cir****tances of death. What stood out for me is how healthy this man was - especially the details concerning his heart and other vital organs. For his age he was fit and healthy - his problems were all temporary. I say what a selfish thing to do when there are so many people fighting for their life and others on donor waiting lists!

1050 days ago

Jeff Conrad    

This is pretty disrespectful reporting. Put yourselves in the families shoes. I don't mind gossip but this is very poor taste.

1050 days ago


The show last night sucked. It was hard to watch rip russel.
The dinner party was a sad state of affairs that with all adriens money she forgot tobuy some class.
Lets have a free paul fundraiser!

1050 days ago


you no i just cant belive that in our world that others just cant see its there job!that is now our show biz ! yes thay are acting but whene anny paaess in anny way we all lose we all loos so that is there life style but thay lose to wow thank you just puting it out there .

1050 days ago


That was a waste of time... where was the gross part, sounded like a normal report to me. I bet the one from Ryan Dunn was a gross one.

1050 days ago




Some overpaid, under worked "celebrity" decided to hang himself, who cares?

1050 days ago


Something definitely is fishy. Who made all those cuts on him? Why was one foot on the floor?

1050 days ago


Why would you post this?

This is going too far, someone died. They deserve to rest in peace, and TMZ posts their freaking Coroner's report?

ANY respect for the family? Remove the damn thing, you haggish reporters. I love your site but right now you all deserve a beating.

1050 days ago


WEll, they did say that Russell had gay tendencies when the suicide first came out and that he was into S&M. Maybe, consistent with the bruising and/or lacerations, he had a rendevous with another man and possibly things got out of control, maybe the other man strangled him during sex as a way to turn him on and he accidentally strangled him and made it look like a suicide. Or, maybe he had an incident with a man and with all the guilt from everything and being in the closet as well, he couldn't live with himself and hung himself afterwards. Or, maybe, he had a jolted lover (male) that was upset over Russell possibly trying to end things with him or possibly still in love with his wife and wanted to work things out with her and beat/whipped him causing the bruising and lacerations and then hung him out to dry (no pun intended) as a means of getting back at him. You know that Russell needed to stay out of the public eye with that kind of s*it, so I'm sure that the characters that he was having these encounters with weren't the classiest/unshaddiest of people.

1050 days ago


Is there some reason that TMZ is persecuting this poor man and his family? Why can't you just let it be? Show some respect and leave Russell Armstrong & family alone and let them grieve.
I can see why he did it.

1050 days ago


Just because it's public record, doesn't mean you have to make it available to the public...shame on you Harvey

1050 days ago
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